51 Year Old Mom, Had All on 4 Done, Patiently Waiting for my SMILE! - Mexico, MX

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I will do this story in pieces because that's how...

I will do this story in pieces because that's how its been going lol. Ive had bad teeth my whole life. Even as a child I had infections and root canals etc. As an adult I had a large family and lost many of my teeth during pregnancies. It seems I have always been back to the dentist spending all kinds of time and money trying to save my mouth and keep it together. Crowns, root canals, bridges etc . Over and over . This got old, painful and expensive. I am a blues singer and could never feel I could really shine with the teeth I had before. I am also a physicians wife and go to many events and never would smile or socialize because I was so embarrassed about it.

Finally I looked into implants 3 years ago.

Here In the USA, in Mesa AZ. Very fancy place, but wanted 25,000 for the dentist and 25,000 for the oral surgeon! 50,000 in total. They said we could set it up but they wanted all the money upfront. No payment plan or anything. Yeah right! Who has 50,000 to throw around? Not even us. It was a big let down and I gave up for about 2.5 years looking at implants and didn't deal with the problem. I started having more dental problems and my teeth were literally crumbling apart. So I went to new dentist.

Dentist 2:

This was by far a more reasonable. USA, Mesa az. This place wanted to save my teeth. They did xrays and ct and everything and said they could save my mouth but it would take about a year and cost 38,000 for everything. That being all kinds of work and crowns and the same thing Ive already been doing for years. I asked to pull my teeth and get me dentures. The dentist refused and said they are perfectly fine and that I should save them . I never returned.


I wasted about a month of appts on this guy. USA mesa az. He was an older guy. Many years experience. He actually did a bunch of tests and then agreed to set up a surgery and gave me a payment plan. All together the process could be done in one day, then return 6 months later. I agreed. And once again was very excited and spent much time and effort doing all the tests. The total amount would be around 30,000. Half now and half in 6 months for the permanent teeth and implants. I gave him a check for half and waited for them to call with a date for surgery. I waited and waited and no one ever got back to me. Finally I received a refund in the mail and a letter saying my case was too complicated and that he would couldn't do it after all. At this point I was very discouraged.

I came home and looked on this sight and found a woman dentist in Mexico. She was difficult to get ahold of but her reviews were all great and so I gave it a shot! What did I have to lose at this point???? My husband thought I was insane going to Mexico for my procedure but I talked him into letting me go.

On Nov 28, 2015 I met the dentist in Mexico. I was a little scared in Mexico but it was very friendly and easy to get to her office. Not a big deal.. A 3.5 hour drive one way wasn't too bad. She was very kind and professional and looked at my mouth, I received a ct and made plans for surgery.

On Dec 2, 2015 I went in for surgery. I had anesthesia. Made it easier. She removed all my teeth and put 8 implants in . 4 on top and 4 on bottom. I woke from the surgery and was bleeding and in some pain but it wasn't too bad. The walk across the border was no big deal. She did try to fit a temp denture in my mouth. They were weird and didn't fit at all and looked very strange. So, I went without them. I was told to return in one week and I did. During the week at home I really had to recover, I experienced a great deal of swelling and pain which is normal. I had to get US narcotics that were stronger. And I got through.
I went back to Mexico to get my teeth. I was sore but so excited to finally be able to smile. I went and they looked so beautiful before she put them in.....I thought this is GREAT! Then she spent some time putting them in and said we had a problem :( They were crooked and didn't fit right, I saw them and literally it broke my heart. She did a lot more molds and tests to send new ones to the lab and said for me to return to mexico two days later and that I needed to do a wax test to make sure it was perfect. It was a long way to drive and the apt actually took 10 mins to do the wax. I was frustrated but want my teeth! Im going around with no teeth! Not leaving the house, not eating and hard to talk to people. So I went with it. In promises it would be done this Friday Dec the 18! Good , I have Christmas and guests and things to do my shopping isn't done. Im stuck inside and Im so hungry for real food! I was so looking forward to them fixing the problem and having teeth and getting on with life.

Today I received a call from dentist and they said they need me to go back to mexico tomorrow for more wax tests and that it wont be done till next week which in CHRISTMAS WEEK!
At this moment I am very discouraged and afraid I made a huge mistake going there for trying to be patient to. So far, my case is not going well. I will keep you all updated. I really want to have that smile and write a good review here at the end. Who doesn't want a happy ending?!!!!

What a Nightmare!

What I thought would be a great life changing thing turned out to be my worst nightmare. Spent 12 k to go through pain. Many trips and now a worse out come. Bone grafts needed and need more money just to remove them because they were done incorrectly and are now a problem I can't afford and bad for my health.

Bad teeth to worst nightmare.

Before I started in Mexico. Then finished at Golpas in Vegas.

Three stages

1st picture on top before I started
2nd on top to the right Mexico screwed me up worse. They were huge and painful and didn't work to eat or anything. Every implant was put in wrong and infected.
3rd on bottom. Dr Golpa in Vegas saved me and made me beautiful! I can't stop smiling and I eat what ever I want! The best thing I ever did!
Mexico Dentist

It's a secret. I promised to keep. She did the procedure completely wrong. I was a Guinea pig I just found out that all my implants are bad. Every single one. I have serious sinus issues. Because one was put into my sinus cavity. I have another that is loose and infected. And all the rest are put in wrong. For six months I waited and now I need to get them removed and have bone grafts. :( she is in experienced. And I have the X-rays to prove it. Other dentists just shake their heads.

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