Excited About Doing Something for Myself

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I'm excited about finally doing something for...

I'm excited about finally doing something for myself but I'm having guilty feelings and thinking maybe I'm doing to much and I should rethink my choices and decision?
I'm in the research phase I guess after reading through many journals and I'm reaching out for help from members because of course my BFF and family that I told thinks I'm crazy!
I'm 39, 5'5 and 146 in weight so do I gain or loose weight ? Do I remain on the states or go out of the country? Tummy Tuck and BBL at the same time or BBL first? I've research Dr.Cabral, Dr.Cardenas and Dr.Fisher in Miami but I've read on several profiles about another physician by the name of Dr. Salama? Help ladies share you're thoughts and ideas please. Any recommendations and has anyone gone to these surgeons? Hotel or Recovery Home? So I have to stay ten days wherever I choose?

Addicting or What

This site is addicting! I'm at work checking other reviews on my breaks and lunch, can't seem to put my note pad down. I'm trying to learn and navigate the site so bare with me. Everyone have a great day!

Having Second Thoughts...

Although I still have to take out time to learn how to navigate this site, from what I have been reading this far it appears that there are responses only on those reviews that have pics and I'm a private person let alone shy!
Secondly, hardly anyone updates their review after having surgery and those are the members the new members like myself want to really get their honest opinion from??? I found some really good reviews that I noticed have a blue emblem next to them and what does that mean, I have no idea but I shall continue to try yo figure this out! Oh let me tell you I got real bold and left someone a comment thanking then for returning to post. I hope the answer back. Ok so was I suppose to push the follow sign in the square next to their review title ? So much to figure out this weekend over a cup of tea ! Ok ladies I better get back to work or no future booty for me right, lol!

Dominican Republic or U.S.A???

This weekend I will be narrowing my choices down to two surgeons . Decisions ..... Well I now know what private messages are but are they really private ? I mean this is the internet right?? Everyone have a happy TGIF ...

So addicting but I can't...

Put this site down, lol! Well I got a chance to semi learn how to navigate becz I had an exciting weekend with a few festivals up north here in Cali! Met a lot of interesting vendors, are great Bay Area good and kicked back and listen to a lot of good jazz music. Oops there went my diet for the weekend but I'm being told to gain weight not loose from others that have stated they have walked this journey before?
Well I'm kinda coming out of my shy shell and leaving more comments on several members pages I am considering their doctors. Mexico has definitely moved to third place with all the germs I've been hearing about but I will not eliminate it just so soon! Now Florida and the D.R is tied for first place! Dr.Cabral has won the key to my heart with his mad SKILLS! There's a dr.fisher, dr. Ompela if I spelled his name correctly but his bootees look a lil wide then there's omg I found a Dr.Cortes in Houston! Off the RICTER scale I might add! Decisions decisions, decisions! If only there was a manual to our journeys right ladies ? I'm reading I need to start a list of supplies to travel with?? Book my date ASAP with my final choice soon ??? Why? Does the prices change? So much to think about! Oh well let me get back to reading your journeys ladies most are helpful but those are the ladies haven't updated in more than four months so I'm thinking they are former members or have gotten what they need and not online anymore? I found one journal that was very helpful and informative and maybe I should follow her? I left her a comment hopefully she responds?

I've chosen my doctor!

I've decide to interview in person after my first round of research, yes there's more work to come after I travel to each doctor to speak with them in person because for me sending someone an email of my pics of my body will not do my consultation any good becz pics add at least five pounds on my body. So I prefer to travel and talk to each doctor in person face to face in order to give me a quote for my lifetime enhancement !
My first choice is Dr.Giovanni Cortes in Cali Columbia! Yasssss ladies if I'm going to do the doggone thang I might as well get it done from the REAL bbl community and quit playing and go to the big boys!
My second choice is Dr.Cabral. I love his MADD SKILLS and he has a passion for everyone of his patients and he does have a hands on approach from day one he speaks with you and he has an open door policy, he returns all my calls and correspondence thus far and i was highly reccomended to a RH facility called "Serenity" and the owner also is very nice and hands on as well ! Oh by the way the RH facility in COLUMBIA is called the PERFECT FIT RH who works closely with Dr. Cortes!
My third choice is Dr.Cardenas in TJ Mexico.
Ladies I have read the "Secrets To A Beautiful You "(great book by the way, it's what every lady on here needs to invest in,) and the author reccommends Dr.Cardenas and she was correct in saying that Dr.Cardenas takes her time with you both on the phone and in person . She makes sure each of her patients fully understand the risks and complete procedure that her patients are going to go through and she makes sure ladies you are comfortable with your final decision. She also owns her own RH! That means a one stop shop ladies and I'm all for less stress and all inclusive features no matter what the cost may be! So one doctors visit down and two more to go! I'll be thru interviewing by December of this year making Cali Columbia my last stop!

Summer Madness....

Hello ladies , I haven't forgotten about you all....I'm here! I've just been busy working a lot of overtime on my job in order to invest in my pre opt care preparation and my post opt recovery materials!
I've begun my workout routine in order to build my bodies stamina according to this book I'm reading? Wow! She ready did a lot of working out prior to her sx. It's sorta like preparing our bodies for an NFL FOOTBALL SEASON! I'm just afraid that if I workout like that I won't be defending my purpose of gaining weight at the same time! I know that sound crazy but I need to gain weight for my desired protection I want. Lost of peanut butter and I found this drink called "Whey Protein" it comes in three flavors and I love chocolate w a banana in it and a lil pineapple . I reduced my starches and cut out my red meats and foods that make us ladies bloat in the tummy area! I'm starting to pick up various supplies that I will need throughout my journey! I'm so excited I can't wait til next years "WILD N OUT SUMMER MADNESS" next year right, if all goes as planned ! Take care ladies hit you back in a minute I've got to get ready for work.

Off To The D.R I Go in October!

Well ladies I have been working very hard and diligently to both prepare my body for both pre opt and post opt recovery care as well as preparing financially for my ENHANCEMWNT and ladies I tell you it has been an exciting phase one of my journey!
Dr.Cardenas new RH facility is phenomenal to say the least!! It is do clean, I mean spit shine clean and the staff is AWESOME! The atmosphere is so warm, calming and comfy which Beauty Care 'a Staff makes it even harder NOT to say YES and sign on the dotted line to committ to a surgery date! But I advised Dr.Cardenas I would like to at least give the other surgeons a fair chance and after visiting all three in person I would make my decision and she will be the first to know! Crossing the boarder was so easy and less stressful because Beauty Care was right there to pick me up and as I step foot off the plane as described in the authors book I am reading as a guide which again that book is off the chain and has saved me so much time and less guessing and feeling like I am in this alone ! Awesome read! So ladies if you visit TJ ask Marcus their driver of Beauty Care to take you to their best Seafood in town and I tell you , the food will have you comatose before you get to the airport...lol rt ijs! This is going to be a hard decision but I must go see the KING OF BARBIES!
Yes , I am on my way to the D.R. Right now as I am speaking with you ladies because I'm on vacation so I might as well have my consultation with Dr.Hector Cabral!! I will also be staying a week to even check out "Senerity" and one other RH facility....the one concern I have is the long flight hours if I chose Dr.Cabral and Dr.Cortes in Columbia? Hopefully the member that left the last comment above will return to enlighten me on how was her experience?
I'm so excited and ladies you all should be as well for yourselves! Take care and go for it ladies because we truly deserve this! I will display pics but ladies we are our worst critics and "haters" are really real especially on this site and there should be any room for that here because there's no one else to encourage us but each other because our families, BFF 's just don't understand! So be kind to one another!


What are you most GRATEFUL for? Well I am most grateful for my Lord and Savior,my family,my heath n strength, you dolls to share my journey with ladies that see no fault not place no blame but genuine encouragement such as meeting sexeeangel in person at her book signing and giving me such great advice in an Area i know nothing about!
I'm telling you ladies each and every youg lady that joins RS just as i did should invest in this book in order to properly prepare our bodies ,prior to our surgeries. We now have a guide! Dr Cortes! I'm so excited. I've changed my nutritional diet so that my body can get use to the more wise appoarch than what I have been eating. This is so hard! My apologies for takingso long but I have been working 4 hours of over time just to store money away til my big day!
So ladies what have I missed?

I've pushed my date out.....

Hello ladies, I hope everyone's holiday was great,safe and to all that had their enhancements was a successful outcome and "happy healing".
So now I have pushed my date back to the spring of 2016 because I spoke with my doctor and it's best that I get my entire immunization shot series before I travel abroad to have my enhancement!
My iron levels and my complete CBC is on point per my primary care physician,the perfectfit RH booked and the only thing is my flight and pack my list of supplies that I will need according to the new BBL STUDY GUIDE and PREPARATION BOOK that's out now and I have found very USEFUL and INFORMATIVE which keeps my stress level way down,right? Our journeys can become stressful just by lack of research, not knowing who to decide as your physician or RH FACILITY and this author really took her time and made sure she didn't leave anything out and that's what us girls need at times. I wish that our families would educate themselves first before judging us and objecting to us improving our bodies and lifestyles! I understand they care but geesh!
I also noticed that this community strives a lot on pics and many reviews such as mine get very little or no feedback if you choose not to post pics. As I stated earlier in my journal, I'm private and this is the INTEREST and I just don't want my personal business out in the world of sex addicts,port or to be considered as a video vixen! I choose to remain to be respected as a working class law abiding classy and soon to be sexier than I was before I had my enhancement. I'm sharing my journey with other young ladies that come after me joining and not having a clue that there is a "SELF HELP GUIDE BOOK TO THIS BBL AND FAT TRANSFER, BA OR BR AND MOMMY MAKEOVER MADNESS!!" I guarantee you ladies not one had a clue just like I didn't until I stumbled and researched some vet reviews after meeting a young lady by the name of Sexeeangel. This sweet young lady spirit is soul heartfelt and warm in both her book and she is like that in person but my point is being that she took the time to share her journey and write a book for all of us newbies is AMAZING!
Well I must get up and off of this addicting sight and get my flat buns to work. Bundle up ladies here in Cali it's finally getting a little chilly like Jersey weather for sure. Where is all my Cali girls with no pics lol ........

Gettinbodied guess whattttttt?

Why my friend am I rethinking my physican options/choices due to what you lasted stated in our conversation? Yesssss girl that is,a long flight,for my new STATE OF ART that will be DESIGNED especially for this body I have carried around all this time. Doll you are so RIGHT! Omg! All of this work....I love my current doctor I chose! Awesome skills but knowing how sensitive my body is and after reading Sexeeangel's book, I must rethink my actions.
So I'm considering Mexico. Dr. Cardenas is the bomb. Best part is that she can still take me this Spring! She advised me not to delay any longer or she's looking into June for my schedule to coincide with hers and her availability at "BEAUTY CARE RH FACILITY"! Pics soon I know how you all are bias to those who don't post pics.

I'm almost there!

Today I received my cbc stats and completely work from my primary doctor for the second time now. My iron is 12.5 and my immunization shots are current,so if I can just keep things as is or increase.Last week I read on face book where this young lady went to the Dominican Republic and need a blood transfusion because her iron went down to .5 and she started at 13.5. But the worst part is that she was,allergic to the medication the doctors gave her to increase it. So one never knows what they may encounter. Pray for her ladies.Well the butterflies have arrived! My life will definitely change and I pray for the betterment. Ladies shelf or no shelf,bubble but or the famous heart to to heart shape?

So I have two dates......

Yes two dates ...driving ms daisy cRae cRae to say the least(lol). I now have to wait on my vacation time and ohhh it just doesn't stop there ladies. My fmla is really the hold up,but what is a career lady such as myself to do. So I've informed Dr. Carmina Cardenas and she says ok let her know asap but she glad I'm communicating with her. Ladies she is so down to earth and understanding. Her staff is so professional and I've had nothing but positive experience. My travel will be completely handled by her husband and he follows up immediately, because I call like I've known them for years and I don't have too, because I have a consultant that is,also on point and she says,stop worrying I have this and she does but that's just my second nature. My consultant made my travel arrangements with Mr. RONNIE who also assured me that Sexeeangel is very capable of making sure BEAUTY CARE doesn't skip a beat because she has been through what I'm about to go thru and everything will run very smoothe! So I'll stay with them in Mexico for ten days, being picked up by an escorted car service of beauty care and then check in a day before my enhancement to do my lab work with Dr. Cardenas then off to their recovery home facility to rest a get a nice no red meat meal but with plenty of veggies ladies because red meat is too heavy and no soda! Ohhh I'm also hoping I'm the first enhancement of the day!! So I've got a lot to look forward to finding out in the next couple of weeks!
Ladies If you're going by pre conceived concerns about Mexico their all myths! Now granted if I had not of stumbled upon my consultant and she educated and encouraged me on how safe and very structured traveling there could be,then I would have listened to hearsay, gossip etc and walked over the boarded as others did in the past ,stayed at hotels and risk getting infections or whatever the case maybe but I didnt. I took her advice and followed her very important advise in her book and then her personal consulting. Check her out ladies she's so helpful and one good thing about her is that she listens and don't judge or force her opinion on you ,in fact she has such repor with both Dominican Republic surgeons and Mexico surgeons it's less stressful and she gets direct contact for you,whereas I was frustrated getting through to the D.R.
Dr.Giovanni Cortes

I will give a therall review after I travel in person to meet him.

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