DR.SALAMA JUNE 9 2014!!!!!!

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I began to look for an surgeon about six months...

I began to look for an surgeon about six months ago and came across Dr.Campos . I’ve wanted a mommy makeover since I had my second child. The doctors in the states were way over my budget and I didn’t want to be selfish and spend that kind of money with two children to support. I just sent in my pictures to Dr.Campos, I’m planning on having a BBL, tummy tuck, lipo and breast lift w/ implants. A full makeover!!! So I have decided to share my story every step of the way. I’m 5’2 145lbs….. My stomach is my biggest problem …. Breast second! I just want a complete makeover to feel & look 21 again! lol

I'm trying to book a date with Dr.Campos, sent in an consultation request online. Has anyone booked an appt. with him and how long did it take to get a date, is he booked for months out normally? I’ve been looking into doctors for about 2yrs and I’m finally ready to get some work done. I would like to get in for August or September at the latest, due to school. If not I will only be available to get surgery this time NEXT YEAR!

So, if anyone has been or scheduled with Dr.Campos I’d like to know your experience and waiting time. I’m getting a tummy tuck, bbl, breast lift and liposuction- an entire mommy makeover!!

I would like an hr glass shape w nice booty! lol

Okay, so I have to hold off on the breast lift and...

Okay, so I have to hold off on the breast lift and implants. Will have to get that done my second round at Campos- too much to get done at once. Angie the patient coordinator was super nice, she recommended staying at Club Med. She was very heplful!!!!! Well BBL sisters let the count down begin, but to be honest, I'm soooo ready to get my tummy tuck! Which is my first area or concern , then breast :( but I'll have to keep the push-up bras handy alittle while longer. I have a lot of family support and so many of you here are great also- with positive support! Thanks and I'll keep you guys posted every step of the way..... I will try to stay cool and calm because I'm sooo ready to go and get this done!!! Ready for the new me for 2012 & 2013! LOL Getting my mo-jo back! The price quoted was $6257 for the TT,BBL, and lipo to back & waist.

WOW! I'm like to ready, this has really consumed...

WOW! I'm like to ready, this has really consumed my thoughts! I'm so ready!!!! Gotta chill out and prep for this trip ladies... Doing some research on how to increase healing time and swelling...... Come on Sept 28!!!


Hello, I'm back and ready to cont. my search for a doctor and set a date! I didn't get the SX yet, due to my schedule and school. Now that I'm done with school and have some free time, I'm back to complete this journey I began 2 yrs ago... The search is on again, I'm still keeping Doctor Campos as an option. I'm waiting on new quotes from Dr.Salama ( Miami ) , Dr.Cortes ( Houston) and Dr.Campos ( Mexico ). I sent in my photos along with wish pics to give them an idea of what I'm hoping for as far as results go. I'll keep you guys posted!


Okay got the date for June 9,2014 with Dr.Salama... I posted a new review so hopefully it will post tomorrow. I'll start all my new pics and threads on that review because I'm no longer going with Dr.Campos due to schedule conflicts or Dr.Cortes. Mommy Mk over first and then BBL Total $16,500.00


Okay I've been so busy that I have not been able to update my profile! My SX date is June 9 2014 ~! I'm going to update daily!
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