Consultation: Be Aware of Top Plastic Surgery / Dr. Juan Bernard Baltazar

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Hello world. Today I am leaving a message on the...

Hello world. Today I am leaving a message on the behalf of my experience with TOP PLASTIC SURGEONS. Top Plastic Surgeons patients work with 90% of foreigners who come in from out of town too get plastic surgery and they make that part really easy for out of towners. For example picking you up from the airport or getting your hotel reservation taking care of. But the issue I had was with the doctor Top Plastic Surgeons connected me to Dr. Bernard Baltazar Rendon. I had an pre consultation appointment with Dr. Bernard Baltazar Rendon and he was really nice but a couple of red flags came up with talking with him. Red flag number one was that, I went in for breast augmentation and he had the most dirties breast implants I have ever seen dark brown to be exact he had some just laid all over the counter and some in his cabinet but his cabinet had paper inside of them which looked a hot mess. His office was not sanitary at all. Second red flag was anytime and I mean any time you have plastic surgery that doctor must request blood work for your safety. The anesthesiologist need to know your blood type so he or she will know how much medication to give you or if you are anemic which means your blood is to thin or if you have high blood pressure ect. Dr. Bernard Balatazar Redon did not ask for blood work and my surgery was suppose to be schedule for the next day. He also said he have been practicing in his field for 15 years or more but once I tried to look up his work to see what he has done nothing really popped up. This lady on this site actually had her surgery done by this doctor she loved her out come but to me her breast looks horrible. Some people will continue with the surgery because they come in from out of town and have already spent money for flight and hotel so they think what the hell I might as well get it I'm already in Mexico. But this is just my experience do what you wish but I would recommend you go with a doctor who has great reviews from real customers. That you do your research before coming to Mexico but to make a long story short I canceled my appointment with Dr. Bernard and went to Dr. Rodrigo Morales he has the over 3,000 reviews and most of the are 4 to 5 stars and he also work with children on cosmetic surgery.
Good luck
Stay bless
Dr. Juan Bernardo Baltazar Rendon

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