Rough Skin and Lumps After Fraxel SR1500 - Mexico City, Mexico

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I live in Mexico city. I am 37 y/o with light...

I live in Mexico city. I am 37 y/o with light skin, some sun damage and fine wrinkles around eyes, and some old acne scaring on my cheeks. I had my 1st fraxel 3 weeks ago. It was the realiant SR1500. My settings were 60 mJ /6 (guess this is 20% coverage)/ 8 passes, and less energy for around the eyes, 45mJ I don´t know the other settings for this part. I used Obagi system without tretinoin for almost 5 weeks before the laser and started it again one week after the laser still without tretinoin.

After the laser I followed exactly all recommendations, I kept my skin hydratated and protected from sun and used sun screen lotions every 3 or 4 hours, I avoided heat for 2 weeks and so on. I had very mild edema except for the day of the treatment. The only thing a bit unusual to me was that after only 5 days of the laser I was asked to go to the doctor office for a exfoliation treatment, basically a scrub cream that help me to peel off, but right after that is when I started to notice the lumping on my face )could this be the cause?).

After 3 weeks the dry skin has completely exfoliated but I can still feel my skin rough and I can easily see getting close to the mirror, those small lumps, from the laser. Otherwise my skin has healed fine and improved enough for a first treatment but I don´t like those bumps and the feeling of touching my skin with that weird texture.

What can be done to improve this condition? Would...

What can be done to improve this condition? Would it help if I add tretinoin 0.5% to the blender cream at night in the Obagi system I follow, to smooth my skin texture? I was not planning to repeat the Fraxel until next year, but if the rough of my skin does not goes away would you still repeat the same treatment, what if it adds a new set of lumps? How long should I wait to see if there is improvement of my skin texture before fall in panic and search for an alternative remedy such as chemical peeling? Please any expert help me clear my doubts I am kind of worried. Thank you.

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The doctor (dermatologist with laser training) had good practices according to what I read in this and other sites.

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