Consultation Review - This Doctor Has No Ethics! - Mexico City

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I am so sad to write this review because I had a...

I am so sad to write this review because I had a lot of faith in this doctor. He was supposed to be one of the best in Mexico. His consultation fee are so expensive, specially for a student like me.
I consulted him to see if he could fix a oversized chin implant done by another surgeon three years ago. Well I never met such a arrogant and unethical person.

Here is the story:

I arrived to the clinic and his doctor students interviewed me. I tell them them the story of my chin. Of course I did a lot of research before committing to another doctor, I was really scared of having to pay for another surgery that goes wrong. This website help me a lot about learning about chin implant, so I was asking questions about the material and the type of chin implant.

After a while, finally the doctor enter into the office. He did not even say hello to me and reads my file. I ask my questions again, and then he just answered them in a very grim way. I ask another question and then he explodes, just like that. He starts telling me that he dislikes patients like me, that are OBSSESED with the surgery and that HAD DONE A LOT OF RESEARCH BEFORE. He tells me that this is not of my business and that he will do the job just fine. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW RUDE IT WAS. He did not even answer my question about the type of implant. After 5 minutes, he just left the room.

I PAID FOR SPENDING THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE TIME OF MY LIFE. The equivalent of 200 USD gone in a 5 minute consultation.

I was so sad, depressed and angry. I was ROBBED and HUMILIATED. Please, this post is just to show that some DR. have in deed no ethics, and they are just there for the money, with a Super inflated EGO, and NO minimal CONSIDERATION for his patients. They just want to get all the money they can.

Do not base your decision on the reputation of your Dr. in the Academia. This is the lesson I learned. When the doctors are so "RENOWNED" then they make mistake and never acknowledge them, so be really careful when consulting the " TOP ONES".

Please use social media or your contacts. I consulted with another surgeon who was not that famous but make me feel that he cared about me genuinely. And things went happily pretty well.
Dr. Fernando Molina Montalva

I regret so much having this consultation with Fernando Molina Montalva, he is really an unethical doctor with no manners and no morals.

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