21 Years Old, NO KIDS, 108lbs, 5'3 (300-360cc) Mexico City, MX

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I've been wanting this for the longest time now....

I've been wanting this for the longest time now. Like since i was 15. When i was 18 i got an appointment with the first surgeon, but my parents werent supporting this decision and they were the ones paying and i couldn't go any further with it. So it wasnt until i turned 21 that i convinced them and they realized it wasnt that bad and it would help me be happier and more confident... And now, i'm so happy to say that i am finally DOING IT!! In twwwwooooo days!

I was thinking about writing here before but i just felt no one would read it. So here's this post to see if i get any responces.

If it does, i will upload pics and all for sure and let you know all the other details i left out on this post.

Love yall!


So since i haven't said it:

Im getting the biggest one that fits my body without stretching too much between 300 and 360ccs i hope i can get the 350 at least.

They're going above the muscle with the under boob incition. They're rounded silicone and textured.

I'm sooo excited about this now!! *-*


So in my last update i posted all the info but not the pics of before. So here they are!

Last day with this body!

That's me with no bra and WITH push up padded bra. I expect to achieve at least the look of the with the bra on. But hopefully a bit more.


So it's one day post op and i'm feeling quite sore but nothing untolerable. I ended up with 325ccs from Eurosilicone brand and i am very happy with them!

Here's a pic of them with normal clothes and without bra! And with the post op bra!

First Shower

So today it's 3 days post op! Yesterday was preeetty bad, the pain was very annoying and uncomfortable... But today it feels less impossible to stand up because it hurts a looot less. Since i got them above the muscle, i think that's why i am recovering so fast... The pain was so low compared to yesterday that i decided to shower with my new "chee-chees" (that's the way we say Boobies here :P) for the first time :)

It was bad at all. Actually it made me feel really good and relaxed and i got to see the real scars for the first time

They look quite bad and bruised right now but i hope that will fade soon, alao that's where most of the senaitivity is at. Other than that, the rest of the boobies are starting to lower the pain when moving and touching but they do still feel hard to the touch.

It's funny because if i press at certain points of my boob, i can totally touch the implant and it feels weird haha.
Also my nipples are all pointed and i feel like the whole boobs are shiny maybe because of the soreness idk.

By the way a thing that confuses me a bit is thatmy PS told me NOT TO MASSAGE ANYMORE. That it was an okd technique and it might actually help contractures happen, whereas new implants don't need massaging anymore and it's less possible to get contractures that way... So i mean, good because it's easier and less painful for me i guess, but everyone is told to massage so idk.

Also i had to change my post-op bra because i got one that was 32C and it was waaaaay too tight and it hurt so bad it even made marks on my skin of how tight it was. It was an S size so i changed it to the only other option the store had which mas M/L i was unsure about it but it turned out to fit just fine and it's tight but it doesnt hurt anymore!! Although this one is apparently a full C or beginning of D cup... Which impresses me i thought i was hardly gonna get a small C cup with 325cc but i am sooo happy with the size and impressed with the fact that i can apparently wear D cup bras! SO YAYYYY! I couldn't be happier!

So yeah... So far everthigg everything has been fine and here are some pics!!!!.

Worried a bit

So i just noticed i can't feel anything at all in my right nipple and i'm panicking even when i know it's something usual at post ops. :P anyway i thought i should tell you this in case you girls feel the same ;)

4th day POST OP

So everything has been fine! Boobs are not that shiny anymore, slowly feeling like gaining back the sensibility on my nipple. And pain is absolutely almost gone! Only incision bother me a bit sometimes but i'm feeling GREAT! And love the size.

Also the bra doesnt hurt anymore even when it's tight!

Sorry for the writing mistakes :P

Just noticed ALL my updates are hard to understand because of word mistakes XD sorry about that. I just type really fast on my phone and am too hyper always to go back re-read and fix all word mistakes :P or sometimes auto-corrector plays jokes on me :(

Is there a way to edit already writen and posted updates? It bothers me how not understandable my updates are. It looks like i can't speak english properly DX haha


So it's day 5 and i am feeling pretty good except for the incisions... They are painful and scratchy but oh well.

One of them keeps bleeding and idk if i took the little strings out when pulling the little band to shower or idk but i feel like it's still open and it worries me a lot.

My right nipple is still unsensible :/

Other than that, pain in the whole breast area is gone and i am able to stand up and do most thing without any pain. The only thing that's annoying is the post surgical bra, it's very tight and it stresses me... I can't wait till i don't have to freaking wear it anymore.

Tomorrow i'll go with my surgeon so he takes the points out or tries to fix my right incision malfunction and so he can give me my little cream to apply on the area and another one to try to revive the nipple.

I'll keep you girls updated.

Here are pics of today... Loving the look tho. I think they perfectly suit my body and they are big enough as well as looking pretty natural.


So everything has been really great. Each day better. That's all i can say!

I went with my surgeon to get the little strings taken out but it wasn't time yet so we decided to wait another week to do it.

Boobs aren't shiny and don't hurt that much anymore :)

Here are some pics.

Now i just have trouble knowing what cup size i really am. Idk.

2 weeks POST OP

Sorry i hacent been updating but i have just been through a complication and didn't wnna panic so i tried to kinda forget about it.

Now since i'm recovering, i thought it was time to talk abou it.

So just to sum everything ul, my stitches OPENED! Yes!! Out of nowhere! I didnt do anything like excercise or sex or pulling or lifting NOTHING. They just opened. My sirgeon says it's cause the implant is too big for me (which i actually find a bit small, like if it would've been possible, i would've gotten way more CCs than just 325, but my body stretching didnt allow more than that) and it's actually so tight that the stitchss couldnt close properly...

So i had to get them re-closed and fixed. It hurt a hell more than the first surgery day because that anestesia was general, and this time was local so it went away faster and i just felt like the stitches burned! It was awful!

I honestly am so tired and all i want is for them to close because the rest of my boobs feel great. It's just the incision that is bringing me problems and i just want to recover fully and be able to touch and squish them and dance and excercise and all.

after surgery i would just hace moderate bleeding but i found it normal. After a week the bleeding wasnt really calming so it started to annoy me but in the end i just noticed the openning! IT DIDNT HURT AT ALL! It just looked gross and was annoying

So this are te stitches when they opened and how they look now that they've been re-done... I will update in a few days to let you know how healing is going :/

I'm just truly sad about this because rhe scars will obviously be more visible now after all the damage and conplications :( so it's very dissappointing.

SUPER GOOD NEWS! Almost 4 weeks PO!

I am so so happy because the incisions are finally closing now!!!! I mean they still look kinda tragic but definitely going somewhere!


So i'm almost due wearing this stupid annoying ugly post op bra! So i went shopping some bras also to finally know what size i am or fits me because every other webpage says different sizes. I was told i was a B cup, then a C, then a D. So i really was looking forward to really know what bras suited me....

Then i tried on a Small+ bra from TRIANLG swimwear and my nipple was almost showing! Which made me feel super happy tho! Cause small+ tends to be a C to D bra cup. And it was too small! So that was sooo thrilling! So now i guess if i wanna order one online i'd have to get the small++ which ranges D-DD. So that is exciting if it fits. Though it worries me D is too small now, but if i do get the DD then it'll be too big, i won't fill it and get a gap that'll look ridiculous :/ then i'd have to change it and send it back and spend more money and ugh... Overall THAT IS EXCITING!

After that i went to Forever 21 and got.... 34D bras!! And they fit quite nicely! I eas praying to be AT LEAST a full C but deep down i knew i wanted more, like a D or DD.... And turns out i might be in that exact range which makes me BEYOND EXCITED SUPER HAPPY... I have no words.

These are the bras and how they look now at almost 4 weeks post op!



And what i like is that i can still hide how big they are if i want to depending on the clothes. So i still get to have best of both worlds (you can see in the flamenco dress pic) BIG boobies, or cute descrete but not small boobies! So i don't suffer what girls with big boobies suffer. I get to have both life styles!


Forgot to post the triangl small+ look... You can see my nipples are about to pop out! So might as well get the small++ instead. Idk... THOUGHTS?


Not much to say other that YAY.
Getting softer each day as well :)

Thoughts? Do they look natural or too rounded? Are they too small? I'm kinda getting the bood greed. I wish i could've gotten bigger implants although i think this was the absolutely most that could fit me, which doesnt make much sense since girls with my same measurements get more than 400ccs so i'm kinda down about that... Still love them as they are tho. But if i got to choose i'd go bigger :/

Almost 6 weeks post op!!

The look now!! LOVE THEM CRAZY!

Except i'm kinda starting to notice some stretch marks wanting to appear :/ i hope they go away soon or something... Will post photos of them on my next update.

Although fitting into D cup bras and having my friends telling me that they are gorgeous or gigantic makes the boob grid go away :P SO, YAY!!

Stretch Marks and STILL problems with scarring -.-

So look at the awful stretch-marks! And i only got 325cc! And the scars are not over closing which annoys the fuck! out of me. Sorry but having them sill not closing after a month and a half post op is a pain in the ass!! OMG I'M SO SICK OF THIS! Everyone has them closed and pretty after a week or two and here i am 6 weeks post op and the bitches are still opened in some parts! And plus the stretch marks!

Kill me please!!!!!


girls so i wanna post videos and when i do it it says "thank you for posting your review" but they never actually appear posted. I've done that 3 times already and it won't work.

Anyone knows how to fix this?

Photos at almost 8 weeks post! :)

So here are the pics. Let me know what you think of them so far. Too small? Too big? Good size? Natural? Too round? Also. The bra pics... Here in Mexico i have NO idea why it is sooo impossible to find 32 band bras. So i've been wearing 34C bras, which sister size to my real band size would be 32D or 30DD but of course those sizes don't exist here so i'm sticking to 34C or 34D because also DDs are impossible to find. I'll be going to LA and Vegas on june so hopefully i get some good bras there at VS cause also VS here only sells bottoms -.- fuck life. I confess i have been using extra clevagy clothes now and everyone is shocked. But i think they looks good so whatevs ;) even girls can't tell if they're real, and of course men, they don't even imagine theymre fake haha My confidence has gotten a MAJOR boost. Guys stare at me on the street all the time and i kinda like that :3 hee hee. And girls also stare BUT it's funny cause girls do it in a "jealousish" way. Like you can tell they're thinking "ugh she's a slut, ugh those are sooo fake, ugh COVER UP GIRL!" It's a totally different kinda stare from guys' XD so it's funny BUT I LOVE BEING THE CENTER OF ATTENTION NOW! ;)

Triangl small ++ ;)

So i ordered the small ++ top from triangl and it turns out it fit perfectly when it ranged cup size D to DD. I was afraid it would be too big but neeh! :3

Dr. Miguel Guadarrama Colin

He is great and knows a lot! Although he might be a little too serious every once in a while, i think he is the best surgeon i visited and when i went to my appointment with him, i instantly knew HE WAS THE ONE.

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