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Just sent my pics. Waiting for a response. Would...

Just sent my pics. Waiting for a response. Would love to hear from Campos patients. ESPECIALLY ones that are around my size. 5'7 155pds. 30-35. Also if you have a date sooner than July you're looking to give up, LMK!!! I've done the research & I'm rest to go!!

Also would like to do a fat transfer to the breast to fill what I've begun lacking over the years. But I'm also thinking I need fat transfer to the hips. Which wouldn't leave me with a comfortable sleeping arrangement. But I prefer to get it done all at once. Maybe he'll suggest another procedure. IDK. What do you guys think?

Called A Lab To Check Prices & Turnaround Time....

Called A Lab To Check Prices & Turnaround Time. Does Anyone Know What Hepatitis Test You Need Exactly? And Can I Get A Pre Op EKG Without A Doc's Order?

Emailed blood work earlier. I think it looked good...

Emailed blood work earlier. I think it looked good by the way the nurse told me to read it. But then again, I'm no medical expert. I REALLY need help with what garments to purchase & what sizes to order. Please help me out my BBL sistas!!

New Pics.

Sorry I've Been MIA. Wanted To Let You Guys Know My Garment Reg. In My Opinion Isavela Is THE BEST Garment. Barely Creases & Dents. And I Wash Mine. It's A Better Feel Without Loosing The Compression Factor. I Line My Back, Sides & Stomach With Foams To Add More Compression & Keep Everything Smooth, Otherwise I'd Be Dealing With Constant Skin Indentation. Then I Add My Board. Then I Add My Squeem. My Masseuse (Tiana/The Wellness Sanctuary/Atlanta) Says I Healed Quicker Than Any Other Client She's Had. She Even Said I Was Good On Lymph Massages. I'm Still Gonna Use Her Maybe Once A Week Now Just To Put My Own Mind At Ease. I'm A Bit Swollen, I Guess, In These Pics Because I've Been Outta My Garment All Day. But I No Longer Worry About Stuff Like That Because I Was Outta My Garment For Like 2 Weeks Straight & One Day Looked Up & Was Not As Defined As I Once Was. So I Slept In My Garment & The Next Day Woke Up & Was Pretty Much Back To Normal. So Now I Know The Importance Of The Garment. Even If I Just Sleep In It & Wear It While Home, I Know It Will Do It's Job To Continue To Keep Me Shaped Up. And I Heard Pilates Allows You To Stay In Shape Without Loosing Volume On Your Backside. So I'll Be Taking Classes Soon. For Now I Try & Eat Portioned Controlled, Healthy Meals Every 3 Hours. Anywho, If You Have Questions Hit Me Up.

New Pics. 3 Months Post Op. Review In Prior Post.

Not Sure Why It Didn't Post All The Pics I Was Trying To Load. But Here Goes Another Shot.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Nevermind rating. Can't post review without posting one. Haven't had procedure yet.

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