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I've wanted boobs ever since puberty screwed...

I've wanted boobs ever since puberty screwed me over and halted me and an A cup. Technically, not even an A, more like an A 1/2 not yet B cup. My best friend has natural big breast and walking next to her made me feel like a little girl. For me, having bigger breast will make me feel more womanly and increase my self-confidence. I have 2 boys, 8 and 1. When I breast fed my youngest, I loved the fullness of my milk-filled boobies. They were C cups, and when they bounced with me I was so happy. My son stopped taking the boob right after he turned 1, and I was left with deflated boring boobs. So at least I was able to experience what it was to have more volume and able to determine that I really want to go through with a breast augmentation. My husband has always tried talking me out of it, telling me I don't need to go through with it. I appreciate his love and acceptance, but this is for me. Will he like me with bigger boobs? I think so. Who doesn't like big boobs?!

I'll try loading up some of my wish boobs. Before RealSelf, I thought there was only saline and silicon implants. Thank goodness I came across this site! For sure, I will want to go under the muscle, don't mind if I get the incision through the crease but nipple incision is an option I'm open to, and from what I've read I think moderate plus will be a better option for me. I have a wide chest (I prefer a 38 band size) and I really don't want boobs that look stiff and stick out like porno boobs. I want really natural, squishy breasts and want more volume than projection. *sigh* If my planning goes well, I will make consultation appointments for April, and, hopefully, HOPEFULLY, have a breast augmentation in late July. *fingers crossed for bigger boobs*

Wish boobs

Here's a few looks of the shape and fullness I like.

Consult scheduled!

I have 1 consult scheduled!! It's for April 11th with Dr Armando Torres. He was referred by my best friend and her sister in law. I'm super excited and super nervous as well. Sometimes I get second thoughts about getting a BA. Like maybe I should spend the money on our house, a new family car, and think if I really need this. Ahh! I guess I still worry about my boobs turning out bad, and porn looking. I would hate that! Plus, a lot of you girls here have already rocking bodies! Seriously, you guys are nice and fit! I need to step up my game.

Something else I worry about is the cc amount. I read some reviews about girls going 400-450 cc and other will go 300-350 cc and something they look the same! I know bodies are different, and you lose some cc's when you go under the muscle. Did you guys decide on cc amount after consult and trying on sizers or based more based on pictures?

Another thing. I have my wish boobs that I've shared already. I've shown my husband and my best friend the same pictures (on separate occasions) and they both said that my body is different then the wish boobs body so I can't really rely on those pictures to get the boob shape and size I want. Do you guys think this to be true? I figure that boob size/shape to body ratio can be applied, but am I wrong?


For whatever reason, I feel like my boobs have gotten smaller. I don't even know how this could happen, but I've definitely lost volume. Likeep I said before, girls here on real self ate in good shape so I thought I would make an effort to get in shape as well. I'm eating better, healthier, and have cut out a lot of snacking. This is very recent, maybe 3 days in. I haven't lost any weight (YET) but my "boobs" decided on their on to abandon me!! Even in my lined bras they look miserable. I'm a little depressed right now. I only have my consult to look forward to and hopefully I can schedule my surgery date at my preferred date (7/25/16). I'm woman-ing up and posting my now "boobs." Then you'll understand my sadness. So flat and droppy. I'm MISERABLE!!

initial consult!

I had my initial consult yesterday with Dr Armando Torres Maduena in Tijuana, MX. He is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He has all his school diplomas and certifications displayed nicely in his office wall, which I have also verified through a website:
I was really nervous and anxious to get it over with. I was able to explain the look I am going for: more volume, not too much projection, but a big enough difference to justify the surgery! I took my shirt off, showed him that my "boobs" are sad and depressing. I had to squish my boob to get him to see that slight volume increase towards the top part of my boobs without it looking like a porn star. He noticed that my bra was lined and asked me if that was because I liked the look it created. I laughed and said no! I told him that my bras are basic and don't give me the slightest modification to my breast that I want to achieve through the surgery process. He then asked me to take my bra off, and then this is were I had to keep it together. I had a hard time looking him in the face. I felt even more insecure exposing myself. He felt around my breast, lifted them up and did the whole pinchy thing. I forgot to mention, my best friend was with me the entire time. She was there to give me her perspective too. Any way, he asked me to put my bra back on and gave me a sizer implant. He placed it into my bra, told me to put my shirt back on and compare my "boob" to the sizer. First of all, the implant looked small. I didn't ask how many cc's, we just tried it on. What a difference it made. I was a little worried because I thought it was projecting too much, but my friend was telling me that it looked great without it being huge. It honestly looked like I had my breast feeding boobs back. Then the doctor told me should I choose to loose weight (haha!) my whole body would look even better. YES! GOAL! TOUCHDOWN! Major confidence boost. Now I need to actually go through everything. He then placed a bigger implant in my empty bra size and it was just too much. Er, no! So he tells me the size he believes is right: 260cc moderate profile. 260?!?! Sounds so little, but made a nice difference.

Now, being the goof that I am, I didn't right down my measurements. I have to go back in June to get my blood work and EKG done. I'll be trying on the implants again, this time without a lined bra just to make sure I'll be getting the same fullness. Cant jip me out of that!

2nd consult, same Dr

I went back for a 2nd consult with Dr Torres. This time we ran blood work and an EKG. Everything came back WNL, woohoo! My husband was with me this time and I'm really he was. I tried on the 260cc sizers over a fitted tank top wearing a sports bra, and my husband immediately said nope! He said I might not as well have surgery if I was going to go with that size because it wasn't a significant difference. My husband would rather I not go through with the surgery, but since he accepts and understands that this is something I really want, he encouraged me to try on bigger implants. We jumped to 320 cc and then tried on 350's. The 320's looked significantly bigger and 350's were pushing it. My husband agreed that the 350 was big, but not over the top or ridiculously looking. I'm getting them placed under the muscle so I know that minimizes the size a bit. I just hope it's all worth it. I don't want to have boob greed, and really want this surgery to be worth it. I hope I get a full C out of this. Dr Torres had recommended I lose weight before the surgery so I can maximize my figure, and... I haven't really lost any, wah!! I need to get on it!

Surgery is scheduled for July 22nd. That is the day I start my 5 week vacation. I hope and pray everything goes well, and look better by the time I get back to work. My not so happy stats as of now are: 5'2", 146 lbs, large a/small b cup. Going with 350 cc cohesive silicone under the muscle.

I have boobs!

The day finally came. I have boobs! Surgery started at 10:15, and I was out of the OR and inot recovery at 11:40am. My surgeon said everything went smoothly, no complications, and was surprised how quickly I woke up front the anesthesia. I was asked if I wanted to be completely out for surgery or if I wanted to receive a block (similar to an epidural). Since I didn't want a breathing tube down my neck I went with the block. Let me tell you, the cocktail the anesthesiologist gave me was wondeful. I guess it was my first time being high because as soon as he pushed the cocktail through my IV I was on cloud 9. It felt so good to be so relaxed, and I didn't even feel him do the block on my back. It must've been high because I asked if I could have some of that cocktail for home use, lol. I woke up a little bit during the surgery and I was able to bear the doctors chatting, hearing their music play, and I felt the surgeon either making the left breast pocket or jamming the implant in. It didn't hurt one bit, but I thought it was cool I could hear and feel.
After recovery in was rolled into my room, where my husband was waiting for me. It was good to see his face again. I was in and out of sleep the whole afternoon and most of the evening. I didn't eat anything until I got home, only sips of juice at the hospital. I wast really hungry either and was only able to eat a few spoonfuls of soup my mom had made. I took my pain meds and antibiotics and was ready to call it a night. I slept on a recliner and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be since I love sleeping face down. I got up twice to pee during the night, and that was pretty easy to. Every now and then I'll extend my arms and suddenly my chest reminds I can't! When I got up in the morning to great my husband's and kids, I felt a lot of pressure on my chest. That has been the weirdest feeling yet. Darn you gravity! But other than that, I feel fine.
It doesn't feel like bowling balls on my chest, only really engorged like when I used to breast feed. I hope this is a good sign of an easy recovery.

End of day 1 post op

Overall not too shabby. I got to say that brushing my teeth and washing me face had me feeling a little sore afterwards, and I thought I was being gentle. I've been feeling great, as long as I take my pain meds on time every hours. Right near the 6th hour I start feeling more tightness in my chest, but so far nothing unbearable. I noticed that when I sit for long periods of time and then stand up, I feel the weight of the new boobs. Again, nothing alarming. My chest let's me know when I'm pushing it.
I few minutes ago I felt tenderness around my neck and upper back. Is that from surgery? The weight of the boobs? Or sleeping funny?
I did feel some of the crackles I've read about on this site on my right boob. Not painful, but something weird to experience for the first time. I also started to massage the very top of my boobs where I feel the implant. Just gentle finger massages to soften things up. Oh, and I don't quite know what morning boob is. I'm just grateful everything has gone well.

5 days post op

I meant to post an earlier update but my browser refreshed and deleted my long update ???? so far everything's been great. I had my post op check up this past Saturday, checked out my stitches, cleaned them up and taped over. I was pretty impressed with the stitches and lack of hyperpigmentation. I usually get dark scars even with the smallest lacerations, so I'm pretty happy with the incisions. Dr Torres is a firm believer of compression bras and told me they are a must, to not stop wearing bras despite my boobies are nice and perky. Then the doctor told me 2 things that were surprising to me. It was surprising to me because of what I have read numerous times on this website regarding massages and upper pole fullness. He told me there is no need to massage my boobs, that they would soft up and fluff on their own without assistance. I shall see, I guess. As of now they have been softening up as the swelling is going down. Still numb from nipples down. 2nd thing that surprised me was he told me the longer it takes for the upper pole fullness to drop, the better it is in the long run. He explained to me that it means that my tissues are strong and will better support the implants. Let's hope that's the case.
I'm loving my boobs right now. I'm happy I went through with the surgery. I tried on an old breastfeeding bra that's a 38 C and filled it up nicely. Yay for boobs!

1 week

Time flies! I can't believe 1 week had gone. I'm very happy with having done the surgery. I went out today to my son's basketball practice and I felt totally normal. Since I'm on vacation (4 weeks off!) I think I think too much about my new boobs. Almost like I'm self-conscious about my big boobs. But going out of the house and doing normal things brings me relief that I didn't go too big. Going from a small B to what I'm guessing is a big C/little D is significant, at least to me it is. I wore one of my fave t-shirts and looked normal. I was worrying that the new boobs would be totally obvious, but I'm fine!

I don't k ow if I me toned last time that the post op bra I bought was one by Amoena size medium from Amazon. My doctor told me he wanted it to fit more snug and to stitch the back to make is smaller. Easily done, but I went to Target and bought a Champion sports bra in large. It's define tell a lot more snug. Too snug, in fact, that I felt the implants being pushed up too high. Went to Wal Mart and bought 2 Danskin sports bras. Smuggler than my original post op bra, but way more comfortable than the Champion one. And they're like $12-13, the Champion one was $25.

Almost 5 weeks

Squishy boobs
Haven't posted in a while. The boobs have been settling in nicely and I tried bra shopping. That was...tricky and confusing. Obviously my boobs are bigger than they were before. They look a lot bigger but when I tried on bras I noticed that I barely went up a cup. I've been really bad about dieting and not being able to work out hasn't helped, so needless to say I'm chunky. That being said I began by trying on 38 band size. Before I used to wear 38 B so I tried on 38 Cs and Ds. The D cups were big and so were some of the C cups I tried! I was dissapointed in having to try out 38 Bs. Stubborn as I am I then tried 36 Cs and Ds. The 36 Cs fit. Phew! I tried on some Ds and some were big and some fit. What. the. hell. Now I had bras fitting B, C, and D. I try telling myself that the result of my breast augmentation is not the bra size I turned out to be, but the physical and visible improvement. I'm trying hard to convince myself that it's not a bigger bra size I was trying to achieve but rather natural looking and full breasts. Does that make sense? So after trying bras at the store I decided to try on my pre op bras. They fit. I spill over slightly but not too much. 38 Bs. I have to get my butt into gear, loose weight and then I know I'll fit into a 36 C. Overall I am happy with my new boobs :D

Something I want to suggest to any girls considering BA is to take enough pre op pictures. I hardly took any at all because I hated my size and I was ashamed of the Itty bitties. Now I wished I had taken pictures to compare post op.

I took a few pictures in a pre op bra and a video showing the squishyness. I like the squishyness! No complaints there! Sorry about the horrible job with the video...
Dr Armando Torres Maduena

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