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I decided to have inplants after a few friends...

I decided to have inplants after a few friends spoke of a doctor in Tijuana who performed great work with great results. As a courtesy to my friend he spoke to me over the phone. I insisted I did not need to see him in person prior to the procedure. He informed me my surgery date would be 10 days out and 1 day prior I would stay in the hospital have blood test ran and if I was a good candidate I would go into surgery the next morning at 7 sharp. I was told to take iron and maintain a healthy diet. I should add I went with a second family member who also had work done that morning and a chaparone who drove us there and home. When the doctor examined me he informed me I would need a lift, my once full now empty DDs and 3 breast feed children had left their toll on my body. He did not charge me extra. He suggested a lollipop lift I asked for a "donut" lift. He said it wasn't his ideal method for the size I wished to be DD (full like I was before). I went into surgery with complete confidence he chose my inplants. I came out of surgery and went home later that evening. Once I got home I seen the size. They were huge. They felt awful but I had no pain nor discomfort. I was waiting for the pain I was told by others who had NOT gone to him had told me about while the three others who had assured me there would be little if any, to hit me. I rested the first two days but by day 3 I was up and walking around. I don't know if that was wise as there was a heavy weight on my new chest. I was given 450 CC over the muscle and a lift. (Vaginal Rejuvination as well I will post later) I drank plenty of water aloe vera juice and prune juice. I had chicken soup with vegatables and whole grain muffins, oatmeal and fruit. I continued taking the iron began Vitamin C chewables and took the antibiotics I was prescribed. I was not given pain killers I did not need any. I took Ibuprofen on the 5th day to help with a mild fever of 100 I had unexpectedly after going on a walk and taking a shower. (Stupid me it was very hot outside and my body was weak.) I took off the bandages that were wet and my left areola was dark/black my right had some areas that were the same. I called my doctors office was told to go in early the next day. I went to CVS pharmacy picked up steri strips (wound closures) and steri stripped around as the tapes present before them. I began freaking out. I googled found this website posted my concern and waited for the morning. When I seen my surgeon he reassured me everything would be fine. He looked for infection asked about pain and told me to continue with antibiotics and iron. He told me to keep the area clean and apply antibacterial. He told me the black areas would fall off but not to worry new skin would form. The 1st step was to heal and not worry. Easier said then done. I worried I looked at my pictures and cried. I was a mess. I couldn't find anything anywhere that looked like what I was going thru. I got home washed the areas with a saline salt rinse steri striped across like # and applied "manuka honey pads" I had found at CVS before the surgery (call it instinct MY GUT said buy these) I had bought the long ones 3x8. I pulled them over my breast to act as a steri strip as well. I left them in place until they began to leak and repeated washing with saline, steri strip # and applying the honey pads. I went in to have my sutures removed and the skin was still intact but was slowly "fading" off in the areas that were dark. I allowed them to breathe and only added the steri strips no honey pad however by a few hours out the skin had seperated greatly. (My boyfriend blamed me and made me feel horrible as if this was all my fault and again I freaked out.) I prayed and found strength not to give up or give in. I googled and I found so many great information on the healing with honey. I found that infection is my worst enemy and a clean moist environment is BEST. Before I regained my piece of mind I had been blowing up the doctors assistant who told me to call my surgeon. With everything in control and my mind made up thos was temporary I told him I was following the care of washing with saline rinses applying antibacterial steri stripd and was using honey pads to keep out infection and he told me to continue. I was to go in if there were any changes or signs of infection. He would see me again in November. He guarenteed his work and stated he would perform scar revisions. I am still not healed but I'm confident. I write this cause I don't see post on Necrosis of the breast or ANYONE talking about Manuka Honey Pads. I strongly believe with the research I've done it can help with a lot of the healing concerns we have! Please do your research and try it. I am now in week 3 of recovery and know from photos, videos and reports I wouldnt be this far into healing if I wouldn't have began using those pads. Necrosis is dead skin and under the hole depends on how far it reached (I could stick a Qtip in mine). Now I wash the area with a saline rinse apply a steri strip and cover it with a Manuka Honey Pad. Not just any honey works btw. Table honey has corn syrup which will do more harm than good. I will keep my review updated in hopes I can help someone.

End Result

It has been quite a journey!!! It took a full 4 weeks for the area to heal after using honey pads and ointment. At one point the entire lower portion of my nipple was gone due to necrosis. However at NO point did it become hard or "split" due to the Manuka Honey treatments I gave myself. The area stayed clean & no infection or smell with daily cleansing of saline water, using a gauze to remove any "dead skin" (literally came off easy) I would then soak the open wound at first covering it with Manuka Honey Pads (CVS) & then using Manuka Honey Ointment (Rite Aid) & gauze. My doctor was super surprised and asked me to send him photos so he too could look into Manuka Honey. No my breast dont look nice but they are soon to be revised!!! I cant wait and will post my progress as I have spoken with doctor and he has told me I am good to go again. THIS TIME!!! I will not go for a TWO mile walk ONE day after surgery. I will stay laying down for a full week as initially instructed since my breast are LARGE & less likely to have full oxygen supply in a walking position carrying a heavy @$$ purse and 1.5 L water bottle. I cant stress the REST the first few days even if there is NO PAIN. Luckily I found Manuka Pads or my healing would have taken longer. .. ( tried this trestment on a friend who kissed the pavement landing on the right side of his face. The only wound not covered in honey is CURRENTLY healing 3 weeks later while the others even one requiring stitches (used honey along with steri strips) were fully healed after 4 days. Skin is light pink and using silicone scar sheets now. (CVS brand).

Revision May 31st 2016

Went in to have a revision of scars due to necrosis and implant reposition with a lolipop lift.

Photos of previous progress

This shows the progress using Mauka Honey Ointments and daily gauze changes. Washed with soap & water and rinsed with water followed by saline & witch hazel.

Update & thoughts

I am 12 days post breast revision/lift. I would lke to say they are healing decently. I have necrosis of the arreola AGAIN but no where near as bad as before. I would like to believe this could be from the Manuka Ointment I put on after day 2. I thought NOT to put any (just to SEE) but remembered what happened when I waited a week. I've seen pictures of others breast splitting on the ยก portion after a lift and mine appear to have very little dead skin if any. I knew this would be a possibilty after going thru my ordeal the first time but a risk I was willing to take to acheive my goal. The doctor has been great. He reminded me my breast will heal in time but they are looking great. I have learned to TRUST your doctor. He told me from the beginning I needed a lolipop lift and my results without one wouldn't be ideal I asked to go thru with it anyway. I didn't however know I would have NECROSIS or I probably wouldn't have had the surgery the first time. Its one of those things you don't know until you go thru it. You NEED TO STAY STRONG MENTALLY. Time heals all. I felt alone, but I'm thankful for this website. I found stories similar to my own that helped get me thru. Only difference is those suffering from necrosis always took MONTHS-A YEAR to heal and I was able to keep mine controled within 1 and healed (outside) within 2. I believe it took this long because Doctor wouldn't resuture for a MONTH. Again with my severity had I used the products I was given and not the Manuka Ointment I believe this could have taken longer. He resutured and I DID use HIS cream but after the second day when I seen the sutures pulling at my skin I went back to Manuka and could see my skin attach within 2 days. By a week they had healed. I WISH A DOCTOR COULD STUDY THIS OINTMENT. It's worth the research if it could PREVENT OR CUT NECROSIS HEALING in half. Everytime I haved used it or had a friend use it the wounds have healed RAPIDLY. Hot iron to my friends butt within a week , friend requiring sutures to his face within 3 days (used steristrips to close) scar is almost GONE. I try to tell others about it every channce I get. I've read up on lab studies done on mice need some on willing cosmetic procedure patients.

12 hours after...

So I went in for a Lipo & Rhinoplasty
As I was under he "touched up" the areas on my breast that had healed thanks to the Manuka treatments! He is GREAT! I'm so happy with his professionalism and bedside manner. Not only do I trust he will do HIS BEST I don't feel he's only after more money. If I call with a PROBLEM he answers or replies. This makes me feel calmer knowing 'I can' communicate with him. He also speaks some english which is a plus when I can't explain myself correctly in spanish.
Dr. Manriquez

Had to change a few 5 stars to 4. 6/02/16 All 5s again never less than a 4. I understand he's busy but he always replies.

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