Campos 9/30 - Do the lumps REALLY go away?

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I went to TJ not knowing exactly what I would get...

I went to TJ not knowing exactly what I would get done: Lipo to arms, back, and abdomen for sure. Thighs I was on the fence about and Breast was leaning toward holding of on so I could focus on just lipo recovery. During consultation, we eliminated thighs and instead of implants I had fat transferred to my breasts ( with the assumption I would get the same results).

Day 1: What in the hell did I VOLUNATAIRLY do to myself I mean that about sums y feelings up. I woke up in the hospital bed hooked up to an IV. When I asked where my caregiver was so I could go home, I was told I’m staying the night. First thought that’s $200!! Then Dr. C came in and told me I lost lots of blood due to the areas and that the anesthesiologist gave me too much and I didn’t come out of it quickly as they wanted so I ended up staying overnight for monitoring. My tube was and catheter was drained by then nurse and after a w while she provided pears for me to it. Towards the morning, I got
The faja on but was horrified at the sight of loose and swollen abdomen. BY morning the nurse, Angie, and Dr. C had looked at the area and reminded me all was normal. Dr. C said if there was loose Skin I’d have to do mini tuck later. DEVASTATED…

PO2- My body said Welp, since ya did this to us, lets get the healing goin on but it’s gonna cost you in PAIN. Pain when you laugh, pain when you move, pain when you think, pain just when you think that the pain has gone away…
Not much to say, get the theme tho? PAIN. So I left the clinic this morning. Thebuddy was laid out on the stretcher all already an willing to get bodied up by Dr.C I armed her with my do not do this to me pics of tummies . Dr. C made it seem like those results where a Caucasian thing caused by thin skin or losing a lot of weight. Whatever, just make sure it doesn’t happen to our black people skin was my point. I will admit that I left the clinic slightly bummed. The entire first night I was laid in the clinic I didn’t have a faja on. So when my nurse took of the single wrapping they had on me to finally place the lipofoam and faja on my heart sank… LOOSE SKIN. Second to dying during the procedure skin irregularities my worst fear. The rest of the morning my nurse, Dr. C, and Angie all proceed to tell me it will be ok and normalize the shit but mind would not let my eyes forget what it saw. I’ll show ya’ll the pics I managed to take. Anyway, I leave the clinic and hours later Thebuddy makes it back to Del Rio safe and loopy as all get up lol.

PO3- Have you pooped yet?
No, and as bad as it is I’m ok with that. Thebuddy is scared that I’m gonna pay for it real bad later. I took a colace I’m not regular anyway ( working on that) so I don’t anticipate any magic unless I take some additional steps. I won’t, cause I don’t want to poop yet lol. Blood and fat out, poop you stay in for a few more days..

Ok, other than the poop, got the first massage today. Due to transportation and logistics it just made sense for me to get Mari Paz to come to ou condo. I had to pay for it but I knew I needed the massage cuz aside from the couple of hours spent sleeping on and off, I’m on my feet. There is no laying on the belly comfortably (boob fat transfer) and the butt is supposed to be off limits ( don’t want to f’up any shaping). So I pace and then settle down in one awkward position for 30 seconds before I get it. I feel stir crazy, thank GOD Thebuddy gets it and hasn’t gone off on me for not keeping still. As odd as it is, being busy and moving around is just easier but I know it’s doing a number to my body. Anyway, as a result of all this I see my future of swelling and body image issues when I get pregnant. Ugh my thighs, my feet, my hands.. The swell is real.
MariPaz hooked both of us up with a massage. We agreed, it didn’t feel good but it sure was a necessary evil. My arms and side where the worst. But It sure was worth it. Thebuddy snapped a couple of pics that reduced anxiety about my new body. We ain’t there yet but so much further than before. And yes, it’s only Day 3. Boy, I’ll tell you the understanding of patience goes out the window when your body is still in the making. Dr. 90210 made lipo seem like a trip to the candy store if you ask me…

Angie Strikes
Probably slept the most I have in the last few days but still very irregular. Movement after massage is soooo much better. I was supposed to go get my first at the clinic with Thebuddy but Angie did not put my on the schedule and they lady had to leave. Mari Paz super busy so no massage for me today. Ruby at the office scheduled me for Friday and Saturday. In the inside I’m relieved but I know I need them. I don’t want bumpy arms or a loose belly! Other than that, same ol same ol chit chats about immobility, the tedious regimen we will need to pick up, how the hell we will get garments on alone etc… staying on a pain med schedule is important because the pain is most felt during transition to laying, sitting, or standing. Burn and skin tearing feeling.

PO4- Time to leave the condo…

Im up at the wee hours once again. I’ve mastered rolling outta the bed alright but still don’t expect me not to be breathing hard. I have school work due today that I didn’t get to.
My mind has been right and sharp since waking up from anesthesia. Is just that that I can’t get my body in a position to do anything. Draining waaaaay less so I hope this bad boy can come out tomorrow. In a way I’d like to keep it though, the pain turns to pleasure when I see that yellow liquid. Out of my body you nasty fat!

Moving along slowly, important thing is we have our health, new bodies in the making, and as corny as it sounds each other. Don’t know how this woulda been without this my chick goin through the misery right along with me. I’m sure I left some details out like Day 2’s 2 hour emotional saga. Think two year old who needs a nap but still gotta function in the world. I cried and teared up at everything that didn’t go right but I think being able to vent to your buddy makes this process so much better.

Had massage at office today and ended up having post-op with Dr. C cuz Angie did not schedule us for Saturday as agreed upon. Dr. C is a pleasure to talk to. He’s serious but not cocky. I gave him grief about the shaping of my flanks ( looks boxy instead of curved to me), giving me more hips and ass than we agreed upon ( I don’t and to have to purchase an entire new wordrobe), the arms he said he took out 500 cc in each but still looks big to me, and the boobs somehow we settled of fat grafting that morning and to me it looks like my boobs are spread out like a mans chest. The reason I wanted upper body lipo was to reduce my wide appearance. So we’re already talking implants in the future. I went in saying I would hold off on BA so I hate that didn’t listen to myself. He kept telling my the results are good and I was beautiful before and would still be beautiful after but I need to rememeber I’m only a few days out. He certainly has a way with his words, Dr C is so dreamy lol.
I have to keep the drain in until draining 50ml/day which is the amount the body can reabsorb. He left on stich in because that area looked red and he was worried about infection. I got an additional week of antibiotics.

Po5- Left hotel early, went to get our massages, then headed to the airport and home. Thankful to be home but nothin is where it needs to
be. Oh an as look would have it, I ran into a class mate while being wheel chair transported. Hhhhhh

PO6- Tired, cranky, and irritable. My place is a mess. Im moving slow, and wondering how the hell I’m gonna make it thru recovery.
I need to get a new garment. They put me in a M but I think the S would give me the shape and compression needed to make this surgery worth it. I’m trying my best to avoid sitting on my ass but I really don’t care about preserving size, I just don’t want things to be lopsided. I haven’t been eating right, my hands and feet are SWOLE

PO7- Happy Birthday to me! Pain, itching, and swelling what a wonderful gift I gave myself! Still irritated with the process, I want to know that my end result will be what I wanted. Got a direct email back from Dr. C bout my incision looks like the infection that may have been brewing is clearing. Dr. C had a brief discussion about opportunistic bacteria already on your body and how after care may provide a portal entry. He’s like its not about having dirty cannulas people need to take care of them selves properly. I know I didn’t shower until day3 and the lipofam that he gives has a sticky side. That breeds moisture which bacteria loves. The thought of removing and putting the faja back on makes you want to skip it. So more important than cleansing you hot spots, is treating the areas for infection hidden beneath the faja and lipofoams.

PO8- still haven’t purchased another faja, just washing my orginial daily. Looking at either the same as Dr. C Isavela or Dr. Durnan’s choice. I’m trying to get past the constant fatigue and securing a local massage therapist out here. If I didn’t day it before, Im now sitting on my ass I think I’m just rebelling due to my frustrations but I hope I don’t pay for it later.

Oh last nite, had the itches from hell. Did everything, gold bond, arnica cream, Benadryl gel, Benadryl pills. Finally had to take an ambien and put myself to sleep. This recovery is no joke!!
Drained less than 25mls in almost one day so looks like I’m taking this bad boy out tonite!!

Measurements Pre Op:
8/31- Bust: 34, Waist 30, hips 40, thigh 25
10/9- Bust: 38, Waist 32, hips 44, thigh 25.5

These numbers bum me out. Why is my waist bigger than pre-op? In the days before surgery I had little sleep, doing school work, and sitting for my nursing license ( which I passed thank God). I had way too much stress, was not discussing on my body or nutrition as I wanted to. I went in at 161. So far from the 145-150 I hopped for. This is definitely one of my regrets. I am now 175 on the scale. Does that extra weight naturally go away? I hope so, needless to say. Not feeling great bout the body today. Do wish I had the body I came in with? HELLL NO but still waiting for the results I had hoped for.

Campos 9/30: Recovery mode...

Alright, I’m back. It took ALL of me to get settled and write to u ladies. Not because I don’t want to but because finding a comfortable position is so difficult still… As a result, I sit on my butt ? I gave up on everything else. Well I sit on the boppy and toot my butt up but that lasts just at along as me being able to hold my stomach in! Did I tell u guys that Dr. C actually told me that, he said my stomach sticks out too much! DUH!! Anyway, I walk around talking to you ladies in my head so I apologize if I repeat myself ( wish there was a way I could record and scribe my thoughts).

OK, for real now, I blab write I know… Sorry ?

PAIN- Taking over the counter during the day, strong stuff at night, still waking up at least 3x a night and the tearing sensation is horrific. Since Im still on pain meds as needed.

ENERGY- Got none…I’m tired on and off through the day, more tired than I was the first week actually and sleep doesn’t come easy so I’ve introduced Ambien. I was supposed to start a 5 week class next week, I went ahead and let me program director know I wasn’t feelin it and pushed it to this summer. I don’t know what I would do if I HAD to get back to school/work right now. I guess I would make it work, I’m just glad I have the option not to right now.

OUTPUT- I have my urinal downstairs incase I can’t make it upstairs cuz I seem to need to pee outta nowhere. I have to use Colace to poop.

EXERCISE- I’d love to start doing some yoga or light stretching exercises but I’m not there yet lol. I do think it would help with the tearing/ripping of moving from position to position but again, it’s just a thought I’ll put in into action soon enough. Shoot, I get winded just goin up the stairs.

MASSAGE- Haven’t had one since 10/5 and it really did help with stiffness afterwards so in a strange way I’m missin them. I’m trying to find someone locally. Also have some lumps that I PRAY are not permanent. Looking for chiropractor that can do ultrasound therapy and if they can do massage to them I’m in business cuz my insurance will cover.

8/31- Bust: 34, Waist 30, hips 40, thigh 25
10/9- Bust: 38, Waist 32, hips 44, thigh 25.5
10/13-Bust- 38, Waist 30.5, hips 43, 24.5 thigh

RESULTS: Coming along… swelling coming down slowly, again the lumps/bumps are a concern but trying to not freak out about em. Currently I stand by my decision to go to Dr. C but I am mad at myself for allowing him to do the fat transfer to my breast. They look the same as before only slightly fuller. Yesterday I felt hard spots that look red, warm, and have pain which is like mastitis breastfeeding women sometimes experience. I’m already taking antibiotics so it should cover it if that’s the case but in any case I’m waiting for feedback from Campos. But back to feeling mad at myself… 1) Going to TJ I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to get implants so that I could have more recovery positions available to me 2) having them in state would give me US warranty in the event I needed it 3) Campos is known for butts, so go to the doc for what he specializes in 4) I shoulda NEVER made a new decision like fat transfer minutes before my procedure, I did no research or nothing…

Need a good garment to bring that Campos Hourglass OUT, Any suggestions?

Not snatched at the waist at ALL and it's not just the lipofam in the way. I guess I started with too much plus I know garment needs to be right so I ordered a small in the same brand Campos gave me which is medium. Hope I'm not too late...

Campos 9/30: Recovery mode...

Campos 9/30: Recovery mode...

Campos 9/30 - Need Garment and waist shrinking guidance

Forgot to update that scale went down to 170lbs, went in at 160lbs. I ordered the small in my current garment because theres room in the waist area. Hard to look at other garments theres so many plus if I go by my current weight, ill be thrown off. According to the to the charts I shouldn't be in the medium I'm in now. Maybe give it a few more weeks?

Do the lumps really go away??

Still coming along, feel like I've been in recovery for YEARS not going on 3 weeks. Some days are tougher than others in terms of moodiness, energy level, and patience with the process. Reading RS reviews prepares you but there's nothing like actually going through this process to enlighten you and make you realize the huge commitment you've made to see it through.

God bless those of you who have children, had to go back to work quickly, have done round 2 and 3 ( or plan on it), ,TT's... recovery sucks. I know that when you have no choice sometimes you tend to get through tough situations easier but I'm barely a help to myself and can't see myself having other obligations concurrently.

I did some editing and added booty pics cuz I realize what people truly wanna see. My concern however is these lumps, bumps, and irregularities on my stomach and arms. I spoke with Dr. Campos and he says this is a normal part of the body's response and things will get back to normal. I try to capture what I see by camera but it's hard. In the meantime I'll continue with massages and just wait because I have no other choice...

Reality Check

I don't mean to be so negative and ungrateful...

Just took some more pics really trying to capture the lumps and bumps. I know I'm obsessed about them but its the only thing that takes away from the amazing work Dr. Campos has done. To clarify though, I am in love with the shape that is forming. This man has given me a body I could be proud of and I'm currently 165lbs which is a good 20lbs greater than I want to be. 165lbs on me pre-lipo was disgusting. SO yes, reality check time... I don't hate my body. I HATE this process, I hate that I wasn't prepared as I wanted to be, and I hate that ugly scar tissue had to form on me before the quality scar tissue can emerge ( per my recent convo with Dr. C).

Knowledgable, humble, and skilled Doctor with state of the art facilities. Office is busy and access to Dr. Campos pre-op needs greater emphasis so results don't fully rely on the consultation morning of surgery.

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