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Hi to all me BBL sisters, I am a long time lurker...

Hi to all me BBL sisters, I am a long time lurker on Realself and MMH. I started this journey back in august of 2012 totally by accident. Just a quick back round, just like some of my BBL sista's I have NO BUTT what so every. I never really cared or realized I didn't have a butt until in the 7th grade when I was nick name NBA “No Butty Angela” Im 26 and that name traveled with from then to now, from friends to family members. But I was blessed/cursed with two big bowling balls (breast), which I wld trade anytime for at least a little something back there, but those are another story.Me and my boyfriend were watching Hip Hop Atlanta or what ever the show is called and I cldnt believe that all those women on there had ass's like that, I know its atlanta but GOODNESS and then we got the subject of Niki Minaj and her gigantic butt so naturally I started researching butty's lol...long story short I ran across MMH, BlackhairForum and Realself, I didnt get off my phone til the next morning when I had to go to wrk smh. I was shocked that there is such a procedure thats takes the fat from your stomack and put in your butt. Do you know how many yrs Ive said and heard “I wish I cloud take the fat from my stomach and put it in my butt”. Then I started reading how much ppl were paying, I cldnt believe it. I was so happy, excited and some more that I wldnt even but the phone down to do the “oow wee”. He was pissed BUT I didnt care cause I was thinkn of my new booty I was going to have.
I was sold on campos from the start so when I went to wrk I sent in my picture (yep,I went in the bathroom stripped down to my undies and took the pictures). Two days later I was sent this
Dear Angelia,
Thank you for your email. Please accept my apologies as I haven't had time to catch up with my email. Thanks again for your
patience and for sending us your pictures this way is easier for us to have a virtual consultation and in order to give you a much more accurate opinion and estimate.
Something that I want to let you know is that the estimate is based on your physical needs and according to your body type.
Also you will need to have an important liposuction in the waist and lower back to define your waist line, I can see that you have extra skin also in your abdomen and I am strongly recommending an extended tummy tuck. This would improve your figure in an optimal way. I will be repairing the abdominal wall that is protruded and get you a flatter abdomen.

If you are interested in fat grafting in the gluteal area. I am using the micro fat grafting, for this technique I use low pressure syringes in
order to keep the fat cells the safest and to transfer them inside the muscle; this is mostly to avoid the absorption, and this is because in the muscle there is a mayor blood flow and the cells survive longer, there is an absorption of a 20 to 40% of fat. Also i wanted to mention, is that the top quantity to be injected into each gluteal area is 900- 1200 cc of fat in one session, or up to where your skin
allows us to do so, because the tissues sometimes won't expand and may compromise the blood flow in the area.
Your Estimate will be as follows:

Extended Tummy Tuck 3000
Liposuction, lower back, and waist 1800
Fat grafting into the buttocks 600
Discount -900
S. Facility 1100
Anesthesia 600 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle 120
Post op medication 125

Total 6445 usd
Dr. Campos
I wasnt interested in a tummy tuck because i have no kids and would like some in the furture. So I requested another quote without the tummy tuck and I was givin $4445 and Campos explained to me that i wld not get the results i wanted if I didnt have the ETT. So i did lots of research on tummy tucks and deicided to go on and have the procedure.

Today I booked with club med. Marvin is super nice...

Today I booked with club med. Marvin is super nice and gets back to you soon as he receive your email. He emails give some good helpful hints like its ok if you don't havr ur passport but u NEED your ID with original birth certificate and not wearing clothes thats needs to be pulled over.
I also booked my flight only $100 round trip arriving on feb28. That just shows you how close I am :)
Lab work..... $300 (I don't have insurance) but geeezz, why does it have to be so much plus another $85 for the EKG.
I went to Walmart and got women's 1 a day, iron, biotin and B12, I know you neef very very low vitamin E less then 400 UI is wat I read.
I still have a list of things to get like compression socks, gel zone and a pillow. Should I get boppy pillow (I think thats the name) ?

Some extreme measure I have done to “have a big...

Some extreme measure I have done to “have a big butt” lol. I did the padded under wear, it does look like you have a diaper on if you didnt wear the right pants. One day I had them on and went to a friends BBQ , I wanted to look extra cute with a nice round booty and my boyfriend decides he wants to give me a nice hard slap and it made a loud hollow sound and every stopped and look at us. In my head im like OMG, my boyfriend says “Babe wat is that” super loud and hits it again, I could have killed him at that point, my friend says girl wats wrong with your butt. Thank goodness I had on a leather jacket that went to my butt cause I started slipping my own butt screaming “its the jacket, its the jacket, the jacket is making that sound” I know I looked crazy but I would rather have looked that way then anyone knowing I have on padded under wear. That was the last time I wear them :) but then I started taken Maca root, doing nothing but butt exercises, standing in a steam room pushing fat down my back to my butt, putting fish oil on my butt at night and I even bought Booty Wow. Those are just a few stupid things Ive done.

Hey all my bbl sistas Only 5more weeks left for...

Hey all my bbl sistas
Only 5more weeks left for me. It will be my first time on a plane and out of my state other traveling to CA a couple of times my life. I'm so anxious, I just can't wait to get there and get it over with. I've read a lot of girls saying that the first 2 weeks are miserable and on the third week things start to get better. Oh and that the drains are the worse so I'm mentally preparing myself. I wanted to let you girls know that I've seen a difference after I started taken vitamins. Within a week and a half I lost 4 pounds and im not even tryn to loose weight. Although I should cus im 190 5'4. So I can only imagine how much more wait I cld loose wen a change in diet and exercise came into play. So ladies if ur not taking vitamins start taking them now, it helps me maintain my energy too.

Hey all my bbl sistas! I have only 8 more days to...

Hey all my bbl sistas! I have only 8 more days to go...im excited and scared at the same time. Ive been taking all my vitamins and drinking as much water as I can. My vitaMedica came the other day, I ordered it from amazon and it took over 3 weeks to arrive.
Im so committed to only having this surgery done once that I quit my day timejtime job, bought me a recliner and ive all ready set up massages for two months when I come home. My day time job is not much of a lost to me at all but my nite time job is were the money is, I deal with ppl from all over the world and celebrities (no I am not a stripper) but I do live in vegas lol. My nite time job gave me a whole month off yay :)
Girdles, waists clincher, super high hills, big hair and all black clothing will make just about anyone look like Beyonce for the nite. But im so sick an tired of faken it cause when I get home and take everything off its so depressing to see my boobs hanging down to my belly button in my stomach looks like im 6 months pregnant, yeah not a pretty sight lol.
I will be posting pics before I get to TJ and also wen im in Campos office. Luv you all, good luck, God bless and ttyl :-*

Only a few more days left :D

Only a few more days left :D

Hey all, im on the plane headed to san Diego going...

Hey all, im on the plane headed to san Diego going to be met by Marvin from club med. First time on a plane, im super nervous and scared, never been on a plane before. I was so worried about gettn on this plane that wen I got out the shower I didn't even try to do my hair...lol I look a hot mess
OMG the front deck is talkn, its a 50 minute flight. Hands are shaking and im gettn really sweaty. Love you all, plz pray for me and wish me luck

I made it y'all, the first 20minutes on the plane...

I made it y'all, the first 20minutes on the plane was not good for me I was shaking so hard, my head started hurting and I was praying. I was seated on he outside seat and one guy was near the window and no one was in the middle, the guy saw me shaking and squeezing the arm rest for dear life, he grad my hand and held and don't worry and he didn't let go of my hand til I was ready. I was ashamed at myself but once again im super afraid of heights and never been on a plane...love you all

Just real quick....Marvin is soooo nice and it...

Just real quick....Marvin is soooo nice and it was not a silent moment in the car from the time i got in his truck a felt welcome and and when i got to club med i felt like family, all the girls and staff was so nice. We all talk like we've known each for a while lol. Well ill talk to you all tomorrow wish me luck that Campos is able to achieve my wish pix.... love you all god bless

It has been a ROUGH 5 days, ett, fat graphing and...

It has been a ROUGH 5 days, ett, fat graphing and LIPO is no joke. My experience here at club med is amazing. The staff is the best staff ever, they make ever one feel comfortable, and you really do feel like ur on a vacation other then the pain :) they wait on u hand a foot. Love love love club med
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