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Hello bbl ladies iam 21 & ive always struggled...

Hello bbl ladies iam 21 & ive always struggled with self esteem issues after my baby was born ists gotten alot worse i cant even look at my body wen iam taking a shower my legs are extremely skinny & my butt is flat as a table no cheeks at all you could say i have a turtle back lol i have big love handles ive been wanting this for along time & it actually took me just a couple hours to decide ive been researching for 2 wks now iam not really rich & i would love it to be perfect the first time so i want a really good dr plus i have family in tj which makes it easier I was really interested in butt implants untill i learned about bbt which was awesome because i would hate to change them every ten to 15 yrs not good wen you 50 was really interested in dr salama but his prices have gone up alot so i begin looking for some doctors in mexico & i found dr campos leon the pics on his website arent that good but ive seen some ex patients of his post pics and there great i called dr perry got quoted 6200 but i dont really like the b&a pics on his site am still waiting on dr cardenas quote but i think its going to be doctor campos ive sent hIm some pics just wating for the reply ill post some before pics and keep u updated

Cardenas emailed me yesterday she wants to do ...

Cardenas emailed me yesterday she wants to do FTT, lipo and FG is 5700 dlls. Includes overnight, stay in clinic,
clinic expenses, medical staff fee, anesthesiologist fee. Does not
include compression garment nor meds as out patient. Sounds pretty good but i dont want a tummy tuck i kno i need one but iam only 21 & i plan on having more kids & i kno that will undo my tt results & i dont want to have a second tt she said if i dont want one my skin will be saggy but she will do just lipo & fat grafting for 3800 !!! Still waiting on dr campos reply :(

Yeah Campos finally emailed me he quoted me for...

Yeah Campos finally emailed me he quoted me for 4050 & he thinks lipo will do just fine!! So excited !! That he dosent want a ftt because iam scared of the scar i have a question i have extremely skinny legs :( i dont want to look like an umbrella lol with a big ole but . does anybody kno how to get them fatter i tried to post before pics so u could see wat i mean but my phone is not lettin me do it oh well il try tomorrow
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Took me a while had my heart set on salama but hes super booked so right now its between dr campos & dr cardenas Ignore the rating it wont let me update without a rating I havent even talked to him !

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