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This year I told myself I was going to get my life...

This year I told myself I was going to get my life together; mind, body and soul. I'm in the process of starting a busines, I hope to meet a nice men and I've been working on losing the 40lbs I gained over the last 2 years. So far I've lost a little over 20lbs. Midway through my journey I realized I would never be completely happy with my body until I had some butt so I decided to preserve the rest of my excess fat and treat myself to a BBL. I just received a quote from Dr. Campos and I am looking to go to him in May or June (fingers crossed).

Spoke with Campos' people today and booked my...

Spoke with Campos' people today and booked my date for June 15th, 2012 at 8am. I have a week (until February 2nd) to pay my deposit. If I fail to pay by Feb. 2nd they'll make my place available for someone else to have. I plan on paying my $500 deposit tomorrow or Saturday to hold my date. I'm not wasting time paying my deposit because Dr. Campos doesn't have any more dates until July. So if you're interested in going to Dr. Campos I would advise you to pay your deposit as soon as you can. As you can see, it's only January and he's already completely booked up until June.

I took the liberty of posting my current pictures below as well as my wish pic. As you can see I don't want to go HUGE, I just want a bubble. One of my wish pics is a RealSelf user whose name I can't remember but I LOVE her booty!

Just sent my $500 deposit and I can't believe...

Just sent my $500 deposit and I can't believe after two years of consideration I'm finally doing it but there's no turning back now! I'm super excited and can't wait to see Dr. Campos so he can give me the body of my dreams. My next move is to contact Beauty Care and find out there prices and if they'll have anything available.

So it's a little over 9 weeks until I go to Dr. C,...

So it's a little over 9 weeks until I go to Dr. C, it seemed like just yesterday I paid my deposit. I'm still super excited but I'm beginning to over think just a bit. It seems like the closer I get the more worried I am about the end results. I'm constantly worrying about whether it'll be too big or too small or look natural or suit my legs (I don't want to be one of those girls with chicken legs and a giant ass). I have tons of pictures saved on my computer but deciding which one is right for me is a challenge. I don't know...guess I'll just have to wait and see...I know one thing, June 15th can't come fast enough :)

Does anyone else obsess over finding the perfect...

Does anyone else obsess over finding the perfect wish pic like I do?! In my mind I go back and forth trying to figure out the best booty shape for my body and making sure I choose something that I'll be happy with. I swear I stress about the size more than anything mainly because I'm quite tall - 5'11 so I have these long legs, they aren't really that skinny but they always look skinnier than they are and I just don't want to look like I'm holding a basketball on top of two toothpicks! -_- I found those Nicki Minaj pics by accident. Normally I hate her ass, always thought it looked weird but I found myself liking those pictures and I think they show pretty much what I have in mind for myself. Not a video girl booty, a bit more than just a little lump and enough for my bf to hold on to.

So there's a couple of things I want to write...

So there's a couple of things I want to write about.

Number one being, I think I'm going to have to reschedule. I have a whole lot of mix-up going on at work and I'm not sure if I'll be able to take off in June. It's a bit disappointing but I'm bracing myself to accept the fact that June 15th might not be my BIG day. At this point it's still a bit up in the air, nothing is set in stone -I'll keep everyone posted.

Also, I've heard a lot of good stuff about Dr. Cardenas. I haven't really found too many pictures of her work, which is disappointing. What is it about the Mexico Drs. and the little bit of before and after pictures they post on their site? It's frustrating! Anyway, I e-mailed Dr. Cardenas letting her know I'm interested in receiving a quote. I'll let everyone know how that goes as well.

It's only been four days and I'm still waiting on...

It's only been four days and I'm still waiting on my quote from Dr. Cardenas but I already e-mailed Dr. Campos office asking about a refund. It sort of bothered me that once I mentioned I wanted to cancel my surgery they didn't bother to ask me why am I leaving, is there something they can do differently, etc. I asked about canceling and they we're like send your mailing address so we can e-mail your 50% deposit refund. Like seriously, that's it? Maybe I'm wrong but I just feel like they should've shown a bit of interest. Anyway, I'm trying to see if they can issue my refund some other way besides through the mail. Sending a check from Mexico to here doesn't seem safe. Waiting patiently to hear from Cardenas. I'll send Cardenas my deposit next month, after I find out what's going on with work. I'm hoping I can set my date for July and be able to stay two weeks at Beauty Care.

I received my refund cheque in the mail from Dr....

I received my refund cheque in the mail from Dr. Campos' office today. It came faster than I thought it was. They had e-mailed me Friday letting me know the cheque had been sent and today here it is. My lazy postman didn't put it in the mailbox properly so my aunt walked outside and found it laying on the ground. I would've been pissed if it had blew away or something. Anyway, Cardenas office contacted me Saturday telling me she's been a bit busy but should be able to evaluate my pics and give me a quote within a week. So, now I'm just waiting patiently for her quote/evaluation.

Sooo ... I received my quote from Dr. Cardenas and...

Sooo ... I received my quote from Dr. Cardenas and I have to say it almost made me want to cry. I guess it's because she was being honest with me and giving me honest answers and not just telling me what I wanted to hear. She said she'd recommend a full Tummy Tuck - which is out of the question. I'm 21 and I don't have kids, it's no way I'll be having a Tummy Tuck. She says she understands that I don't want to get a TT because I'm young and don't have kids but she recommends aggressive liposuction to my upper and lower back, flanks, waist, abdomen and volume fat grafting to my butt and hips.And that sounds good to me. She also said, "I envision a nice result, curvier shape and will be imperative to you
to maintain your weight and work out hard in order to even improve
your result. This procedure is not a magic one."

The price she quoted me was $3800. Campos had quoted me $3498. So it's not too much of a difference. I had sent Cardenas wish pics and she basically told me look, you're not built like these women and you wouldn't be built like these women when I'm done but you're going to look good. Anyone who knows me, knows I respect and appreciate honesty regardless of how good or bad it is. So just by her saying what she did say made me feel good about switching to her. Must say the TT bit threw me off a bit. I'm not really surprised she said I'd need one, because in my head I know after I have kids I'm definitely going to need one. But just hearing it made me feel a bit bad to know that I'm 21 & w/o kids and I'm already a candidate for a TT -_-. Anyway, I have my deposit money but I'm just trying to workout some dates before I make a deposit.
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