Traditional butt lift, BBL, Lipo of abdomen, and flanks

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Hey all! After snooping here on RealSelf for a few...

Hey all! After snooping here on RealSelf for a few months i've finally decided to make a profile and take the first step into changing my body. After a lot of research and practically reading every story on Real Self from Dr. Campos, Dr. Cardenas, Dr. Pantojas and some other doc ( i forgot his name) I've decided on Dr. Campos. All his patients look awesome post-op and no one really has anything bad to say about him.

I sent an email yesterday on his website. If any of you have a direct email PM me because i've heard they dont reply to the email on his website?

A lil about me, I am 28 years old, 5'7, and about 155 lbs. I have a small waist and my lower body is thicker. I already have a big booty but over the years it just looks like its flabbier, and i've lost muscle in it. I want it more perkier i guess and a bit smaller and rounder. I also want to get my love handles sucked out. I hate those things! When i gain weight those are the first to pop out its so annoying i want them gone forever! >,< I also want my stomach lipo'd only a lil bit though.

I will post before pictures when its closer to my surgery date. From the looks of it, it won be til March or April if im lucky. I live about three hours from San Diego so its not too bad. I am really scared, to tell u guys the truth, because of those blood clot stories. Im not scared of the pain or the actual surgery but of the blood clots :(. I will update all of you with every new piece of info i receive. So im just waiting on an email. I will try calling their office after the holidays to see if i can get through.

Hi there everyone. Well I got a response from one...

Hi there everyone. Well I got a response from one of the ladies at dr. Campos office. I sent my info to the wrong email address so I sent it win to the email they sent me. I sent like 10 pictures of my body. I promptly got a response back saying thank you, that my email was forwarded to dr. Campos and that I will be receiving a response within a week. When I get my response I will share it with you guys.

Hey all, I finally got a response from dr. Campos...

Hey all, I finally got a response from dr. Campos but im not too happy with it. He suggested I get a lower body lift but I feel I do not need that, and it was for $6400!! Too much. His response was really short too. So I made an appt to go see him in person. I booked the consultation for the end of February. I dont want to give up on him yet cuz I really like his work. So I will update everyone when I go to my consult.

Confirmed my surgery for February 20th 2014!

Its been a while since I posted. I went through some financial hardships delaying me for almost a year. Anyways, I went in person for a consultation 2 days ago. I live about 3 hours away from TJ. I left my car at the border line and walked into TJ. I then took a cab to Dr. Campos office which took about 15 mins. They charged me $15 2 get to the office and $15 to go back. His office is pretty nice, very contemporary looking. When I got there there was two ladies in front of me. I got there a little early and waited about an hour to be seen. He's a very busy and popular doctor. They constantly receive calls non stop. A couple girls that had a bbl walked in and they looked amazin'! They were soo happy with their results too. I went in to see Dr. Campos and he asked me to put on a robe so he could see what I wanted done. He suggested I needed a little lipo in my stomach and love handles. He also said I had a nice curvy body with a small waist. He did tell me my butt was too big and saggy for me. I have lost close to 50 pounds leaving me with extra skin and a saggy butt. So he said i need a traditional butt lift where he would make an incision on my lower back to remove the excess skin and pull my butt up. He'd also transfer some fat and make my booty rounder. I still want to have a biggg booty and he said I will. He also gave me another option , to just lipo and transfer fat to my booty but he said eventually it will drop again. So im goin for the butt lift. Im really nervous because i've never had any incisions before. Have any of you girls had one? And does recovery hurt? The total for the butt lift, fat transfer, and lipo is $6500. Which also includes one night stay at hospital and 3 lymphatic massages. I just transferred the $800 deposit. SO its official. I will post pictures when im a bit closer to my date.

Wish pics

OMG the closer it gets to February the more nervous I get! I've asked for 3 weeks off from work. I hope that will be enough. I have a very physical job so we'll see. I've uploaded a few wish pics. I want to have a big booty small waist. Nothin exaggerated tho.

Labs done

I got my labs done yesterday. They said it'll take a couple days for results. Hopefully all is good. My nerves are really kickin' in.

Six days left! Ahhhh

Well I have 6 days left until the big day. I had my labs done and they were cleared a couple days later. Im sooooo scared and nervous. More nervous than excited. Hopefully the pill they give you to calm your nerves will calm me down. Well I posted pictures up. Sooo embarrassin but I wanna share my progress. As you all can see my butt looks horrible! I lost 50 pounds really fast leaving me with all tjat extra skin and cellulite and all the dimples. I hope dr. Campos leaves my butt looking a lot better than what it is now. I will update again either the day b4 my surgery or the day of. Please keep me in your prayers guys!

Ohh my measurements

Im currently 161 pounds. I gained a lil being careless knowin my surgery is coming up. Im 5'7. And my waist is 29.5 inches and my hips are 42 and around my butt is 44. Im also going to ask Campos if he can lipo a little out of my arms.

Morning of surgery

I'm on my way there. Sooooooo scared :(

Day of surgery went

Well surgery went well. I got here at 730am. Started paperwork at 8am. Boy was I nervous. So nervous my teeth were chattering more than those lil wind up teeth shaker toys. I went 2 the back and was Givin 2 pills to make me relax. Took a while for those things 2 work. I changed into a surgery hat, compression socks, surgery slippers and a surgery dress. The anesthesiologist then came in and introduced himself. He asked me my health history and asked if I've ever had any major surgeries. I guess that may have concerned him a lil so he advised that I do not go under complete general anesthesia but the kind where your like half awake and fully numb from under your books down. I said ok. Better for me. So then I went into another room where I met Dr Campos once again. He was very caring and attentive to my needs and wants. Bear with my spelling n dumb phone guys. It's very uncomfortable trying to type with a cut on your lower back. Anyways he took pictures and addressed my needs. Said I have a lot.of.xtra skin on my but n that it Def needs a lift. He said I won't need much fat transfer since I already have so.much fat there. But I need.a big excision from hip to hip. :(. He said he could laser it over time. I wanted my arms too but he said next time will b better.i can't sleep much Cuz I'm scared I might roll over n hurt myself. I.jave yet to.see my results..haven't got.up.yet and im.scared to.

The cut and bruising on my butt

Heres a pic right after surgery. I could barely move n tried to take the best pic I could. As you can see there's a lot of bruising. All the staff said my body looks great. I hope so!

Today was hard

I went 4 my massage. As soon as they took off my faja I felt Really dizzy and lightheaded. I knew sum thin was wrong so I told them I needed 2 sit down. After that everything started turning black n I started seeing stars. They called dr. Campos and he came down and checked my blood pressure and he said it was really low. So he stayed there with me until I started feeling better..The problem with me is that I already have low blood pressure as it is so that's why that happened. Plus my surgery wasn't small and I lost a good amount of blood. At the end when I sat up fluid started draining out of my back incision which gave me some relief. I'm still feeling a little weak but I'm takin it easy. Hopefully tomo will be better.

Feelin' a tiny bit better

Wow. Recovery is a beast. I.give props 2 the girls that get so many procedures done at once. Everyone says my body looks great so far. But this is the last time im having surgery lol. It's not 4 me. As of today my stomach feels really numb. It feels nasty when I try to.touch it. The cut along my lower back doesn't hurt that much. It just feels really really tight. So tight that I feel like the stitches will pop out when I bend a little. Today I will be having my 3rd massage. The hardest part of all this is getting out of bed and back in it. It hurts. I'm not draining as much fluids today so.hopefully by Thursday dr. Campos will take my drain out. I included a pic. It gives me the chills looking at my body. It looks dead. But the bruising is getting better day by day. Keep me in your prayers ladies! :)

I'm finally home

Well after 7 days in Mexico I'm finally home. Today I'm feeling a lot better. This morning was tough tho. The ride to the doctors office took a long time and my butt was killing me. Every bump n pothole in the roads were bone shattering torture lol. Well I got to Campos office about 9am. It was time to take out my dreaded drain! By the 5th day I wasn't really draining anything anymore so he gave the ok to take it out along with a couple other stitches. The little stitches on the sides of my belly didn't hurt but felt like a quick pinch. Before the nurse took out my drain in asked if it was going 2 hurt n she said no, that it was an uncomfortable feeling. Not ahhhh! She snipped the stitch off and told me to take a deep breath and when she pulled it, mother of god! It felt like she pulled out a worm of fire. It was a burning sensation from my lower left belly to the excision opening. Well after that I got super lightheaded and dizzy. So they layed me down and gave me juice n I was much better. I've been really weak and light headed due to my low blood pressure. So that's why I've had these little complications. After that I got my massage and it wasn't that bad. The girl who massaged me was really gentle. Her name is Johanna. After that I picked up a prescription and Marvin from Club Med took me across the border to our car. He's a sweetheart. My stay at Club Med was great. They are so nice and pampered me. They feed u whenever u want when u want. I will miss Susana, Fabi and Alicia. Maria pay is a massage lady who gave me 3 massages while I was at Club Med . She's a master at what she does. Well it took 3 hours to get home. Was not fun on my butt. As soon as I got home I had a bowel movement (yes gross I know) but I felt instant relief. I also did it all on my own today. Took off faja by myself. That's like climbing mt. Everest in regards to what I was able to do lol. I'm very very swollen still. My thighs are massive and I'm bruised pretty badly. Hopefully tomo will be an even better day .

Mari Paz*

Is the massage lady. Sorry. Spell check on phone sucks.

Today is a better day

Well today has been good. I can now get up out of bed on my own. It's still a little bit of work but it's great to finally get up on my own. The pain isn't as bad anymore. The pain I do have is from swelling. If I lay down too long and get up then I can feel how swollen I am and it hurts. One of my stitches opened up a couple days ago so I applied butterfly bandaids to close it back up. I have applied blister on one side of my butt that concerns me a little. It keeps bleeding. Looks like it's going to turn into a scar after it heals. Bummer. I also noticed that one side of my body looks bigger than the other around my waist area. I hope it's from the swelling and that it doesn't stay that way. My butt isn't popping out like I wanted it to. But I'm hoping after all the swelling goes down that it will project out more. I still can't sit down. If I try I feel a lot of pain in my lower back bone above my butt crack. I hate laying down on my stomach so much. I want to be up out and about already!

Better day by day

Well today I'm 2 weeks post op. I'm still not 100% but I'm much better than I was 1 week ago. I still can't sit down for much time. I still can't sit down on the toilet. If it wasn't for that incision I have I think I'd be normal already. The incision is healing nicely. The scar line is very thin. What bugs me is the cut in between my butt where one of the drains was. It hasn't healed yet and hurts like hell when I sit down. I'm still swollen but not as much. The most swollen part is my back. My hips look huge still and I'm hoping it will go down and not stay this way. I don't think my butt has gotten much smaller which is good. I bought a new faja. The old one I have from campos is a size large. I bought as size medium from Marena and it fits pretty good. I might be able to squeeze into a size small. I'll post a pic of it later. It's all black and very comfortable.

More pics

Before & After

Just wanted 2 share a pre n post op pic side by side.

More swollen

Hello ladies. Well today I woke up real swollen . I think it's because yesterday I didn't drink a lot of water. I only drank like one bottle. And I know it's important to drink a lot of water but I've been tired of drinking it so much. Tomo I'll start drinking a lot more again. Yesterday I weighed 158 and today I'm at 164. Maybe I'll stay off the scale for a while.

2nd post op appointment

Well today i went 2 my 2nd post op appointment with Dr. Campos. I went to get checked out and to ask him about a couple issues that were bothering me. Well I noticed the incision in between my butt crack opened up a little bit and this gooey red clearish liquid was coming out. I thought it was pus or an infection or something so I asked dr. Campos if it was one. N he said no that my incision opened up a lil and it was some sort of bodily fluid including the fluid they pump you with for lipo. He inserted a gauze and taped it up n said to clean it out a couple times a day. He also placed another long bandage across my stitches to keep the area clean. I have to change that one once a day. Kinda sucks. But it is what it is. I also developed like a long hard spot, almost rope - like along the top area of my inner thigh. He said it was caused by my garment and he said to massage it out and it will eventually get smaller. He said I'm still pretty swollen but he loved my results and said I have a nice beautiful waist and he said my butt came out great . Not one piece of cellulite on it anymore. He told me to go back and see him 3 weeks from now to check on my progress and he said if my stitches are healed enough by then , then he can start the laser process (to laser down my scar). My scar where my stitches are is already super thin as it is. It looks as thick as a pencil line. He did an awesome job with that. He said I'd need about 3 sessions with the lazer. I'm nervous about that because I have pretty low pain tolerance and I don't know if it will hurt? The ride to Mexico wasn't as bad as it was 7 days after my surgery. I was able to sit through the whole ride there and back without a problem. Was little uncomfortable but nothing I couldn't handle. The walking is a little hard on me. I get tired fast. My butt is still swollen and when I walk it feels like I'm carrying 2 big watermelons lol. And my back is super swollen and feels so freaking tight. Oh and I'm starting to feel little pinches , like little stabbing pains around my butt n back. They last for about 2 seconds. Ahh what we go through for beauty.

Feeling kinda down

Well the day after I seen Campos I felt sumthin was still wrong with that oozing from my incision. So I went to an urgent care clinic to get a 2nd opinion. And they confirmed it was an infection. They gave me a antibiotic shot in my thigh which hurt like hell after. Then they prescribed me a double dose of antibiotic pills to take for week. They told me to come back in a week to see if it's getting better. And if it's not then I'd have 2 go back and get a drain to drain out the infection I guess. Kinda pissed me off Cuz campos said everything was fine when it wasn't . It's been 3 1/2 weeks since my surgery and it feels like my healing is taking forever. I was supposed be back at work tomorrow but there's no way. It feels like I won't be better for months. Still can't sit down on the toilet, still can't bend over. Still swollen everywhere. And now I have to deal with the infection. I feel like I'm getting fatter. I kinda feel like a beached whale stuck in my room. It really sucks. I like that I don't have cellulite on my butt anymore but I still don't see any projection. It just looks like a fat butt with no Sexyness 2 it. My hips are huge. My stomach looks bloated. Sometimes I feel for everything I went through, there's not much change in my body. :*(


So today is a little better. I guess. Swelling is down a little bit since I've been drinking more water. I still have the infection going on. The wound has closed a little but not much. There's white stuff in it. Grosses me out. I've been taking the antibiotics. What scares me is what if the wound closes and there's still an infection under that I can't see? My numbness in my stomach is slowly getting better. My back isn't as swollen anymore. I do swell pretty quickly if I take off my compression garment. I will be a month post - op in a couple days. My incision is completely closed except for the middle part where the infection is. I still sleep on my belly. I can now sleep on my side for a little bit. What a slow process this is.

Itchy and scratchy!

So Thursday I'll be 5 weeks post op. I still haven't returned to work. I'm still very swollen. Especially in my thighs and belly. I can move a lot better now and I can sleep in different positions. Earlier I got a small shirt and folded it into a triangle shape and placed it on my lower back under my faja so I can have more pressure added to my back so the swelling can go down. I massage myself when I can and I feel so much better after. I use a massage oil from Maripaz. My infected wound still has not closed and it's still weeping. I finished my meds and I guess they didn't work. So tomo I'm going to my regular doctor and see what he says. And I've been sooo itchy and shedding a lot of dry skin. I heard that lipo drys out your skin. I don't really wanna put lotion on my body because I'm scared the incisions will get infected . Well here's a few pictures. I'll update tomo after I go see my dr.

1 more pic

4got 2 add this pic

Dress time

Well I'm finally almost 2 months post op. I haven't returned 2 work yet but will be starting in a few days. Finally my wound has healed! But the itching has got worse and I've developed rashes all along my incision. I'm managing it with cream prescribed by my regular doc. I'm still swelling which sucks but I'm supposed to expect that for a couple more months. And I weigh the same. Idk why. Haven't lost any weight. :(. I took some pics in some dresses I was trying out at Ross. I do like how tight dresses look on me. I do not like how my arms look so fat compared to my little waist. Sooo I bought weights to start working them out. I haven't started working out because I'm not sure if I should? When I stand or walk my legs get real swollen so I'm not sure if it's a good idea yet? I can't wait til I'm 100% !


Well today I'm 2 months and about five days post op. I'm feeling so much better now compared to a month ago. I went back to work a few days ago. And man, the day after work I woke up swollen like the michelan man. It was bad. And I've noticed I'm a lot more swollen in my stomach now. It no longer look flats :( it looks lumpy n swollen like as if I'm pregnant. Also one of my butt cheeks lost volume and its like dented other butt cheek is round and the other has an obvious dent in it. I'm not to happy about that. And my butt feels saggier now. Its not perky like it was before. The cellulite keeps getting worse and is spreading onto my butt cheeks now. I'm so upset n feel like I wasted so much money for a minor improvement. I'm definitely going to need a revision some time in the future. Some ppl are even saying now that I look the same as before surgery. Ughh. But I guess some ppl are lucky and have great results and some aren't. My weigh has also remained the same. I been walking on the treadmill but I get so exhausted and feel horrible and swollen after. I have an appt with Campos next month and I'll see what he says. I'm going to tell him I'm getting unhappy with my results.

hello ladies

I no longer need my Marena compression garment. If you ladies are interested in it let me know. Its a size medium. Inbox me. Color black.

Almost 3 months post op

Hi ladies. Well too will be my 3 month checkpoint. What a recovery it has been. Well I'm doing a lot better. I'm still not 100 of course but I'm almost normal again. I'm bummed about a few things. My weight! It hasn't dropped. I've literally stayed at 160 pounds. So depressing. I went to Campos like a week ago to begin my laser treatment on my scar. I asked him if I'm still swollen n he said no. Which made me feel like sh#* Cuz my stomach is so puffy and so is my lower back. He said its fat and that he can remove it again. I feel like I did before surgery except for my butt looking better. Well he did laser on my scar and boy did it hurt. It smelled like burnt flesh in the room after the procedure was over. My scar is now flat but its still red. He said a few more laser treatments and I should look almost normal again. I also had a mole removed that day. Ehh , why not? Please give me your honest opinions ladies. Do I look like I gained weight? Cuz it feels like it :( honest opinions.


Well I'll be 4 months post op on the 20th of June. I've been doing pretty good. I am content with where I'm at well kinda.. There's still a few little things that I want to get fixed that bother me. My weight remains the same which is weird but ppl say I look thinner. I found out that my stomach isn't swollen even tho it pops out a lot. And it isn't fat either. What I have is called Diastasis recti. Basically what that is is loose stomach muscles. After u give birth a lot of women get loose stomach muscles. Their stomach muscles basically detach. That's why my stomach looks bumpy like I have abs, but it protrudes out. I only had lipo of my stomach and not a tummy tuck. I guess the fix for that is to have a tummy tuck. I also heard that wearing tight corsets of waist cinchers for like 4 months can re-tighten the muscles back together. I'm not sure if that's true but I'll try it. The hump on my back hasn't went down which sucks. Last time I seen Campos he said it was fat that he missed. That he could take it out again. He also didn't lipo my banana rolls behind my thighs under my butt. I really wanna lipo my upper arms. But I heard u can get saggy skin and cellulite. So I'm scared. But I found this place in San Diego that does it for $1900 and u get to be completely awake. I'm going to check that out.

i will be going back in december for more!

Well I'm 5 months post op. I'm a lot better now. I still have occasional swelling on my belly and lower back if I move around too much. My stomach sticks out a lot now which is a bummer but its the least of my concerns right now. I'm really focused on my arms and bra rolls. Having chunky arms makes me look heavier overall. I have to wait til December because that's when I'll have a week off from work. If not I'd do it next week! Lol. It is hard to not gain weight. Let me tell you what they say of wherever they lipo the fat will never grow back. False! Lol. My stomach is proof of that. U have to commit to a lifestyle change. It's been so hard for me to squeeze in exercise time because of my super demanding job. I'm happy I went through the surgery even tho it was straight hell, pain, and torture. Once I get my arms I will feel so much more better and I will feel so much more thinner and even.

A lil over 6 months

Hey girls. Well its been a Lil over six months now. I am completely back to normal. No more swelling. My belly is puffy but mostly when I eat salty foods. Overall I am happy. My butt has made a major improvement from what it was before surgery. There's little things here n there but it can be fixed. I still have those ugly banana rolls but I read stories that if you lipo those that your butt can fall n become saggy. So I'll just leave them there n try to work them away. I am still doing my arms with Dr Campos in Dec. They make me look bigger than what I am. Thank you all for being supportive and nice :) I will continue updating.

Booked my Arm surgery for Dec 8th, 2014!

Yay so I finally paid my deposit and booked my arm and bra roll liposuction. Unfortunately Im not going with Dr. Campos for my arm lipo. :( I figured since its such a small surgery I wanted to do the surgery closer to home. So I'm doing surgery in Los Angeles, CA. I will be making another review for my arms since its with another doctor. I will definitely be going back to Dr. Campos for my revision surgery. Buttt I have to wait to see when my next vacation will be from work. I'm so excited I'm closer to having thinner arms.

Change of Heart

I decided to just do my arm surgery with Campos. I started reading reviews about the doctor that weren't so great. So I'm team Campos again. I'm going to write a new review for just my arm lipo.

Revision in 2015

Hello dolls. Just a little review. I'm doing great. No more pain, soreness, stiffness, or swelling. Or itchiness. My weight has been fluctuating between 3-4 lbs of gain and loss. Trying to lose weight but been feeling so weak lately. After surgery I was 162 and now it says 162-166. I'm 5'7 1/2. Pretty frustrating. My scar isn't really fading quickly. Debating whether I should keep getting laser treatments on it. Well I don't know exactly what days I will have for vacation in 2015,until December. But I'm.definitely going to get a revision and possibly boobies. Might as well fix the whole package. Lol. My butt hasn't gotten smaller which I didn't expect anyways because I was only transferred like 350ccs to get rid of dimples/cellulite. I'm thinking about getting inner and outer thigh lipo for my revision. And of course to fill in some of the dimples I have on my butt again. I really really want to get a tummy tuck but I might want to have a baby in a couple years. Will that ruin the results? I'm also thinking if I should get my hips smaller. They're kinda wide. Makes me feel fat. Can't fit in my old clothes anymore. Its so hard to lose weight.

Laser scar treatment

Well on Friday I went to get my 2nd laser scar treatment with dr. Campos. This time hurted quite a bit more than the first. Hopefully I'll see more improvement once the treated area peels off. Oh, 2 more weeks to go for my arm lipo!!! Nervous!!

Another scar update

Well my scar is finally peeling. The skin under is reddish/pinkish. But I can tell a difference already. The scar line on each side of my hips look a lot lighter. The scar in the back in between my cheeks, and by the Crack still looks pretty red and irritated. So I'll have to give it another couple weeks to see how it looks. One more week left until my arm lipo!

Dissapointed in my hips

Hi everyone. Well I just wanted to update n vent my weight frustrations. I've gained about 5 lbs since surgery, and it's all gone to my hips n belly. My hips look so fat. It's so hard to lose weight. Every thing I try, ends up in a failure. If I eat a lil bit I gain weight, If I eat something healthy, somehow my body stores it into fat. I'm scared to eat, in fear of gaining weight. Well, I've decided to go back and get surgery once again . A revision . I finally got my vacation schedule for 2015 and it looks like I'll be having surgery in June. No I'm not crazy. I do have many imperfections I want fixed. Firstly my huge hips. First thing ppl notice n say, is wow u have big hips. I'm going to get them lipoed. Second my inner thighs. They rub so much together that I go thru new pants like crazy. They're also uneven. Then I want to just fill in the dimples that are becoming more apparent on my butt cheeks. I have to save a little bit of money for my deposit then I'll be heading back to Campos again. Hopefully this is my last liposuction surgery I'll have to have for a while. For those of you who don't know, I also did my arms about a month ago. You can find that review in my profile. Oh! Also a pocket of fat developed u on my ribcage area under my left boob. I'm gonna have to ask him about that, it looks ugly. The first picture I posted for this review I just wrote, shows how fat my hips are. Ladies, if you have any tips for losing weight, please share with me. I'm so frustrated! Oh also, no more progress with scar. It's still red.

Well its been a while...

I don't really like to come on and update much since real self did that weird update. But thought I should vent a little. Its been a little over a year now . I've been struggling so hard with my weight. I'm up like 7 pounds and its so hard to lose. I'll lose it then it slowly creeps up again. Its like a major tug of war with this weight its so frustrating. A few months ago I had told Campos I wanted smaller hips and thighs. He suggested I lose a lil weight first then to do a thigh lift. Im not too find of that but I'm so frustrated I think why not. My butt feels huge when I'm naked. Don't get me wrong, I do not regret surgery one bit. My butt was so saggy and ugly before, now its more perkier n rounder. I'm just dissapointed in myself for the weight gain. And I have like little motivation to keep going when my efforts show me no results. Anyways, I'm going to send Campos an email and see what he says now.

Avoid Dr Campos

So I've been a loyal patient to dr Campos but it's been a headache dealing with their front office staff. They are crooks!!! I put $3000 down for next surgery and they said only $1000 is accounted for. Then they changed my surgery date because Dr Campos has an appt he needs to get to. I work a lot and cannot just change my vacation to suit their needs. They fired Angie for being a crook and stealing money. And now they have a witch named Norma that has a stinky attitude. They lost me as a patient. Not only that but they raised their prices big time. You might as well stay in the United states. It's not worth it anymore. And also, my last surgery which was arm lipo, Angie tried to say I was missing like $1000 and I got into it with her and Campos intervened and just took my word over hers and did my surgery, but did a crappy job just lipo ingredients one side of my arms. They always have attitudes there, and are always trying to find a way to steal from you. Oh and something I never mentioned, after my first surgery, immediately after I started seeing black spots in my left eye that til this day are still there. Another patient went blind after surgery. Avoid him and just go to dr carmina or Pandora if you want to go to mexico.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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