Going for revision surgery June 2nd - Mexico

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I had a gastric sleeve in 2010 lost 120 pounds ,...

I had a gastric sleeve in 2010 lost 120 pounds , body lift in 2011 now ready for a new booty! Had to gain 25 pounds as I was too thin and do not want implants. Had previous surgeries in Tijuana before and have no doubts about doing so! My gastric sleeve was with Dr. Ortiz and My body lift with Dr. Castillo Calderon. I am still thrilled with the sleeve, the body lift was ok except he left some loose skin. I had to excercise like hell to get a fit body after. Now I have stopeed working out and gained 25 pounds so I can have a nice round bottom as I have a square shaped body.

My Journey from 240 pounds to 120 pounds

My first photo is when I was at my heaviest 240. Second photo at my lightest at 115. Third photo taken 2 months ago at 135, now I am 145 so I have enough fat to gain an ass :)

Not decided on surgeon

I have been researching for 4 months now and I still cannot make up my mind as reviews are so mixed with Dr. Pantoja and Dr. Cardenes. Dr. Campos Leon has good reviews as well. I need to decide this week as I will be having surgery in less than a month.
I am on the smaller side of some girls I have seen as I gained weight for this. I am not looking for projection booty but looking for the upside down heart hourglass figure. I had a body lift in 2011 and it was great for my stomach but my waist and butt shape sadly did not benefit much.
Hmmm just want to hear how happy people are with these 3 doctors, I appreciate any feedback.

wish pic

I wish!!!

Wish pic

Another wish pic

What do I REALLY need to bring??

Good Morning Lovelies!!!
I see alot of lists of things to bring HOWEVER mainly for TT & BBL. I am only getting BBL and aggressive liposuction.

I am staying at Beauty Care recovery house and surgery with Dr. Cardenas. Besides tolietries, boppy and funnel what is essential? I know the pain meds suck as I had a bad experience with mexican pain meds during my body lift so I am getting US pain meds before I leave.
Thank you as always !!

HELP!!!!Petite BBL girls need your pics

Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Getting nervous as I do not see many petite girls getting BBL.
I am 5'3 and struggling to keep my weight above 140 and hope this will be enough.
Does anyone have pics they can share with me at xxx*aol.com * means @.... Thank you so much , it will lessen my anxiety!!

Pic of my poor saggy bum

Cannot wait for January 3rd and Dr. C 's magic wand to make my booty smokin hot

Tummy help needed

Please suck the fat out of my gut. It was fun gaining the weight but yuck!!

Getting Nervous...wondering if my skin will be ok after losing 120 pounds and lipo

I am getting nervous because about my bbl and lipo
I lost 120 pounds, had a body lift and my skin has done well but now with extra lipo and BBL just nervous about the results.
Additionally I turned 40 this year so wondering about skin elasticity. Ladies any experience with those who have lost large amounts of weight???

3 more days getting anxious

It is almost time... really nervous but excited looking forward to a new improved me in 2014. Dr. Cardenas here I come.

Made it to Tijuana

So I made it to Beauty Care recovery house, quick pick up from airport no waiting at the border. It is very clean and everyone is so nice. Less than 24 hours until surgery. I will try to update tomorrow so far so good!!!

Surgery Day

So the day I have been both dreading and anticipating is here. Only dreading any potential pain but anticipating my new body!! Gaining 120 pounds 10 years ago was so hard on my body and since I lost it I saw how much damage I did. I heavily exercised yet exercise only does so much additionally I am 40 and my body knows it lol :) When I got my body lift it was great except the combination of being a runner left me with a boyish figure and no butt..I had such a cute butt when I was young. This is my treat to myself for all the hard work I have put in the past three years. For everyone having surgery today good luck and I will be praying for you!!!
I will update when I can, so far Beauty Care has been great I am the only one here. The food is really good and the ladies are so sweet!! Ok here I go off to Dr. Cardenas's office ????

Surgery over. Results look good!!

It is finally over. Dr. C was running behind so I did not have my surgery until 4pm. They gave me half of a pill at 10am which was supposed help me relax but did nothing . Otherwise all has been great! I will not put my compression garment until tomorrow so now I am wrapped up like the mummy. Carmelita help give me a quick shower and that felt better. I will take pics tomorrow however looks good so far. I had 900cc in each buttock and 230 in each hip. Also she put some fat in my lips and today I have a black eye and bruises on my lips lol. I requested the lips when I was high lol. Pain sucks but not near as bad as my lower body lift years ago. The staff is so sweet and accommodating. Waiting for Dr. C to release me to Beauty Care. Will update later

Post op day 2

Recovery sucks however Beauty Care staff takes such good care of you. I had an allergic reaction to the morphine last night. It was scary as my tongue started to swell. The antihistimane did not help much but I feel better this am. As expected hard to get out of bed, harder than yesterday as anesthesia was still in my body. Will update more must go try on my garment

3 days post op

So day 3 and it is getting easier. Still a pain being on my stomach as I am paranoid to even sit on the boppy but being on my stomach all day hurts my back. My results look really good, my booty looks good . The care at Beauty Care is so good the ladies are amazing. Had my first massage today, hurt a bit but felt amazing after and took a three hour nap. I will take more pics tomorrow.

big donk

Bad photo but you can see my big butt. Will take better pics later but omg love the results!!

10 days post op New Pics

Bruising looking much better but still carrying 20 pounds of water swelling weight. Still sore went to have first massage at home. I do not know how ppl go back to work after one week as I am still hobbling around feeling weak. However....Loving my new body thanks Dr. Cardenas

pics 10 days post

Victoria Secret photo shoot 2 weeks post

Dr. Cardenas is a genius

Out on the town

Went out on the town without garment for two hours...turned some heads for sure :) What a great confidence booster!!

New 2nd stage garment

I got a new garment for second stage feels like a onesie for a baby. Not sure when I will use it as my abdomen area is still swollen when I first take my garment off my waist measures 26 :)

Waist shrinking

Waist starting to get smaller but thighs still.swollen .

Booty Gobbler photos

Getting fatter everyday :)


Meant panty gobbler not booty goobler lol..as my new butt eats all my panties. Nothing fits anymore they all crawl up my crack lovin it!!!

lower body lift scar pics

People always ask me about my scar from the lower body lift I have one all the way around that goes directly over my buttocks. My Dr. was Dr. Castillo Calderon from Tijuana. He did amazing with a properly placed thin scar. Additionally I used scar fx strips almost 24 7 for 4 months and it made my scar almost disappear. I had to add contrast to the photos so you can see them.

Booty gets bigger daily

I am amazed that each day my body seems to change. I switched to my second stage garment wearing foams and my booty is now bigger. I think the first stage Marena garment was suffocating it lol!
I was a size.4/6 before surgery now an 8 but I do not care I love the curves and I am getting looks left and right. Such a confidence booster but more importantly I am making peace with my body and will treat her better as a result..She has been through enough :)

Fluffed and dropped

OK so it has been a while but I am back at work (outside of the country) and it is difficult to get on the internet. Will post new pics soon!
I am overall still happy with my results. My booty softened up completely and now nice and jiggly.
I have started to workout because I desperately need to tone up.

Downsides... My butt has shrank a bit which is ok with me as I have lost 14 pounds since surgery.
I never wanted a huge donk anyway but I miss the hips. My measurements are now 40 -26-40 so technically I am an hourglass figure . I have some residual soreness around my ribcage area ..more than soreness I am unsure what it is... My stomach is lumpy but I am hoping with massage and working out this will subside. Otherwise I am still happy with the results.

3 days shy of 2 months post op

Still happy with my results :) Butt is shrinking a bit but I am also 20 pounds lighter. I look how I look in and out of clothes. Now I started to do squats and lift weights to tone as over 6 months without exercise is hard on the body.

New Booty Pics

New pics of my booty..Still lovin it

more booty

laying down booty

booty pics

cannot stop taking booty pics hehe

private pics

Felt sexy so played dress up.

self confidence

I have never been comfortable sending nude pictures or even being nude. This has brought self confidence I have not had since my 20's. Getting a bit thin but still love the shape so much more!

Playing dress up

Playing dress up for the boyfriend.

3 months post op

Boyfriend is loving lingerie. Still lovin my new booty!!

New pics

New picture risque but hey my face in not in them

Going for revision surgery June 2nd

Hello Strangers, I will be going to Dr. Cardenas on June 2nd for a small revision. My hips are uneven so she is fixing it at no cost. I cannot wait to see the ladies at Beauty Care and the recovery house :)
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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