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So I've been searching for about a year for the...

So I've been searching for about a year for the right doctor. After much thought I have chosen Dr Campos Leon. I'm getting a BBL, I've always had a flat butt and I have always hated it. I cant even remember the last time I wore a short that didn't go past my butt. I'm excited an nervous to get this procedure done. I would have never thought I would be brave enough to do any type of cosmetic procedure ....and to go out of the country to do it!!!! I have chosen, based off recommendation to stay at Club Med. I hoping that I can get some questions answered from people who have already had this procedure done.

1. Was it scary staying in TJ? You hear some awful things about that place .
2. Did anyone else stay at a recovery home? How was it? Transportation?
3. DId anyone have trouble getting in and out of Mexico without a passport?
4. Where did you get your labs done? The instructions Angie sent had the labs needed but I cant find a lab that will take those as official orders?

Im sure I will have many many questions along the way and I am so thankful that I found realself ....what a great support group!

2 1/2 months to go!

Still waiting and getting things together. Purchased my airline tickets!!! WooHoo.. Firgured if I get these things one pay check at a time my wallet wont feel the sting. Tickets weren't bad... $344 round trip. Im hoping on my way back I can upgrade to first class because I am worried about sitting on my new booty for too long. Return trip is 3 hrs 55 min. YIKES that's a long trip. I don't even know if I can lay down in first class??? Thanks Calibomb & Gemini60 for your communication. It helps. I want this surgery more than anything ...but I am a bundle of nerves. I received my lipo foam the other day in the mail. Ive already been taking the Bromelain and CoQ10. Anyone else taking vitamins? Anyhow... I will keep you all up to date.

Still 2 1/2 months away

Has anyone stayed at Casa De Lilas? That place is recommended per Dr Campos office instructions but it really is so hard to choose when you really know nothing about those places. Can someone please provide a little feed back??????

2 months away

So I'm still so torn on where to stay. I thought I was set on Club Medical....and still leaning towards them because I've read some WONDERFUL things about them but I want to stay as close to the border as possible. Is that crazy? I googled the distance from Club Med to San Deigo Airport and its about an hour..... and I googled the distance from Beauty Care and the Airport and its about 20 minutes. Beauty Care is also only 8 minutes away from Dr Campos office. I've read great things about Beauty Care too...and Ronnie was very informative and quickly responded to all my emails. Any thoughts ladies??????? I've also priced out my labs at the walk in labs and its about $350. That's crazy....anyone else get there labs somewhere else. My primary doctor will not order labs for another doctor.

Another than the above Im super excited and feel like it cant come soon enough. Still a bit worried about traveling alone. Another concern is my personal belongings. Does anyone know if the RH have safe boxes to lock our things away?

Month 1/2 away

So just to update you on my status.... Someone on here told me about walk in labs....I decided to go with them. I found a coupon for them on and I paid $166 for all my lab work. That's not bad at all. Priced them at the hospital I work at in it was closer to $500. Im getting them all done tomorrow. Im going to my Drs office tomorrow to see if he can order my EKG because I cannot find anyone that will do it for me. I know there was some questioning about taking money orders or cashiers check. Im going to ask Angie if I can just make a larger second deposit. She is very quick with answering all my questions. Other than that...Im not going to over pack. Taking compression socks and a few other things . Im going to see if I bobby is necessary I just don't see how its helpful. I have a 4 hour plane ride home but I took a connecting flight so Im not on my booty as long. My flight leaves San Diego for Denver 1 1/2 hr flight then I have a 3 hour layover . I figure I can lay on my belly for a few hours to give it a break then my flight home is another 2 hours. I picked my seats so once they give the ok to move about...I will lay on the floor in front of my seat. That's about it for now. I know a few others are having surgery this month.... GOOD LUCK LADIES! Please keep us posted.


I should proof read... going to see if a Boppy is necessary.

6 weeks away!

Labs were done... all normal. Ekg...normal and done at local office for only $40. By the way Walk In Labs is great. I am a Lab Tech and I was kind of skeptical about this lab but I tried it anyway and they had my labs sent to me within 16 hours. I did them late last night and I got an email telling me they were ready. I logged in and they were there to print. Angie says everything looks good! My second deposit will be made tomorrow. I'm so EXCITED!

5 weeks to go

So I thought I was set on staying at BC ( only because of proximity to Dr Campos office) but not so much now. I read Mami33's review how she wasn't even dropped off at airport and he threatened her. That is terrible. My first choice was Club Med but again because it was further away from the office I decided to go with BC .........its so scary to make the right choice on something you know nothing about. I guess I will contact Marvin see what my options are. I know one of our other RS BBL girls is headed to surgery on the 26th.... PRAYERS go out her way!!!! Hope the surgery goes well and the recovery!

3 weeks to go

So its 3 weeks to my surgery... I am excited and nervous. Got a call about a week ago from Dr C's office, his nurse ( Forgot her name) said I needed to take some iron. I had already started taking it so hopefully my hemoglobin goes up a bit. I'm STILL undecided about where I want to stay. I found a hotel literally within 3 minutes of Dr. C's office. My concern is how to get a hold of Mari Paz. for my massages. Does anyone have a number for her? I know she comes out to the recovery homes but if I stay at a hotel how will I get ahold of her?????? Can someone PLEASE get me the info???!!!!! Also had anyone else walked across the border to a hotel instead of a RH???? Gosh I wish there was a sight with all these answers. I've gone read many stories but its hard to read them all and then remember who said what. If anyone can please provide any info I would greatly appreciate it.

17 more days.....and counting

So just read Melody_London's recent update and feeling a bit sad for her. She is having some bad days....and some good. Too bad that a bunch of us couldn't go at one time and stay all together to support on another. Hang in there girl.... you are almost home.

So my husband is going with me... THANK GOD! He takes care of patients daily so I know I will be in the BEST of hands. We are staying at a hotel that is about a 3 minute walk to Dr C's office. Angie said she could arrange a shuttle to take us to San Diego Airport the day of our departure so I am no longer worried about walking into Mexico . We will be arriving pretty early on October 1st so hopefully we can enjoy our day together out there before my procedure. Im taking the iron and Colace.... I swear these iron pills are a killer on the stomach . I have already packed. Not taking much .. my hubby can wash our clothes. I packed 3 yoga pants..3 tanks..3 bra..3 chones...slippers...lipo foam..arnica pills and gel...and two light weight robes. We will buy all the little things when we get there. So until next time....

1day post

So thank God I made it through the surgery. It was nothing I expected. The girls were very pleasant....all of them. Isabelle was the best. She took care of me and another girl all night and was so kind and caring!!! I am definitely going to send her something when I get home. I work in medical field and care takers like her are rare! She was awesome. Angie is very much on top of things unlike what other people say. She definitely does her job well. And then theres Dr C...he was funny...laid back and very informative and honest. He is Great at what he does!!!!! He answered all my questions and came in this morning to see us personally. ...answered more questions. What a great experience thus far...I am very happy with my results so far. I tried several times to upload but it wont upload . I will try tomorrow again when I am at Dr C office for massage. I seem to get better reception there.

before and after pics

12 Days Post Op

So recovery hasn't been so easy...but I am coming along. I am finally moving around on my own. I'm still pretty sore and stiff but that is to be expected. I wear my garment 24/7 , I actually purchased a second one so when one is being washed the other available for me. Im loving my results... I have a very small waist and my ass is HUGE!!!!!! LOL Im not sure what happened to my pics but I'm going to upload a few again. I think they will take a day to be seen. I will tell you in more detail about my experience with the office.... I arrived early the day of surgery, one of the nurses ( who's name I didn't get) took me in the back way and let me wait inside until Angie showed up around 8am. Once Angie arrived everything went pretty quickly. I filled out some forms and before you I knew it Isabelle was giving me a pill to help me relax. Dr C came in very shortly after and was one of the most pleasant Doctors I have ever met. We talked about 20 minutes, he left and the anesthesiologist came in. I talked with him for just a few minutes but he too was nice and very comforting. I was first for surgery so I went to the operating room, it wasn't at all what I expected. It was more like a bedroom with the equipment needed to perform procedure. Isabelle wiped me down with some Betadine, I believe and before I knew it I was in a fetal position ready for the spinal. Spinal didn't hurt at all. I did wake up during Dr C injecting my hips. It didn't hurt but I knew exactly what he was doing. I was out again and woke up some time later with my husband next to me. I stayed the night in the clinic and was pretty out of it for most of the day. I do remember being taken care of by Isabelle. She was a GREAT nurse. So kind, patient, caring, compassionate and gentle. By far the best nurse. In the morning Isabelle helped me shower and put on my garment. Soon after my shower Dr C came in to see me and Angie..the other patient that had surgery right after me. He just checked up on us, gave us some instructions and actually chatted for a bit. He is so down to earth and very talkative. Experience was a great one all together. I had absolutely no problems with payment of Angie. She was very much on top of things. I showed her my receipts and paid balance. No problems. The rest of his staff was great. They all checked in on us every few minutes. They were all very caring and gentle with us. I received 4 total massages while I was there. The first one was 2 days after my procedure and holy shit it hurt. I'm sure it doesn't feel good to anyone the first time but each massage gets easier . They were all somewhat painful but not unbearable. Both Joana and Adriana were very sweet and tried to be as gentle as possible. I stayed at a hotel with my husband who was my nurse. He took really good care of me and I cant imagine staying at a recovery house because my husband literally had to do everything for me the first couple of days. Help me shower, use the bathroom, get dressed, do my hair...he did it all. I was back and forth before I left on where I wanted to stay. My original thought was to stay at Club Med. I know a couple of people who stood there and they highly recommended it however Angie informed me that Dr C preferred that we stay closer to the clinic, which left Beauty Care as my other option. And boy and I glad I didn't stay there. I must inform all of you future BBL sisters to get all the info you need to make an informed discussion. I did contact Ronnie at Beauty Care via email. We had some correspondence. He did answer all of my questions and I told him my dates and when I was going to be there. Shortly after our correspondence another BBL had a very bad experience with him which made me think twice about staying in his facility. If you read Dr C's reviews I am sure you will come across the review that goes into detail about what happened with her. Its not my story to tell but it was enough for me to decide that my husband and I would stay in a hotel and not in his recovery home. Anyhow.....about a week before I left for surgery Ronnie emailed me to confirm my stay with him. I responded by telling him that if I was still going to stay with him that I would email him the day before. Well by the day before I decided the hotel was best for me. I couldn't shake what the other girl experienced. I didn't email him to confirm and the day I arrived in San Diego about 3 hours after my flight landed I received and email from him saying he was at airport waiting on me. I emailed back immediately apologizing that he was there...I didn't understand why he would be there if I didn't confirm with him that I was staying there. I told that I could probably give him some gas money for his trouble but again didn't understand why he was there when I did not confirm/ contact him that I was staying at his facility. Immediately after I started getting email after email from Ronnie telling me he didn't like my character and that I owed him $120 for round trip ride to airport. I didn't respond to any of the emails because Im trying to recover from this procedure and basically because his response is pretty pathetic in my opinion , however I did finally respond yesterday. I am trying to get better and just tired of his begging for money his isn't entitled to. I told him that I am an attorney (because I am along with a medical degree) and that I didn't want him contacting me anymore. I explained that I didn't owe him anything and that I just didn't want him contacting me anymore. I was an adult and just to the point and this is the response I got from him:

Sylvia, your approach is weak and you are a liar period! No need to contact me any further as I can easily attest to your character.

Your presentation again as lawyer is weak Sylvia. I am now telling you to not contact me any further you liar.

Yor words mean absolutely nothing to me whatsoever; substance free, no content as what you wrote is a totally waste of time.. why even produce a response...?

What the hell does it matter to me about your profession, if it is what you say Sylvia.., then again you cannot be trusted. A lawyer means zilch -- it's your character that's lacking.

Schooling for some means zero, sorry Sylvia.

No further contact required nor desired.. Fun fly built enough character too respond.

Now HEAR this Sylvia.. I'm telling you to Cease & Desist, otherwise I proceed further.

A lawyer, who cares!


Yes!!! After a simple email from me( after dozens from him) asking him to just let me recover, this is what he sends me. My opinion is that he has some anger issues and he is definitely not a "business" man. I was under no obligation to him and I was not required to stay at his facility. This email was because he wanted $120 from me and I said I would not pay him. If my research is correct I do believe he is married to Dr Cardenas. I hope she knows how hostile he is towards potential patients/ customers and that he may be the reason she is losing business. So all you future BBL sister please weigh all your options. He may be very nice if he gets money, I don't know but I'm glad that I did not stay at his facility. ( If there is any confusion my first name is Sylvia middle Chloe )

Besides the drama ^ listed above my experience with Dr C and his staff was a great one. I was so nervous about going so far away from home but it was as easy as these things come. I stood two blocks away from the office and took a minute taxi ride to each appt. Angie arranged for a shuttle to pick us up and shuttle was there on time and we had no issues. Dr C is a master artist of the woman's body and I am extremely happy with my results!!!!!!!

Anyone Interested

I have an Isavela garment if anyone is interested. Its size L in Black. I ordered it from Make Me Heal but in wrong size. They won't exchange it because I opened it. Its High Back Mid Thigh Buttocks Compression Girdle with Center Front Zipper. Pd $80 asking $60. I will ship priority mail for free. These are compression garments Dr C uses.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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