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So.......... I have all of my supplies packed...


I have all of my supplies packed and ready to ship. I am shipping ahead and staying at the Marriott with my BF so they are going to hold my items for me until we arrive; then shipping my items back home when leaving. We are arriving on the 12th to get some R&R and snuggle time in because on the 15 the ish is going to be real. I am certain I have completely worked his nerves and my daughters as I am completely consumed by these procedures at the moment. Every waking moment, I spend preparing and searching the web!! Praying for the best! Countdown starting Jan 1st. Glad I finally figured out how to start my own blog!

Yay! My profile/story was approved. As you can see...

Yay! My profile/story was approved. As you can see I have a very little butt/behind, I just want a little projection. I am 5ft 11.5 (almost 6 feet tall) currently I weigh 188 but have no intentions of losing any before surgery as I want to make sure I have enough fat. I am tall and slim and need all the fat on my body to put towards my bbl. I was quoted: $5560. That's OK I was told and that includes:

Liposuction lower back and waist 1600
Fat grafting into the buttocks 600
Breast lift 2500
Discount -800
Surgical Facility 1000
Anesthesia Fee 500
Post op bra and garment 160

I got my prescriptions filled in GA and written by my pcp. I have literally everything everyone has recommended. Just awaiting the day to leave.

Hello... So several people PM'd me regarding my...


So several people PM'd me regarding my labs. This of course has my wheels spinning. Simply because I have not received them back!!!! So here's what I replied with...

My primary care physician's office did all of my labs. I completed them just before Christmas. I am going to call again today and check on them....(I think there's a delay because of the holiday!) My fingers are crossed because I have labs done twice annually and the last few times my iron was low (anemic since baby (13 years ago!!)....But I was the proper level in July, so I am hoping it's the same since I take iron daily! Plus Campos wants them no later than two weeks prior to the procedure. I am on the 15th, so I am good.

My PCP is amazing. She actually congratulated me on getting sx done and told me to do my follow-up after I am cleared by him with her office. She has always been cool though. I gave her office all his information so that in the event something occurs she knows. She also offered to call in any medications I needed afterwards (my bf can return cross the border if needed to get them filled in San Diego). She also asked me his info so that she could research him.

I have several doctors. So if I was unable to get the labs done with her office, I think I would have gone to one of my other providers. But any labcorp, any test now facility, or walk-in clinic can do your labs. Google lab tests in your area. If you are paying out of pocket, I would get several quotes and go with whom I most comfortable and who has the fastest turn around so that if you need to take supplements to increase your levels, you can. I would also search on here (RS) or MMH to find people in my area and ask them where they suggest or went. Just make sure you take the Campos guide that lists which labs you need with you to the facility.

Oh forgot to post........ I am already planning...

Oh forgot to post........

I am already planning for ROUND TWO! I am going to get an ETT, add implants if my breast lift looks weird, and have my arms lipo'd if they do not firm up during my workouts before I return for my ETT. I cannot see myself recovering if I have all these items done at once in a timely manner, so I am going to wait about 6 months. This would also be best because at that point, my BF or BFF can return with me and I can perhaps take an even shorter time to recover than the three weeks I taken at this point!

At that point I will be done.

This will definitely have my body exactly where I want it curing my problem areas!!!

Where did you guys stay?? We are staying at the Marriott using the Friends and Family rate for $59 a night. That way my BF can entertain himself while I am healing! :)

Everything is APPROVED. My PCP's office faxed over...

Everything is APPROVED. My PCP's office faxed over my results to Campos' office. I literally just hung up with Angie. She said Dr.C approves, everything looks great. She also said to start taking the Bromelain and Arnica Montana. I am going to start that today.

Chat with you guys later. I am super excited.

Told my family over dinner about my extended...

Told my family over dinner about my extended vacation. A few know about my surgery but not really! I cannot wait! Especially ready for the pre-op boo time! I gotta find something incredible for us to do before I have surgery. Still looking for activities in San Fran....I love my boo!

PS......My bestie is terrified of my procedure...

PS......My bestie is terrified of my procedure specifically because its in Mexico. Secretly though, I know she wants to go!

Sooooooooo............. My box is being held in...


My box is being held in customs! WTH! WTF!!!! I hope it arrives before Monday. My medical supplies and other things that I need are in that box! DHL is supposed to call me with an update in a few!

So glad I listened to myself and didn't pack my pain meds!!!!!!

Otherwise, need to go help the bf pack. He never packs right! I love him. He said the other night "Babe, you do not have to do this, I love you just the way you are (saggy tits and all)". Yeah he said that, but its all good. They do sag thus the reason I am getting this lift!

I am stoked. I cannot wait! I stop working out because my monthly misery came on this week, so hopefully, I will be fine next week and will tart back working out at 3 weeks! I am soooooo ready to be on the other side.

Just confirmed my date and that the office received the rest of my payment. So we are all ready to go!

My travel list (Items I shipped and *what I packed...

My travel list (Items I shipped and *what I packed in my carry-on)

*Female urinal ( An absolute most!)
*Suction hooks
Body wash (shipped)
Reusable grocery tote bag (to carry stuff) (shipped)
Bleach spray & wipes(shipped)
*Camis and my bf's big tank tops- to wear under garment after surgery, supposedly helps eliminate skin irritation
*Maxi dresses/long skirts and tanks, with cardigans to hide garment/ comfortable clothing you can get on & off quickly
* flats and socks (its cold here in ATL, so I will travel back to cold weather!) But easy to get in and out of
*Pre & Post Operative Vitamins-Bromelain, Qc10, Vit D, Biotin, and Arnica
Arnica gel (shipped)
Detergent to wash (shipped)
Me derma. Cocoa butter for scars (shipped)
*flip flops
* socks
*electronics (I-phone, chargers, movies (plenty of netflix), Macbook, Beats and ear phones for boo) to keep us busy while I recover
baby wipes (shipped)
*tooth brush, tooth paste, dental floss, mouth wash, skincare, bathroom stuff
anti bacterial soap (shipped)
*pony tail holders & head scarf (I had twists installed so this was needed)
massager to lay on body (shipped)
*Tylenol pm, Ambien, Muscle Relaxers and Pain Meds my PCP Dr Prescribed for me
old towels/bed pad to avoid stained linen from the tumescent fluid, Betadine or blood
*neck pillow
*Boppy Pillow (I bought three-Shipped two!)
*lap top
firming lotion (shipped)
*Benadryl tablets (haven’t needed this but some people do to help with itching and sleep!)
*Neosporin ointment
Badges/Gauze and Tape (shipped)

The boo and I just arrived into San Diego. We are...

The boo and I just arrived into San Diego. We are waiting on bus 992 now to take us to the trolley. Will update later!!!! :)))) excited

Soooo......we checked out of the Marriott only to...

Soooo......we checked out of the Marriott only to check in a sh*thole. So after a traumatic night last night in the worst possible place to stay on earth (the sh*thole -a private apartment rental with no heat..its cold as heck here!!!), the bf and I are finally in a rad condo on the beach. We absolutely have the best view........

Will update pics later.

So surgery is in 4 hours....I'm stoked.

As soon as we got to the condo and checked in, I organized everything for my baby. Yesterday we went to Walmart to get groceries but we crossed into San Diego today, so I went to Whole Foods to get turkey bacon and a few more things for breakfast since we will be indoors for a few days, well me anyway. I really want some grits (the southern girl in me!)......The condo is similar to how we live at home so we are very comfortable. We have heat and it's very spacious so I can walk around during recovery.

I need to sleep for the next three hours so I can be on for Dr. C. We are 18 mile from Tijuana in Roasarito, and its absolutely gorgeous here! Leaving here at 6a for my 7:30a appointment just in case we get lost as my Iphone 5 GPS is a little janky.

PS, we are already planning my ETT visit for later this year. Gotta love this man! He is my ride or die and supports me in whatever I want to do. He also anticipates my needs and does whatever to make sure I am happy. Could've asked for a better mate :)

See you ladies on the other side.......

Oh, PS.....When shipping supplies, be sure to do...

Oh, PS.....When shipping supplies, be sure to do them early as you will encounter delays. My box was held in San Diego for four days. They wanted copies of our passports and travel Itinerary due to the amount of personal affects that were within the package. I was fortunate to be able to track down my box because I am anal and meticulous about certain things, but if you are traveling alone, that may not work for some. Just and FYI....It really wasn't a difficult process, but since I do not speak Spanish, the language barrier delayed me getting the box.

So I had to login to write about my experience. My...

So I had to login to write about my experience. My surgery was scheduled for 7:30. We arrived on the street the surgery center was located on to only find out that we were in the wrong place. I called the office and it kept going to vm. I remembered to press 1 and Angie picks up. Thank God.....It was freezing outside. She walked to meet boo and I. We had been talking on a regular basis so we hug each other and she escorts us into the office. Fast forward after completing all the paperwork, Angie starts looking and checking my payments. She asked when did I mail the cashiers check for my deposit. Luckily I save everything, so I forwarded the confirmation emails she sent to me back to her! Then she started to dissect my quote surprising to their advantage saying I owed more than I did......I politely remind her that my quote sent before the price increase and my deposit, therefore I had to be charged the initial breast lift rate. Also, reminded her to remove the meds because I have my own (although she was supposed to do that a few weeks back.

So after we got the money situation straight, that is when I realized its getting to happen. They gave me the anxiety pill as I was undressing. Then my boyfriend came back with Dr. C. Dr. C asks me to repeat what I am getting done and then marks my body. I thought about getting my thighs and arms done, but that would have been an extra $1000. I am super cheap and since I go to the gym regularly, I am just going to tone them up. Dr. C tried to talk me into breast implants, but I did not want them. Needless to say my breast lift looks amazing. I am a full "B" I was a C but since I lost a lot of skin with the lift, a "B" is what I will be blessed with. So he took photographs that he uses while in the OR and I am escorted in. I met with the anesthesiologist and he asked all the medical questions like if I smoke and a few family background questions. Then we are off....So during surgery I woke up but it was only for like two seconds. I do not remember anything else beyond getting on the table. After I was done, I went into recovery. I am unsure how long I was there. All I remember is wanting to lay on my side and the nurse tell me know. My bf came and got me and we went ti our condo. My only issue was getting comfortable. I couldn't get comfortable. I tried the sofa, the bed. the floor, two chairs. Finally, I drugged my self and went to sleep the best way I could on my side. Dr. C. apparently added fat to my hips and that ish hurts when you lay down. Overall, I only regretted once that I got the surgery and that is when I could not get comfortable. Appetite is gone, but I try to eat something. Overall, I am really enjoying myself, my new butt/breast and the boo here in Mex.

First massage was today. It was not bad at all....

First massage was today. It was not bad at all. Going again every day I am here to make sure I get rid of all the toxins and liquid. I am wearing my epi foam and this drain is really annoying me! But My boo is holding it down waiting on me hand an foot. Getting read y to shower so that I can lay it down. I am bored as heck, but am making the best out of the recovery period. We leave Tuesday! I made dinner already, even though he asked me not to because I am bored!

TTYL-happy healing friends

Walmart here in Tijuana sell Fajas! They are $18....

Walmart here in Tijuana sell Fajas! They are $18. I spied them at the one in Tijuana and the one in Rosarita......There is also a Fajas spot near Dr.C's office! Going to get my one as I want one that comes to my calves as oppose to my things. This is my first time ever wearing a girdle/support garment!

Today is better. Probably the best I have been...

Today is better. Probably the best I have been since surgery. We actually ventured to San Diego and went shopping. ALL DAY! My bf is a shopaholic and I just tag along to slide my things on the counter! I am SUPER cheap and prefer to see my checking and savings balance swell, than my closet! Oh I wear a 12L in bottoms still so thats a good things. Just more snug than before!


I only have issues now with laying down or sitting for extended periods of times then getting up. I still have fluid so this is challenging for me. To compensate for sitting, I just stay busy around the condo. We leave Tuesday and I have repacked us, shipped my items home and washed the linens in this condo!! I am BORED! lololol

Oh and I hate this drain. Did I say HATE, Despise it! It really annoys me at its insertion point. It doesn't bother me that I have to wear it, I just used a rubber band and looped it on my garment strap. Very easy to move around with it. I used a hook or my bf for the shower, so it has never just been in the way.

Bruising is down to a minimum thanks to my Bromelin and Arnica.

Overall Rating: EXTREMELY HAPPY with my results
The bestie loves it and my bf cannot stop touching me! YAY!

I will list the items I bought along but did not use yet so you will not overpack for this trip:

Tylenol pain cream
Soap/Body wash. Can only use antibacterial soap afterwards, so I could have used this space to pack more.
Food items (food is less expensive in Mexico significantly!
Thigh High compression socks-campos provides them
Large funnel to pee. Mine was small and actually perfect.
Panties - Did not use at all as I have my garment on day and night and me or the bf wash it twice daily! Ugggh!
Vitamin E oil
Massage cream-Didn't need it at all-Got massages daily at Campos Office. Although they are $40, they are really necessary IMO
Too many clothes. I could have made it with 5 pair of leggings and 5 shirts/three tanks.
Too many shoes. Only needed two to three pair.
Alcohol pads- Didn't use at all
Hot Water Bottle-Old school but never used
Diuretic-had on hand but scared to use it! Although some say it rid them of fluid. Just my luck something would go wrong while I was trying to dispel fluid.

That's all! Yeah, its safe to say I overpacked. The BF said he did two. He really as a guy and because we had a condo with laundry included, could have been fine with 3 paris of pants, socks, tee's and he bought only one pair of shoes. However he purchased two today! SMH! But we were inside the three days immediately following surgery...So no need for any extra clothes!

I absolutely Love My New and Improved Body. Yeah I have a big booty! lololol

ttyl and happy healing ladies!
Pics coming soon!

Today was a good day!!!!!! Got my drained and the...

Today was a good day!!!!!! Got my drained and the few stitches I had removed today!!! I am much more mobile and happy. However, I am STIFF!!!!!!! Super Stiff! I am a drama queen and initially told Marisol (the massage tech) that she could not take it out because I was scared. Them Campos comes in and I told him the same and he's like I will be back. I guess he has dealt with a lot of dramatic women as he say you either let us take it out or it stays in. But I told him he could not do it. So Marisol and I did a countdown a few times (I had to start over bc I am so extra) then she pulls. It didn't even hurt!!!!!!!!!! HA! I was going to have my bf take it out if they didn't today bc I could not take it anymore. It really hurt! Still have not picked up my fajas (the official second one!!) Cannot find anyone that sells them here in Tijuana that speaks English. Funny story: The border patrol officer crossing into the US from Mex recognized us. That tells you how many times we have crossed. Anyway, he asked my boyfriend why were back and forth. My bf answered plastic surgery. He says by whom, Dr. Campos.....I thought that was funny. Then he asked what procedures I had!!!! I felt violated. The bf says she had her breast and butt done! The officer, whom was of Korean descent said, She has a Beyonce ass! We laughed so hard! The people in Tijuanan/San Diego are so friendly! Oh condos we stayed in on the beach were: LA Jolla Real We found it on: http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p394309 It was $793 for the week. We have truly enjoyed Tijuana/Rosarita/Puerto Nuevo. We were here 11 days total!!!! I was so surprised I was not home sick! I need to play/hit/win the lotto so boo and I can travel like this all year long! He's a broker and in truly realtor broker fashion, he's looking for property for us here. That's how serious we are about Rosarito. The people are so warm, friendly and hard-working. Very honest and generous. Food is cheap and very good! Best tacos ever in Rosarita are on the free road at Charly's and best Texas BBQ at Pescador( the bf loves bbq). We loved this wing spot we found downtown Tijuana a block from Campos Chilterpoes (sp?) and Marcarena (near his office) as well as a Mexican restaurant across from Campos's office was great. In San Diego we ate at Blue Water Seafood...Great food. We shopped all over the shopping district. As I sated, we love it here plus having a car allowed us to explore! my bf is my bff and we just chill and have so much fun despite him having to be my caregiver most of the week! I love my poo-poo! :) We leave tomorrow after my massage and post-op! :( We are all packed and ready to go. I may go back to work Tuesday as I am much, much better even though I took 3.5 weeks off. TTYL Ladies and Happy Healing!

So..........A few days shy from being a month out...

So..........A few days shy from being a month out and I could not be happier. I am still getting my massages, but my tummy area is super flat and my ass is huge! Well, in my former body (lolol, I like saying this!) I a flat ass and o hips. Dr. C did his thing on me and I absolutely love it and him! OMG, I cannot express how happy I am with the surgery.

Just wanted to stop in a say hi and to let you ladies know I am well. I am in no pain, stop taking pain meds over two weeks ago! I am encouraging all my friends to go! BEST DECISION EVER. Oh and my breast are lovely! lol

All of the scarring is almost gone, so I am going to start with my silicon scar treatment tomorrow. Staying on my vitamins for right now as I really feel they made me heal faster....Yeah it may be mental, but they do work. Arnica is the bomb!

Anyhow, I am back to being mommy, gf, sister, auntie and all my other titles.

Talk with you guys soon!

Thought I would update to let you ladies know how...

Thought I would update to let you ladies know how I am doing. I started working out three weeks ago (3 weeks post op); only cardio and arms. I had this plan to ad abs this past weekend and boy did I swell. Needless to say, my bf laughed as usual and we think although you are told to resume activites after 4 weeks, that the timing needed to be adjusted for me. So we are back on cardio and arms!

Work has been funny. I think people can tell but refuse to say anything although one of my close work friends noticed. I have been wearing large sweaters and leggings over my garment so I feel in theory I look the same. But the moment I wear something form fitting, it goes down. I work at a Media company with public tours and people literally stop and stare as I walk through headed to my office! Its kind of annoying, but I am going to enjoy to looks I get! Just hope no one whistles or tries to pick me up. This BF is always on me in my face more and more now...I love that!

My diet has not been the best or worst, but I have to get better. I am still carrying around fluid. I am thinking about doing a cleanse to rid myself of all the medications. May start that next week (Arden Garden's juice) and from there get a colonics done and then hopefully back to normal. I am still not shopping or purchasing anything because I literally have sooo many clothes pre surgery, and since I am swollen a bit, I cannot fit or my butt cannot! lol. I guess the butt size change is good.

Overall, all is good. I am still satisfied ith my new body and loving my results. Let me know if there are any questions.

I am a few days from being three monthd out (April...

I am a few days from being three monthd out (April 15th) and I couldn't be happier. I have been working out since three 3 weeks out and have added more abs workouts (since I am not totally flat due to me not getting a tummy tuck). My waist seems to get tinier by the week and my butt even bigger.

I am in my third garment which is a Vedette thong and I love it! I wear it with my board. Here is the link:


I am a bit self conscious. I play competitive ball and I feel like everyone stares at my butt! Its humongous! IMO!!!!! I have added pics.

Hope everyone is well.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

After reading so many views and with the need and want to have some R&R with the boo, we decided MX was for us.

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