49 Year Old Mother of 3 - Mexico

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I heard back from Dr Pantoja today and have chosen...

I heard back from Dr Pantoja today and have chosen him as my surgeon. I will be having a tummy tuck, bbl, and lots of lipo. I'm a little nervous but so excited!! I love the reviews I've seen and his results.
I am a mother of three, I've had fluctuations in weight over the years and now have lose skin and a flat butt.

Free boppy pillow!!!

I just ordered a Twilight from Nursing Pillow, and if I can get at least 5 of my friends to order using promo code D21142922 (good for $ 40.00 off!), they are going to refund my shipping & handling charges!

Deposits paid, Tickets purchased!!

I really can't believe I'm doing this! I feel so selfish! I always have done everything for everyone else and now it's my turn. I'm so excited, nervous and scared!

Preop pics!!

Wish Pic

Wish pic

Surgery scheduled

One month to surgery with Dr Pantoja....10/20/16...So excited!!!!

October 20, 2916

Paid in full. 20 days to go!! So excited!!!

14 days until surgery

My surgery goals are to have a flat stomach, round butt, not huge, and straight legs, saddlebags and knees padding gone. I'm so nervous and excited!!!

10 more days...

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go...

1 week 1 day 11 hours....

15 months or so since last pics, I haven't been working out like I was before. This is depressing...same bathing suit...

5 more days!

Tomorrow is the big day

I'm nervous now and wish I wasn't going alone. I feel confident that everything will be fine.

On the flat side

Everything went well. I'll post pictures when I can....

3 days postop

Low incision, very swollen. Overall happy with results and with recovery house.

11 days postop, long day ankles are swollen, laying down again.very happy with results so far, still swollen.

2 weeks 1 day

Feeling much better, I love my shape, hoping my belly flattens more. Still a lot of low back swelling, probably the most uncomfortable part of the healing.

3 weeks

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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