29 Yrs Old LBL, FG to Butt, Mexico, MX

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WELL! I have been all over this website for about...

WELL! I have been all over this website for about two years now. If you have had a lower body lift on this planet and written about it here on Realself, then i most likely have read it and looked at your pictures. There are so many amazing stories on here. I love that this community has been created for people to share their experiences ,adventures aches and pains with others who are in the same boat or about to embark. A little about my self. I have struggles with my weight my whole life. I have always had a weight problem and told that I was a " BIG BONE GIRL". Well 182 lbs from my highest recored weight I can say that I AM NOT a big boned girl. Turns out under allllllll that meat there was a tiny frame screaming for mercy. The past 4years my weight has been a compete YOYO. At my highest recored weight ( and i say recorded because thats the highest I have seen on a scale lol i blacked out the rest) I was 352 lbs. HOLY MOLY i know. I lost close to 100 lbs and stalled around 255/260. Then I met a boy who loved to wine and dine me and let me tell you I love me some WINE and DINE! a year into our relationship I was back up to a whooping 298... determined not to go over 300 lbs again I focus on my lifestyle and dedicated myself to change. MY honey gave me a little kick to start jogging and i became a full blow rabbit. It seemed that lettuce had become the only food item on the menu for me. I struggled, i cried and wanted to quit. But with consistancy and dedication and a year and a half later i Weigh 172. With that being said anyone who is anyone in the weightless struggle knows what that will do to your body. lower stomach sagging, deflated boobs, hanging arm flaps, and more. Everyone is different but those seem to be the three major places of destruction that obesity seems to hit the hardest. I have been searching tons of doctors, consulted with numerous doctors in my home town in southern california in mexico and for some reason I keep coming back to Dr. Cardenas from beauty- enhanced in Mexico. Her work is undeniable and her honesty was beyond appreciated. When I had my consultation with her she was not only honest about being realistic with my body type and structure and what I should expect. she also informed me the dangers of doing to many surgeries at once. She suggested that I break it up and give some time in between. She wasn't trying to upsell procedure and convince of things I did not need. Intact she suggested that I leave out a couple things as they were not needs and the lower body lift would improve the things on my mile long check list. She is also know as the "QUEEN OF TUMMY TUCKS" and from the looks of her work the name was given for a reason. The board certified doctor not only is reconstruction specialist she is an artist and seems to understand that want for a curvaious sexy feminine sexy body. I have been in constant contact with the patient coordinator Fatimeh who is beyond on top of things. She responds very quickly and touches every question and concern. So with all that being said I have made my $500 deposit to secure the date of 3/29/2016! I will being doing a circumferential tummy tuck with muscle repair, pubic/front thigh/ butt lift with lipp to the flap and my lower back with as much fat as possible being transfered to my butt. so now i just wait and prepare best I can for my upcoming adventure... I am also waiting for Monday as I know that Fatimeh will contact me regarding receiving my deposit for the deposit! WILL ANYONE BE THERE WITH ME OR AROUND ME??!!? I will be staying at the recovery house! which I hear is great BTW :)

People actually wake up mid procedure?!!

So I have come across a couple of reviews where people remember waking up for a second but the go back to sleep... I prefer to not wake up till the next day lol I know that's not possible BUT I for sure do not want to wake up mid way through slice and dice 101. Any stories ,suggestions , advice on this topic?!


Arnica.. Yes or no?!
What were some essentials that you took and needed or wish you had?!
Pain controll remedies?

5'7 CW:170 HW:350 Some Pics of the right now

Oh man! Soooo A I'm not very popular on here lol I have questions conerns people!! I'm feeling worry and anxiety about all this. I want it bad but I feel so unprepared. Like I need to do more to prepare. People around me aren't being very supportive. I know they want the best for me but it's just not what I need to hear. I already have worried and concerns, I don't need comments from the sidelines. My mom is worried that I'm having his done in Mexico. SHE IS FROM MEXICO. She doesn't get that dr.cardenas is a top rated Doctor. I hear nothing but good things. Comments like "that scare is going to be huge." "You have sensitive skin so it's going to be rough on you" well mother! I don't roam the streets naked sooooooo my scar is the least of my worries. My boyfriend just keeps saying "wow your gonna be sick... It's going to hurt like crazy ... I was looking at pictures and ouch!" Like BABE! Stop. As if my own thought have no consumed my brain! I don't need yours.. I guess the want for someone to tell him I'm going to look great... It's going to be fine... I'll be a bell ring away w pain meds if you should feel pain... Is that to much to ask for!?! With that being said I'm posting some pictures of the body I am currently trapped in. Suggestions and advice is welcomed!! :)

Wish pictures!

Anyone with experience can you shoot an option my way... I have included some wish pictures... Tell me which ones are realistic! Which ones can I get close too... And how! Some pics are screen shoots from real self!

Less than a week till take off...

Less than a week till I head down to Mexico. Next Tuesday is my surgery! I spent an entire month making list of things I need things I will buy and haven't bought anything :/ thus far I have a boppy billow some sports sweats and leggings lol I don't want to over buy and over pack but at the same time I don't want to forget something. My mom is going with me because she is nuts lol so she won't leave me! I figure if I were to need something she could definatly Go for me... What are some things you totally needed on your trip?! What are some things you wish you had?!!

It pays to be friends with ppl on here!

we'll i have been in contact with andrea3315. She is been keeping me updated step by step and its helped a great deal. I am beyond thankful she has taken the time to share her journey with me personally. She is doing really good and not in a lot of pain at all. She Told me that she did wake up mid surgery but did not feel anything. she also said the staff is great and that she is has been treated really well... so I'm feeling way better about this whole thing! She has helped ease my worries and calm my nerves. Im really happy for her! anyone else have surgery recently! share with me!

Stuff just got real...

Just wore my compression 24 hours and heading across the border bright and early! Going to go check in tommorrow :) I'll keep you posted!

The night before!

So less then 22 hrs and I will be free on this skin flapping hell!!! My nerves/excitement is unexplainable!!! today was a long day as I was picked up at the border around 11:30 and went to dr Cardenas off or building. This building is gOrg and her office is soooo modern and classy and has a great vibe. The. Front desk girl was super personally and extra polite. Rocio greeted me and had me fill out tons of paperwork... We took before and after photos.. Cleared my balance and driver picked me up to go the recovery house. Upon arrival I was greet by the coordinator and her nurse/assistant whom I found myself talking up a storm with. She showed me her procedure and they look great! Yes all done by dr caedenas! The house is nice the living area and the kitchen.. Dinner consisted of a steak with a cooked pico and rice! Very good. The rooms are clean and comfy. It's cold in here butttttt they are nice. It reminds me of a hospital room. I am including some pics of the office good and things I talked about... I'm sorry this seems rushed but I am sooooooooooo tired and I need to sleep tommorrow IS the biggest day of my adult life... Oh! dr Cardenas came to the house to see me. She came to talk and make the markings for the morning as I am the first person. She was just as nice as everyone describes. She is honest strishjt forward and very sweet! She said that things will look great because although I can't see it she can tell I have a good foundation to work with. That made my day! Hopefully I too will be able to join her vision in that comment haha!!! She marked me up answered my list of questions and looked thru my pics with me! She left I finish eating and now I'm in bed to sleep.. !!!!!!!!!!! I'll be up and at em at 6 am!!! Pray for me people I'll let you know how everything goes as soon as I can!!!!! Feel free to aka me anything I may have rushed thru!!!!!! GOOOD jight!!! Nmhow am I sipped to sleep!!

Hi you guys!

I can't sleep at the moment... I haven't for got about you!! I just have not had the strength or will to sit and a long despair review.. I started one and it go deleted so I was dincoursged. I'm doing well! Thank you for all the support and well wishers as I did see and device them all!!!!!! You guys are amazing!!!! It is my goal today to make this review happen and post tons of pics sooooo stay tuned.. Should be up this evening!

Pictures finally!

Let's see dr cardenas is amazing she and her staff have truly talent he time and care to make sure I am totally healthy. They call email and check on me regularly. Dr Carmina came to the hospital post op next morning to check on me... My hemo levels dropped and had to have a blood transfusion the morning after surgery I tried to sit up with the help of my mom and nurse and my whole world wen to black and I couldn't see he room was spinning my lips turned white and BPndripped it was scary but with the transfusion everything was instantly better .. She immediately came after she finished her surgery to personal check on me and keep doing so! She is an angel. I wish that I could have had surgery and gone to the recovery house directly. They take suchhhhh good care of you that I can't even explain.. Cook clean.. Medicine.. Bathroom .. Showering... Fluff you pillows bring you water... It's just like having a nurse your mom and a personal assistant wrapped into one! && they truly care. The 4 nurses I had the pleasure of being under the care of were Connie. Ellie. Mari. Carla! I stay 4/5 days as I did my iron infusions and took me meds and was back to health in no time! I left a day early (w no refund) but the care they took and how they nurses me I was more then ok with that. The flight home was incredible miserably. I recommend that you contact your airline and ask them to sign you up for wheelchair service. They wheelchair picks you up at the curb take you to your gate your first on the plane first off and they take you to you baggage and loved one. It's amazing! The plane ride I felt like my hips and butt were going to explode and I felt dizzy... Luckily it was only an hour and 15 mins. Once I landed had some Starbucks! I was great. Came home and have been sleeping in a recliner since!

Ummmm i can wear underwear and you can see them!!!

WHAT!! So excited. It's the small things!!! Put on a pair of sexy Vicky secrets I pre princesses out of excitement and although I'm still in major swell hellllllllllllllll. They fit sz M. The aren't rolling over! && more inportantly they aren't under a giant flap! ha!!!! Woooooooo ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? excited fingers!!!!!! Don't mind that I need a major tan!

Omg forgot to tell you guys!

Sooooooo the amazing dr.Carmina as they call her aka dr cardenas.... Removed 4.8 kilos which coverts to a whopping 10.5 lbs in skin and fat....

1 kilogram =
2.205 pounds

Wow I posted a detailed review of my whole experience added pics from day 1 to now

And I don't see the review of the pictures but when I look at the number of pics I have it says 84.... Can you see all those pics and it's just me or what????? Third ATTEMPT! Man.

Hemo levels still low

So I woke up day 14 and I was feeling a little crappy... My mom helped me shower and while she was cleaning up my wounds i feel asleep and didn't wake up for a few hours.... Woke up drank some water sleep again..... Woke up could hold my head up or eyes open and had a fever... So I went tithe hospital.... They gave me and iv and took blood my hemo was at 8.8 and they said I need vit c iron and to rest... Fever was at 101...... Don't kicked my butt... No infection NOTHING. Better safe then sorry. Today I was a new wonMAN I did homework and got dressed showered solo.. Like yesterday never happened! weird. Soooooooo drink your water people take your vitamins take IRON pills and rest as much as humanly possible I know it's hard when we get to our houses and see things or of place and dishes in our sink or a spec of dust but it's not worth your health our ripping and stretching your skin... Just let it be or have someone take care of it.... Please trust me on this!!!!! Use Waller... Get over yourself and use the walker everywhere... If anyone asked just say you have back problems to avoid a whole log explanation! that's what I have done... And take your boppy everywhere if you have far grafting to the butt! Dr. Cardenas has been in contact with me Che Kong on me and I can't explain the love I have for these people!!!!!!!!!

Pic uodate!

I'm still on hook one down around the belly button but up around the waist I'm on hook 3! One drain came out today! Back one... From one still dark red and filling anyone have this experience????? Share w me! when did you start using scar strips???? Anyone have issues w the skin around belly button??? I'm very disappointed in the volume in my butt I asked begged pleaded for volume and al though it's better hen the negative Booty I had it's nothing compared to what I expected to have. Thea the one and only complaint I have about these guys... I was told 600cc was put in each heck and later come to find out it was 480 in one check and 420 in the other and 240 to the hips. I wanted wayyyyyyy bigger she said that while I was about to be put out I was begging for a "kardarshian booty" lol leave it to me!!!!!! Bahahahahah

My booty

I'm sooooooo disappointed in my butt. I like legit feel angry... Everything else isncomignong fine miss the belly button outter skin issue things are coming along the scar is healing it's places perfectly. You can not see it with a thong let alone underwear or a bikini. But the behind is just a huge disappointment. I made such a huge Deal to her about it. I told her what I wanted she explained a "kardarshian booty" was not going to look good but I was like that's what I want.. She said you don't have enough fat for that... But we will get a reallllllly nice plump booty. When we spoke over the phone she told me she could easily get 700-800cc which I could live with..... Then at the house the night before surgery during mark up she said the same thing she would try her hardest. When she came to see me the next morning post surgery I had yet to see anything on my body and she said I keep asking her make sure my butt is nice make sure it's big.... At the time I asked her how many CCs and she said I BELIVE 600 I was like total so goes NO in each cheek... So I was ok w that... You would definatly tell a difference and have soon actually bubble! Well I had a scare had to have a transfusion they took me back to post recovery to have this done. I make nurse peeked in a said heyyyy how are you I helped towards the end of your surgery yesterday your going to look great but they could tell you were going to swell pretty bad... I was like yeah I'm swollen bad now... But hey did you see my butt get done... He said yes a little bit.... I'm like do you know how many cc went in.. He like I think like 300 cc in each not a lot. My mouth dropped. I'm like she just told me 600 in each cheeks. 300 wouldnt do anything but fill in a couple dents.. No bubble no projection. No volume nothing..... My heart hurt! part of my payment was for "fat grafting to the butt to the max" my quote literally says that. So I asked multiple times multiple people for the exact numbers of what was lipoed what was taken from the waist what was put back to the butt and everyone keep saying ok I'll get it let me ask... Mind you these people are on top of everything there extremely well
Oiled machine and they take care of business and WELL! This team is amazing! including dr cardenas. BUT I COULDNT GET THAT PAPER. Finally I asked the head lady at the recover house and she made some phone calls and gave it to Me. LOW AND BEHOLD! 600ccs you ask?????? No even close. 420 in one cheek 480 in the other. I just begand to cry.... I could see there were spots that could have been lipoed more. My waist was not lipoed like it made it seem and my inner thighs could have been back rolls..... No lipo. If it was a question of money that should have been brought up because I would have paid. I feel cheated completly from my butt and I'm not sure what to say or do..... They got ther money and all though thre cover house was beyond amazing.... The tummy looks good the incision fantastic... The butt was something that was talked about extensively and was part of the payment and it was just not anything what should have been. Not even close. I wasn't expecting a KhloeK although that's what I wanted... But man ATLEAST a Kylie J would have been a start. All that was done was full in the dents a bit and t let's go and my waist wasn't lipoed to contour as much as it could have either. She says it was... And wait for the swelling sooooo will see. Back rolls never touched. MY butt makes me want to cry.

Extra pic


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