My Tummy Tuck and Fat Transfer to Butt - Mexicali, MX

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I am exited to go meet dr luque this week in...

I am exited to go meet dr luque this week in Mexicali. I don't see much reviews about him so I would love to and experience... I am getting tummy tuck and far transfer to butt I am going for my 1st consultation... If any one has any info about him please let me know... Or any experience in Mexicali...

I am here in Mexicali... Ready to see dr. Luque in...

I am here in Mexicali... Ready to see dr. Luque in a while I am over flowing with question can't wait...

I had my.appointment with Dr. luque today I am...

I had my.appointment with Dr. luque today I am very happy and pleased after our conversion... I got a package deal and it will come out to 5000 I am doing some blood work tomorrow and a week before my surgery and the day of my surgery just to double make shore everything is good with my blood work... And I was able to talk to him and it was nice to get all my worries answered.... His office is really nice I didn't expect it to look like that I was so suprise and I seen people in his office...

I just got back home... I have soo much to think...

I just got back home... I have soo much to think about the dr. Luque is very nice and answerd all my question on English I have done research on him and I want to do more... Not that I don't trust me I just will be giving my like to some one else during my surgery and I want to make shore I am making the right decision... Also I want to let you know ... I've you go with any dr. Directly the cost for surgery is more now if you go to the hospital and go to the tourist agent in the hospital will cost less

Now that I made up my mind of having surgery I am...

Now that I made up my mind of having surgery I am going to start taking .... Arnica, Bromelain.. Witch comes from pineapple is for swelling.. And vitamins and also vitamin C. This helps the healing process trust me I had implants and lipo last year and recovery was great and fast

wish pic

omost my turn

In a few more days I'll. Be going to surgery, I am exited but I am scared of the pain... My family don't agree with my having surgery so I am not getting that much support only from my cuz in Mexicali well I am seeing how I would get to Mexicali I shore don't want to take the busy it take a longtime and the car rental comes out 200 for 10 days but I'll choose that if more of my family are going last one plane to Tj 150 round trip and I get picked up from their.... I didn't know how much planning it takes can you please give me advice what not to forget make and plan everything also and what hotel did you stay in Mexicali and cost or what you recommend

few more days

Few more days... Lots of mix feeling about me having surgery exited, nervous... But I was wish the person that had surgery with dr luque to let Meee know how they are doing... So I can go more confident to go to Mexicali... When you don't hear from some one on this page you think the worst

here in mexicali

I got to Mexicali last night supper exited and nerves...but my nerves are getting the best of me I am felling sick to my tummy I feel that I am going to get sick... Well letter I am going to take some test and then see dr luque ... And tonight I'll be staying in the hospital my survey is 1st thing tomorrow morning... Have a busy day gettingfoood for me and the last min things....

post op 1st day

Got out of surgery this afternoon and doing great... No pain dr luque and his operating team wear great.... Also the nurses on the floor wear also wonderful....over I keep going to.bed.and waking up.... I can't see. My tummy
Specially my butt...

2nd day post op after surgery

Feeling great just have draining but other than that I am doing good...pain very little... Only when I laught or cough it hurts

5 days post op

Feeling just frustrated.... Not bad but that I need help for everything to have food cook to getting up and to.get dress I know I need all this help but it's hard for me... Cuz I am do independent and always on the gooo and when ur life changes...from one day to the next is crazy.... Maybe cuz I am feeling great pain is very Lil but sleeping is hard to find the position I can sleep but the results I am loving it..... Won't even change a thing


I am very bless to have dr luque staff very.supported and always able to answer any question...that I may have...also I would like to add that I was healing great but ir was a set back for me, of any one plans to do this surgery look at all the risk I did but I didn't expect my set back...and mine had todo with help don't bee scared to ask for help from family and friend I felt to good I didn't think of all the negative things could happen...over all I am sooo please with the dr nice job he did on me pleased

post op pic

day i was leaving hospitol

right after surgery

my tummy

30 days after my surger

tummy 4 weeks

Lil brusing do to the needle they drain the liquid... But I bruse easy

tummy 4 weeks

2nd day after surgery

ready to go home from the hospitol

51 days since

I am doing lower tummy is swollen ...and I hate it... I hope it goes oway I guess it's 6 month.for the results... But I am hopping that goes oway

4 month post

I am feeling great sometimes get swollen... I hate it but i feel sexy...

looking great

Just a pic

omost year later

Omost a year later
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