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So finally after 1 year of snooping around...

So finally after 1 year of snooping around profiles on here, I have decide to take the first step towards a happier me. I’m 5’5” weigh 140 lbs. 31 years old and mother of 2. My daughter is 4 and my son is 18 mo. I tend to gain a lot of weight with my pregnancies, 50lbs with the first and 60lbs with my second one. It was really easy bouncing back to my old shape after my first baby but not so easy with my second one. Even before I became a mom I always knew I wanted to get my breast enhanced, but because of one thing or another I never got around to it. I have a lot of loose skin and stretch marks below my belly button and my breast….well, lets say they are now non existent. This is why I now want a tummy tuck and breast implants. I have read a lot of reviews of many Drs in SoCal and in Mexico, but because I live only minutes away from Mexicali I have decided to get my procedures done there. I want to get breast implants (a large C) not too big, I don’t want to my shoulders to look to big and wide. I also want tummy tuck, lipo of the flanks and thighs. I believe that I have done enough research but then again more input/info/suggestions are always welcome. I made 3 different appointments with 3 different Doctors. Dr. Victor Ramirez, Dr. Gutierrez Lamadrid and Dr. Jose Baragan Cabral. All in Mexicali Mexico. I have read plenty good reviews on 2 of them but nothing on the last one, other than being referred to by people I know. I’m really excited and looking forward to meeting them, and im so glad there is a forum like this one to help, guide and support people like me. I'll keep you posted as i attend each appointment :)

Saw Dr. Victor Ramirez today...

So, I had a consultation with Dr. Ramirez in mexicali mexico today..he exceeded my expectations, answered all my questions and more...he showed me some before and after images of some patients that had a bad experience with another Dr. And the repair he did. .. all I can say is wow... I'm definitely gonna schedule my procedure with him. Plus he is board certified in mexico and Dr. Lamadrid is not :( I'm having a tummy tuck, back lipo, flanks lipo, hips(saddle bags) and 475 cc....im still debating on 450 or 475, I would rather them be small than too big... he also gave me lab orders but only to check my blood coagulation because I already had labs from my US physcian....tentative date is Aug 12 only 2+ weeks away!!!## im really excited :)

labs and some pre op photos

I had the rest of my Labs today, now just waiting for my preop evaluation...i have so many questions still and anxiety is starting to build up :(

More pixs

Having second thoughts :(

I received my healing supplements from make me heal, and started taking them.But I'm having second thoughts about the whole thing, my help just bailed out on me. Keep in mind that I have a 4 and 18 mo little ones. My husband will be off for the first three days but since I won't have anyone to help after, I'm starting to freak out. I don't know what to do :(


This past week has been so hard, help bailed out on me and I started to freak out. But, things are slowly falling into place. My husband is taking an extra day off, that makes it 3 and my mom will be here helping me out with the little ones. Im only one week away from the surgery and guilt, fear and concern are creaping up on me. Im feeling guilty for spending all this money on me, I'm scared something is gonna go wrong and I might not wake up :(. I'm concerned because I'm gonna be out of commission for at least 2 weeks and my family needs me. But a tiny part if me is really excited :)

So far I have these and I hope I dont need any more.
*Pre-op supplements
*arnica montana
*post-op supplements
*scar sheets
*milk of magnesium
*stool softner
*Hibiclens wash
*dressing bandages
*alcohol swabs
*hydrogen peroxide
*hand sanitizer
*sterile gloves
*throw up container (one I got from the hospital when I had my son)
* side table
* Toilet raise
*shower chair
* removable shower head
* a new sport bra with back support and front hooks. Even though I don't know what size I'll be after.
* comfy clothes to wear home.

If I'm missing anything let me know please :) ???????
Not sure yet.

Impressed by Dr. Victor Ramirez work and his office staff hospitality. Looking forward to a great experience :)

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