Abdominoplasty (Full Tummy Tucks) + Full Liposuction + Pain Pump $4,350 Mexicali Baja California

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Abdominoplasty (Full Tummy Tucks) and Full...

Abdominoplasty (Full Tummy Tucks) and Full Liposuction and Pain Pump
Location: Mexicali Baja California
Total price:4,350 USD
Surgeon: Victor Manuel Ramirez Hernandez, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Patient care coordinator: Luis Alejandro Gaitan Alvarez or (Alex Gaitan)
Arriving Wed April 2, an stay 5 days until Monday April 7th 2014
From Los Angeles County, CA to Mexicali by Greyhound Bus.
8 hour ride and will be picked up my Alex Gaitan my patient coordinator personally.
I will arrive at 11:45 pm and spend a night at the hospital
I am told my Alex Gaitan thatI will meet Dr. Victor Ramirez the next morning for my consult, pre-op tests and then go right into surgery at the hospital and I will have a pain pump for the two days I am at the hospital.

Alejandro Gaitan has been AMAZING. Extremely professional, warm and personable

So far my contact person Alejandro Gaitan has been AMAZING. Extremely professional, warm and personable. Alex will spend as much time as you need to answer all questions.. I have not had my procedure yet, but so far I am optimistic and feel everything will go well.
(Looking forward to having my surgery and brand-new me April 3, 2014 with Dr. Victor Ramirez in Mexicai Recommendations:

Bring Light Luggage

No Jewelry and Piercings

Start fasting at 9 pm

Eat well one day before surgery

Pre Op Guide Tummy Tuck/Lipo: Surgeon: Dr. Victor Ramirez - Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

Pre Op Guide Tummy Tuck/Lipo:
Surgeon: Dr. Victor Ramirez - Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
Make Sure Our Doctors Are Aware Of ALL Medications You Are Currently Taking**
(Over-The-Counter As Well As Any Prescription Drugs).

• Do - Take a daily quality multivitamin such as Centrum that includes 100% of your daily needs for all vitamins and minerals, including iron. You will need to continue taking the multivitamin for one full month after your surgery to help your abdominoplasty recovery.
• Do - Stop taking herbal supplements. Just as the substances mentioned in #2 above can interfere with clotting and can thin the blood, so can many herbal supplements before getting a tummy tuck. Additionally, herbal products can negatively affect your blood pressure or could cause complications with anesthesia. Supplements known to have these effects include ginger, garlic, and Ginko Biloba.
• Do - Discontinue any weight loss pills (herbal or synthetic), even if they are prescribed to you. Diet pills and herbal weight loss aids (including weight loss teas) can adversely affect you during surgery and can alter your body’s clotting ability, heart rate, breathing, or blood pressure.
• Do - Stop smoking at least two weeks before getting a tummy tuck and preferably sooner than that. Smoking directly affects the body’s ability to heal because it reduces blood flow to the skin and can seriously impede healing after surgery. Patients are asked NOT to smoke again after surgery to get the best tummy tuck results.
• Do - Tell us everything that you are currently taking so that we can assess which medications will need to be halted before getting a tummy tuck to help you have a safe surgery and the very best post-op tummy tuck results.
• Do - Stop taking other prescription medications including:
SSRI medications such as Luvox, Celexa, Paxil, Zoloft, Lexapro, and Prozac.
TCA medications such as Amitriptyline and Nortriptyline.
Anti-depressants such as Effexor, Cymbalta, and Wellbutrin
• Do Not - Take megadoses of any vitamin, especially vitamin E. We ask that you make sure that your multivitamin contains 100% of your daily need for vitamin E and that you do not take more than that.
• Do Not - Take any medications containing aspirin or salicylic acid, naproxen/naproxen sodium, or ibuprofen. This includes Alka-Seltzer, Excedrin, Dristan, Darvon, Ascription, Percodan, Emprin, Motrin, Midol, Advil, Aleve, Naprosyn, or Naproxen. These medications thin the blood and prevent the body from being able to clot properly. You will be prescribed narcotic painkillers after your procedure and can take extra strength Tylenol (acetaminophen) after that because it is safe for both pre-op and post-op patients.
One Week Prior To Getting A Tummy Tuck:

• Yes - Some patients on certain medications may be advised to continue taking them for up to one week prior to surgery and to resume taking them again after one week post-op.
• Do - Wash your body for at least 7 days prior to surgery with an antibacterial soap to kill germs. The soap should be in liquid form without moisturizers such as Safeguard, Dial, or Lever2000. Bar soap can be a breeding ground for bacteria on the surface of the soap. Do not wash with wash cloths; use your hands.
• Do - Call our office if you develop an illness such as a cold or the flu. Also call us if you get an infection of any kind including boils, pus-filled sores or a rash with open sores; we may need to postpone your procedure until you are healthy again.
• Do - Make sure you have already pre-arranged for an adult to drive you to and from the procedure as well as stay with you for at least 24 hours afterward. We can arrange for you to be picked up from home and dropped off by our driving service if you need, but please note you will still need an adult at home to care for you for the first 24 hours. Patients CANNOT be left alone for the first 24 hours after surgery.
• Do - Let us know if you are planning to stay somewhere other than home after surgery. We will need to know what telephone number to call when we check in on you after surgery.
• Do Not - Consume any alcoholic drinks.
• Do Not - Take any over-the-counter medications unless you first clear them with us. Tylenol is OK.
Night Before Getting A Tummy Tuck:

• If you have been cleared to take medications, find out from us when you can take them since you are less than 24 hours away from having surgery. Some patients will be asked to skip their dose prior to getting a tummy tuck.
• Shower and wash with antibacterial soap. This will help to further decrease the risk for infection after surgery.
• During your pre-op appointment you will already have been given a prescription for Keflex, an antibiotic, to be taken the day prior to surgery. You will take one pill twice a day for 5 days, beginning today.
• Dr. Asare and Dr. Diktaban ask that you take Arnika Forte to help you heal after surgery and give you the best tummy tuck results. We will provide you with the tablets on the day of the procedure.
• Do Not - Eat or drink anything after midnight, PREFERABLE FASTING AT 9:00PM if you are undergoing general anesthesia for your procedure.
Morning of surgery:

• Do - Shower and wash with antibacterial soap. Shampoo your hair. This will help to reduce the chances of a post-operative infection and increase the chances of excellent tummy tuck results.
• Do - Wear glasses (bring your case) instead of contact lenses.
• Do - Remove your wrist watch as well as all of your jewelry and piercings. We will tape up your wedding band.
• Do - Wear something loose and comfortable for after your tummy tuck. Jeans are an example of what NOT to wear. Elastic waist pants or yoga pants are an example of a GOOD thing to wear. Shirts should be button down so that you won’t have to lift your arms or stretch to get dressed. Slip on shoes or house slippers are best.
• Yes - You may eat a light breakfast or snack up to 3 hours prior to your procedure, if you are having local anesthetic.
• We can arrange for you to be picked up from and taken back home after your procedure. However, please note that we do not allow patients to leave in a cab, on a bus or on the subway after surgery.
• When you arrive at our facility, you will be given pain medication to take home after getting a tummy tuck.
• Do - Take Arnika Forte (one capsule twice daily for 5 days starting today) and your antibiotic as prescribed.
• Do Not - Use any products on your skin, hair or body including deodorant, face cream, body lotion, make-up or lip gloss, perfume/cologne or hair styling products.
For best results after getting a tummy tuck, review our post-operative instructions. If you have questions or concerns at any time, contact Alex Gaitan via email at: alex@globalmedicaltourism.com.mx

Surgeon: Dr. Victor Ramirez - Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

Went to Bank of America and got Cashiers Check $4,350 USA for Payment for Surgery.

Went to Bank of America and got Cashiers Check $4,350 USA for Payment for Surgery.
Also purchased some Hibiclens®*** the antimicrobial antiseptic skin cleanser can be an effective defense for preventing the spread of MRSA and other staph infections in your facilities. Its active ingredient, CHG works in a unique way- it kills germs on contact and bonds with the skin to keep killing microorganisms even after washing. You should wash before and after surgery with this and can buy at most drug stores.

So happy I am getting the "PAIN PUMP" included with my surgery! :) - :)

Surgeon: Dr. Victor Ramirez - Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
I am getting a pain pump with my surgery; The pain pump bathes the belly wall with anesthetic, easing discomfort and allowing a patient to get up and get moving sooner which minimizes risks for blood clots. I am allergic to codeine, vi-codeine and very sensitive to most narcotic pain medication I made sure that the price included to use a pain pump in addition to the usual post op medications given I also with take a anti-nausea medication.
I was very happy that the surgeon Dr. Victor Ramirez included the hospital stay for 2 days as well as the pain pump for two days include the cost of the pain pump/hospital in the fees, that way a patient does not have to weigh the benefit of the pump against the cost.
This was very important to me and I liked it very much.

I will be staying at: Real Inn Mexicali - Mexicali. Avenida de Los Heroes 201, Centro Civico, Mexicali, BC, 21000, Mexico

Abdominoplasty (Full Tummy Tucks) and Full Liposuction and Pain Pump Location: Mexicali Baja California Total price: 4,350 USD *** Surgeon: Victor Manuel Ramirez ***
Accommodations are as follows: Real Inn Mexicali - Mexicali. Avenida de Los Heroes 201, Centro Civico, Mexicali, BC, 21000, Mexico.

Hotel Features.
Real Inn Mexicali has an outdoor pool and a fitness center. Complimentary wireless Internet access is available in public areas and a computer station is located on site. Business amenities at this 3.5-star property include a meeting/conference room and secretarial services. The hotel offers a bar/lounge. Guests are served a complimentary breakfast each morning. Additional amenities include multilingual staff, tour/ticket assistance, and a safe deposit box at the front desk. Onsite parking is complimentary. A total renovation of this property was completed in March 2013.


The 158 guestrooms at Real Inn Mexicali include hair dryers and irons/ironing boards. Complimentary wireless high-speed Internet access is provided. Televisions are equipped with cable channels and pay movies. Housekeeping is offered daily.

Considerations Pros and Cons: Abdominoplasty (Full Tummy Tucks) + Full Liposuction + Pain Pump $4,350 Mexicali Baja California

• Tummy-tuck surgery will restore a flat tummy.
• You will look better in clothes and swimwear.
• You will have a more youthful-looking body.
• You will have a scar (located in the bikini area).
• Another pregnancy may influence surgery results, so it is best to wait until you’ve finished having children before undergoing this procedure.
• Weight gain following abdominoplasty may negatively affect your surgery results.
Am I a good candidate for a tummy tuck?
There comes a time when you realize that efforts at dieting and exercise are yielding lower numbers on your bathroom scale but not changing the appearance of your sagging and protruding abdomen. The following are some common reasons why you may want to consider a tummy tuck:
• Aging, heredity, pregnancy, prior surgery or weight fluctuations have left you with extra skin on your abdomen, abdominal muscle weakness, or both.
• You do not smoke. Smoking slows down the healing process and increases the risk of serious complications during and after surgery. If you smoke, you must quit at least six weeks before surgery.
• Your weight is stable. Slender individuals with extra fat and loose skin in the lower tummy are the best candidates; if you are generally obese, this procedure is not appropriate for you.
• If you have a significant amount of intra-abdominal fat surrounding your internal organs, you may need to slim down before considering a tummy tuck.
• You are physically healthy. You must be in relatively good physical shape to tolerate this procedure.
• You are finished having children. The muscles that are repaired during an abdominoplasty can separate again during future pregnancy.
• Internal or external scars from any previous abdominal surgery may also affect your candidacy.
If you are in good general health, have a positive attitude and realistic expectations, you are most likely a good candidate for this procedure.

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When you do this, your outer life will change to reflect your inner state of being.

May Joy Be With You - ( secret scrolls)
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Important Things to Note:

Things to Note before surgery:
•It’s important to consume enough water while on a diet.
•Do not take any herbal medications for 7 days prior to surgery.
•Do not take any aspirin, Advil, Nuprin, Aleve or any other non-steroidal antiinflammatory medication for 7 days prior to surgery. These medications cause unnecessary bleeding after surgery. This includes baby aspirin and most arthritis medications. If you are not sure, please check with our Doctors. For headache or minor pains you may use Tylenol. You may restart these medications the next day after surgery.
•You may take needed medications (such as heart or blood pressure medications) with sips of water the morning of surgery as directed by our Doctors.


To: Alex Gaitan. (Global Medical Tourism) /

RE: Dr. Paredes, has really bad ratings and I did not want him doing my surgery

Alex, this was obviously not a good experience for me with you changing the surgeon on me at the last minute.
I am already back in the USA, I had taken off work and school for two weeks to make this happen without pay.
I have custody of my three grand-children so I had to pay $900 for childcare and the $210 for greyhound I lost and $60 to for a motel 1 night and another $62.00 to take the greyhound back home as I got off the greyhound after trying to call your cell several times with the message this person is not accepting calls at this time. I tried to leave several messages that I researched Dr. Victor Ramirez for over 1 year and that is why I wanted him to do my surgery, I was not comfortable at all if not frightened to hear that at the last minute that you wanted met to change surgeons to a doctor I never heard of but I did Google the new doctor name Dr. Paredes, Mexicali and I found this recent rating which made me then get off the greyhound after I left you messages and text you with no response back.
Did you get my messages and texts or maybe you did not set your voice-mail message center up as I attempted to reach you several times prior to getting off the greyhound to head back home.

I lost approx. $2,500 from missing work, childcare , travel expenses just because you changed the surgeon but I felt better losing this than to have surgery with someone that has bad ratings which increases my risk for a bad surgery or even my life.

I tried to get a refund or credit but the tickets where non-refundable and the next bus going back to my house was the next morning so I rented a motel.

I really would like for you to read the rating on the doctor you wanted to changed me to and tell me what would you do?

I am trying to improve my self and this story was really horrifying on the doctor you wanted to do my surgery.

I decided to wait to get my surgery in August with another doctor that has excellent ratings about the same price but not in Mexicali.

Dr. Paredes Do not use this doctor almost killed me.


DON'T DO IT!!!! The coordinator for helping hands medical tourism (Julio Basaldua) Which isn't his real name is a con and a liar. After 10 months of speaking directly with this person, and a signed contract I thought I was set however the night before I was due to leave, I get a call from Hospital De La Familia stating my surgery was not scheduled because Julio had been fired back in October 2013…

I had a really bad infection and the wound opened up because the surgeon sewed incorrectly. I was told that the sutures would be dissolvable but they are not. So I had to have the stitches removed some we could not remove because they have grown into my skin. I
have a deep hole In my abdomen. Dr. Paredes and Julio from helping hands medical tourism still refuse to give the operative report. The…

· 1 month post

I spent 15 days in the hospital after infection

which left me with an open hole in my abdomen that isn't closing. The dr says it could take 6 months for this hole to close.

I had surgery with Dr. Alejandro Paredes in Mexicali MX. I used Helping Hands Medical Tourism owner Julio Basaldua and it almost cost me my life.

Dr. Paredes No utilice este médico casi me mata .
NO LO HAGA ! ! El coordinador de las manos amigas de turismo médico ( Julio Basaldua ) ¿Qué no es su nombre real es una estafa y un mentiroso. Después de 10 meses de hablar directamente con esta persona, y un contrato firmado que pensé me tendieron sin embargo, la noche antes que era debido a salir, yo recibo una llamada de Hospital De La Familia declarando mi cirugía no estaba prevista porque Julio había sido despedido de nuevo en octubre de 2013 ... Mostrar más

Tuve una muy mala infección y la herida abrí porque el cirujano cose de forma incorrecta. Me dijeron que las suturas serían solubles pero no son . Así que tuve que le quite los puntos algunos no podíamos quitar porque se han convertido en mi piel. Tengo un profundo agujero en mi abdomen. Dr. Paredes y Julio de manos amigas turismo médico todavía se niegan a dar el informe operatorio . La ... 31 de marzo 2014
• Articulo 1 mes
Me pasé 15 días en el hospital después de la infección

que me dejó con un agujero abierto en mi abdomen que no se está cerrando. El dr dice que podría tener 6 meses de esta agujero para cerrar .
Tuve una cirugía con el Dr. Alejandro Paredes en Mexicali MX . Yo solía ayudar propietario Manos Turismo Médico Julio Basaldua y casi me cuesta la vida .

Dr. Victor Ramirez cancelled surgery at the last minute to Dr. Alejandro Eduardo Paredes Vallejo

***** NOT WORTH IT *****
Victor Manuel Ramirez Hernandez

All pre-operative testing and exams • All related surgical costs: surgeons, anesthesia, equipment, hospital stay, nursing care • 2 night stay at Women’s Hospital • 2 night stay at local hotel • Personal host in Mexicali and hospital dedicated to your travel itinerary and medical travel program • Case Manager assistance • Ground transportation to and from the hospital from the Yuma or San Diego Airport • Necessary transportation between hospital and hotel • REAL INN HOTEL • (WI-FI, MINI REFRIGERATOR, INTERNATIONAL RESTAURANT, FREE BREAKFAST BUFFET ) Will I have the procedure in a hospital or Where? San Angel Hospital Please send me Pre-Op and Post Op Information. (clotting times, pressure test, glucose, HHP ) Confirm you will have the pain pump for me. *Very Important*: Yes you will, All our patient have the pain pump ( during surgery and while stay at the Hospital ) Dr. Víctor Ramírez (short for) Victor Manuel Ramirez Hernandez Calle B 258 entre Reforma y Obregón Col. Segunda Sección, Mexicali B.C. CP21000 ABOUT DR. VICTOR RAMIREZ Dr. Ramirez himself received his medical education** in Morelia, which is the capital of the Mexican state of Michoacan (de Ocampo). He attended the well- respected, and well-reputed Universidad de Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo***. After graduating in 1997, he completed his general surgery residency (1997 – 2002) at Hospital Central Militar (which is a large military hospital – similar to Bethesda or other American VA facilities, located in Mexico City.) He completed his plastic and reconstructive specialty surgery at the same facility in 2007 – 2008. During his fellowship, he published several papers in a national medical journal, Revista Sanidad Militar (Military Health Magazine). He completed additional training in microsurgery and breast reconstruction and received his board certification in plastic, esthetic and reconstructive surgery.

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