275cc saline implants filled to 300L/325R- Metarie, LA

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My mom went to a local PS in our area about 10...

My mom went to a local PS in our area about 10 years ago and got breast implants and at the time silicone hasn't been redesigned to be safer yet so she went with saline and they still look great ten years later. I'm 19 years old and my surgery date is in a little over a month. I also decided that I want saline like my mom. I'm nervous, excited, scared and all of the above. I have so many unanswered questions! But right now, it's definitely about sizes. I'm in college so usually fall break consists of a month so it should give me enough time to recover from December 16th until I resume school on January 18th.

I'm a short girl, around 5'0 and weigh 125 average. Though I'm not a skinny girl, my PS suggested that the skin on my chest was too tight for me to go as big as I want. In other words, he wants me to get 300cc moderate plus. I went back to him for a second consult and he seems like he's set in stone about me getting 300cc for my right side and 275cc for my left. My question is, could I truly go bigger and push it a little or should I take his opinion since he's been in the biz a long time?

Another thing, weight gain! Like I said, I'm short. So weight gain as little as 5 pounds can make a huge difference on me. I know that water retention is common among breast implants but how soon after is that weight loss?

I always like to joke with my friends and say my boobs started growing when I was twelve and stopped when I was twelve and a half. Ha ha.. I have random questions because I'm a night owl and it's when I research on this a lot. So I'll ask as they come.

Recovery x menstruation??

Ok, so my next question is a little personal, but I rescheduled my surgery because of the date confliction. It'll be January 2nd now, around the approximate time that I also get my period. Will recovering be more difficult? Because normally when I'm menstruating, I use the restroom a lot. Not being able to do that because I'll be asleep is a little scary. So how worried should I be?

I also built up confidence to post a nude of myself. Can't wait until I'm on the other side!

preop appointment

Ok, a little late on updating because my life is so busy especially with Christmas and New Years coming around the corner. I had my pre operation appointment on Thursday where I went over procedure information and filled out so much paperwork as well as pay for the surgery. Felt like I was signing over for a car almost! Lol. Cheryl, my RN nurse is very comforting and told me everything I needed to know and handed me a book full of important information for before and after my surgery. It's seriously starting to feel so real. It has honestly hit me! I'm getting my boobs in 11 days...

I also spoke with my doctor about going just a little bigger... I told him if he can push it to 300/325 during surgery, then do so. But if my skin can't handle it, then stay with our original option which was 275/300. Whichever one is fine but most people I've talked to about breast implants told me to push it if I can because once the swelling goes down, it'll look smaller. I'm glad that he has agreed to do it. I trust my PS, considering he's done my mom's implants. I even bought a couple 34C VS bras because I couldn't contain my excitement. if they don't fit I'll just exchange em. Now it's time for the waiting game. Taking multivitamins in the mean time and hoping to have a smooth sailing on January 2nd. New year, new me - LITERALLY!

Getting sick....

Today I started getting a little cough and started to feel somewhat sick. By the end of the night, I had lost my voice. My surgery is this Thursday so I'm not even sure what kind of medicine to take or whether or not I should reschedule my surgery because I am sick.. Seems like getting sick prior to surgery is common for many ppl. Hope I will be ok by Thursday. If I am not, will the surgery still go on? I'm scared. Help!

tomorrow is the big day!

Ok, so still a little sick but not as bad as I was before. I've been taking mucinex and tylenol cold multisymptom. Last time I took the tylenol was this afternoon. The day has come sooner than expected. Can't wait to be on the other side!

Almost one week since I've been on the other side!

Ok, so I know I didn't give everyone the day by day update but I finally got around to realself to update. I've been wanting to, but lazy. Ha! So tomorrow is my one week post op appointment and I think it's safe to say that my BA experience was so amazing. I had such a speedy recovery. I guess I was expecting things to be so much worse based off of what everyone says, but for anyone who is getting BA soon, don't be scared!

Day of surgery, I came in at 6:15am and my surgery was for 7. Filled out some paperwork and did the pregnancy test for safety reasons. It all happened so fast and all the nurses were so nice and comforting. I changed into my gown, got my IV fluids, and met with the doctor. I kept telling everyone how nervous I was, so they gave me a relaxer? Once my PS made some drawings, we were in the OR. I was awake for probably 15 secs in the OR and next thing, I woke up in the recovery room! It's amazing how fast it felt. I was in no such pain that I even tried to use the bathroom by myself and made jokes with my sister. Luckily the nurse helped me. Once I was discharged and sent home around 9:45 with my mom and sister, I had took my nausea meds, oxycodone for pain, and antibacterial meds as directed along with a smoothie. I wasn't in any pain whatsoever, but I guess around 12 I started feeling nauseated and threw up. My boyfriend was by my side the entire day, and my sister was helping me also. My mom then fed me some soup that my boyfriend had bought from whole foods but I later on threw it up also. I actually threw up from 12PM till 2AM later that night. I think that was the roughest part about recovery but I decided that the nausea meds were not helping and the pain meds were the cause of the nausea. So day 2, I stopped taking the pain meds completely and only took Tylenol maximum strength along with the antibiotics.

The next few days were all just bed rest and what not. I think day 3, my sister took a shower for me. Today I am still a little weak but able to change my own clothes and slowly get out of bed by myself. I am soooo excited to finally wear my new bras and even more excited to be fully recovered. I had minimal pain and really/honestly the best recovery. I still haven't drove yet but I'm hoping I can start soon. I'm so thankful for so many people who love me and took care of me so wonderfully; I think they definitely made the process alot easier.

And to answer my own questions, I was 122.8 before surgery and after I weigh 124.8. Definitely not a huge difference which I'm glad. I cannot wait to start working out! I also wasn't as sick on the day of surgery so the anesthesiologist said I'll be okay. And as far as my period, I got it the day after my surgery but my mom gave me some medicine to help make my period alot easier so it wasn't as uncomfortable being on my period during recovery.

I'll write a review about my doctor later. I think my boobs look amazing so I'm glad I chose him. His staff at the office and hospital are both so kind and amazing.

Day 8

Yesterday's post op check-up went well. I was in and out of the office which was great cause I was hungry, lol. Dr. Khoobehi took out my stitches in literally less than a minute and taught me how to massage my new breasts. He also gave me a scaring gel called New Gel + E. He also gave me the go on wearing bras but my assumption is to wear them without underwires? I've only been massaging them a few times since yesterday and they already look great. I can't wait to be able to wear any bra I want.

Trying on my new bras!

Lol, okay I know its too early to wear underwired bras but I really wanted to try them on! I've been massaging to close in the gap a bit so it so far looks like its working. Can't exactly tell how well the scaring gel has been working but I hope there's progress. I might just buy a drugstore brand scar gel once this tube is empty. Any recommendations?

My bra size is 34C as expected. I could fit 32C also.


So it's been almost two weeks. Still in absolute love with my new girls. I almost forgot what it looked like before. On Sunday I went for a two mile walk at a local park in uptown New Orleans. It felt great with a little bit of heaviness. Also, my scars are looking pretty good as they're peeling already. Looks like it's healing fast. What do you guys think?

Two weeks

I still experience the morning tightness where it gets super uncomfortable. Nothing a little massage can't fix. As much as I keep massaging though, there is still a gap in my chest. I was wondering if I will eventually get a nice cleavage? I was really just skin and bones pre ba so I'm not sure if it affects your cleavage. My mom's cleavage looks really nice but she had three kids prior.

Also for anyone who is trying to find a good post op bra with no under wire, spanx brand has really good ones that I just bought yesterday. They're super comfortable. I'll upload a pic of what it looks like.

Almost at 3 weeks, wow how time flies.

It's weird that I can't sleep comfortably on my sides yet. I've been getting lazy on the massaging but I do it at least once a day. My scabs have almost completed peeled and the scars look great. There is however, two downers about my BA experience.

One, my suuuuuuper sensitive nipples. I cringe almost every single time someone touches it by mistake (family) or even by a shirt. I wear my spanx bra to stop the sensitivity but it's almost like an uncomfortable sensitive, kind of hurts. It's more sensitive on my left nipple than my right. Either way, does anyone know when the sensitivity go away?

Second of all, boob greed. I was used to the swelling and almost expected it to get smaller. But now I feel like they're too small for what I paid for. I understand it was what my body could handle but man... I wish I could've gone bigger. My body looks proportionate don't get me wrong, it's just.. they don't look big at all! Unless I wear a push up bra. Does this boob greed feeling go away? Blahhh
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Khoobehi was recommended by my very own mom who got her BA 10 years ago and still look amazing. His staff are wonderful both at the hospital and his office. He knew exactly what was right for my body and his work is very efficient. Recovery was beyond what I expected as I had no bruising whatsoever. I definitely recommend anyone in the area to see Dr. Khoobehi!

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