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About me…I am 5’9”, 182 lbs...

About me…I am 5’9”, 182 lbs (yep, a big girl) I am a divorced 39 year old mother of 4 children. Their ages are 18, 17, 8 and 7. When I had the first two, in my 20's, I bounced back fairly quickly and lost any pregnancy weight I gained. I was in the military and had always been in love with running, and that's how I had always maintained that weight....

Not so, with the last two whom I had in my early 30’s, they are 10 ½ months apart. I gained 90 lbs with my third child!! I was hoping she was going to be born with her own luggage and ready for college...but NOOOOO, just 6lbs!! And I didn't even have a chance to lose that weight. I became pregnant with my 4th child 6 weeks after delivering my 3rd!! So, in essence, I was pregnant for 18 months!! I tried not to gain more during that pregnancy...but certainly didn't lose any either!

So, for the last 7 years I have ran a million miles, hiked hundreds of miles, done step aerobics, PiYo, spinning, kickboxing, yoga, zoomba, water aerobics, treadmill, stair climbing, boot camps, torture chambers, weight lifting, you name it, I signed up for it….even P90.…and was able to lose a whopping 60 lbs…I had 30 to go and it hasn’t budged for the last three years. And as you can see in the picture…the body below does not look like this person is doing ANY of those activities. Talk about frustrating!!!

In addition to exercise, I have tried every diet possible for these last 30 pounds. In the past, I could skip a couple of meals and I’d be where I wanted to be in no time…NOW….if I skip a couple of minutes of not eating I get the shakes, can’t think and when I am thinking I am thinking about what I will eat next!! I’m not sure about you all….but as I get older…I don’t want my final days of life filled with… “I had two slices of pizza today…so that means I have to run an extra ½ mile at 6.2259 pace faster so that I can fit into my WORK clothes for the rest of my life!!!”

I was at a point where I was tired….Tired of trying so very hard and seeing so little results. So I have saved, and saved, and saved and saved….and borrowed just a little (LOL). And I met with 3 surgeons before choosing Dr. B. And just as so many others have said on this site, just after meeting “THE” doctor who does your surgery…you will know.. He/She is “THE ONE”. Loved this man! Highly recommend him. He seemed so much younger than the other surgeons I met, certainly younger than me (UGH), but kind, understanding, and knowledgeable. I cannot explain it…I immediately trusted him.

So, here I am. 5 days post-op of my life change! Here’s a quick summary:

2 months pre-surgery date:
1) Stalked the people on this site for every scrap of information, boob types, belly button types, pros/cons, pain, supplies needed, horror stories (thank God, there were not many of those…but for the ones who did post…my heart goes out to you).

2) Continued researching Docs in my area…still no luck finding “THE ONE”…(kinda sounds like my man hunting skills ----LOL)

3) Working out harder than before…Yep, still nothing…not one ounce…. (SCREAMING)

1 month pre-surgery:

1) I met “THE ONE”!!! But have things coming up and have to put it on hold for a month…

2) Continued stalking this site…Brought Mommyof4’s photo in for the type of boobs I want (they are the most AWESOME boobs ever!!-- She looks amazing) I hope she doesn’t mind that I used her boobs…And my doctor laughed at me! He said, “I usually have people brining VS pictures in, or an occasional porn star’s….but never a real person!” But he said he could do it!!! (Heart is racing!! OMG! I might have sexy boobies…after breast feeding 4 kiddos…raisin would be my current state)

Day of Surgery:
1) Nervous: Went in for 5:30, met with my doctor who was right on time. Met the anesthesiologist gave me something and was talking to me about something….and next thing I know…I’m in a room with my man looking at me asking me if I was ever going to wake up!!

First thing I did? Looked down of course!!! LOL… Boobs!! No fat/skin roll!!!

But I had to stay way longer because….I couldn’t seem to figure out how a skinny girl pees!! I mean, I used to roll down on my fat roll….now…NOTHING is there!!!

But the kind nurses were ready to go home and they catheterized me around 10:00 p.m. Ahhhh. Only me would forget how to pee :/

Morning day 2:

1) Got in touch with Jesus/God… “Please Lord, let me pee!!” Still nothing…getting panicked! What if he squashed my bladder when he was pulling up my hooo haaa!! I’m gonna fill up with pee and pop!! Why the heck did I do this to myself!! I promise Jesus, I’m not vain, I just wanted my fat roll gone!!

And finally Jesus listened…and took me 20 minutes to twinkle just a little bit…Ahhh.

Morning day 3:

1) Boobs are huge, swollen hardly fitting in a bra. I was a flabby “hang low” 38C prior to surgery…I have no idea what I am supposed to be now…but, I feel like I am in a corset!! The surgical bra’s cups are running over, I can’t breath…not to mention touch them. I feel nothing on the right side, left side is sensitive… as stated here…feels like I need to breast feed. They DO NOT look like Mommyof4’s!! Mine are shaped like footballs!! WAAAAA

Morning day 4:

1) Post-op check up. I was able to take a shower the day after surgery, but, I didn’t. I could barley walk to the potty…sit there for the 20 minutes it took to pee…without being totally wiped out. I certainly couldn’t have taken a shower. But I did sit by my sink and wash my body off, I had my oldest daughter blow dry my hair…And, I had make-up on….Almost looked like me..but couldn’t fit into any clothes. Baggy shorts a huge sweater that would fit over my football boobs..Lovely.

Doctor fussed at me for not taking a shower….I hope I didn’t stink, but hey, 15 grand, I can smell the way I want…Football boobs and all.

Photo Update

Day 5&6: I just wanted to thank all the...

Day 5&6:
I just wanted to thank all the people who commented on my progress. Thanks to the Moderator Angiemcc; I felt like I was talking to someone famous!!! I have seen your name and responses to so many people on here. You always seem to know the right thing to say to each person, each response is so heartfelt and genuine. What you do is a wonderful thing! Thank you!

Day 5:
Okay, I really consider myself a mature, intelligent and fairly reasonable woman. I will research and analyze from every angle. As I’m sure most people on here are…after all, our research found this site, right? So, you would think that after ALL the people who have had this procedure done say… “Drink plenty of WATER…Don’t drink caffeine…pops, soda’s, coffee” what ever you call it….you would think I wouldn’t, right? Well, I didn’t see “WHY” I shouldn’t drink it…just not to.

So, I drank two glasses of diet coke today.

It was so cold and sitting in my refrigerator just waiting for me…And guess what? I found out the WHY you don’t drink caffeine…The acid will give you the worst heartburn EVER!

I’m talking Predator coming out of your CHEST heartburn.

Those of you still in the planning stage….HERE IS THE “WHY” of NO CAFFEINE: You will want to die from the severe heartburn you receive. Pepto does not help, nor Tums. I’ll let you know about Zyrtac (?), I’m gonna run out and get some of that….

WATER, WATER, WATER, if you are still planning. Don’t buy any caffeine products prior to surgery. This was just temptation waiting in my refrigerator and I was hunched over just enough to be able to pick it out easier than the cold water bottle behind it….Listen to the very wise people before us!

Day 6:

I have not been sleeping well. I can’t seem to shake the heartburn in my chest. I have to pay close attention to EVERYTHING I eat or I get it so badly. Once again, I researched on this site for tummy tucks/heartburn. And, of course, the answer was right there by many doctors. Thanks so much for this site! It simply stated what should have been obvious to me. The loose stomach muscles are repaired (what we wanted to happen, right?) and in doing so it makes the stomach area tighter and the reflux more of a potential … they say it way better than I and in a way that makes sense. Going back to fruit for now. I had stocked up on Tomato soup, single servings of lasagna or spaghetti so I could watch my calories while not working out…but all that red, acidic, stuff is killing me.

But at least the heartburn got my mind off of the football boobs, and I take wayyyy less time to pee….I’m only 6 days in. I can tell this is going to be quite an awakening for me.

So, this week into my journey I learned the following:

Tummy Tucks = :
Cure for Caffeine Addiction
Cure for Italian Food Addiction
Heck, cure for anything "acidic" addiction

I had to update this with better photos..I cannot...

I had to update this with better photos..I cannot believe such a difference. Today is the first day in 9 days I am getting excited that this might have really worked for me! I didn't even have the courage to look at my before pictures (I see enough in the mirror) but was -horrified-but so glad that I had taken them prior to surgery. I am STILL swollen, get tired easily. But heartburn is gone (I still want pizza-ha!) and I am getting better day by day!!

DON'T WAIT ---DO THIS!!! I haven't even finished healing yet and don't fit into any clothes, but OMG!! I can't wait to try some on!!!

Okay. Am taking a moment to update this. I am...

Okay. Am taking a moment to update this. I am post-op day 18. Days 10-13 were my "emotional roller coaster time". I went through "I can't fit into anything- not even my fat clothes", my boyfriend told me I breathed like "a fat girl" (that was day 10). I burst into tears...after all I just became sliced and diced-human sushi if you will- just so I could run without being embarassed of my fat / skin roll (men ARE stupid). I cried my heart out because, to me...this is my last resort. A d to be called fat...ugh.

BUT- I pushed through that. I looked at my before and after, though not perfect, am still much, much better than I was.

Had drains removed on day 11. Was bordeline for their removal-but I wanted them gone!! OMG what a relief!! They were in the sides of my hips. Also had the steri-strips removed (nothing like having an unexpected bikini wax--ouch! That hurt worse than the drains)

Day 12- shopped (but no bigger clothes for me-I'm going down not Up)

Day 13-all that shopping kicked my a$$. Was so sore! Stayed on the couch. Ugh. Three steps forward, two steps back.

Day 14- back at work! Oh, human contact!! Takes 10 minutes to walk anywhere and people pass me this is what it will be like when I'm 60??? Hope I have better posture! Oh....of course couldn't make it until the end of the day...SEROMA. Called my doctor... He was pleased to see me...but I told him "if I would have known I was coming.. Iwould have wore my good draws" lol! How embarassing - granny panies! Ok. That part I don't recommend---around 6 pokes with a needle and he found my fluid collection. I was squeezing my belly while he was sucking it out---lovely--was sweating, praying I wouldn't pass out on him!! He held one up and said -- kinda looks like beer, huh?
I said, I don't know, but I'm gonna need one after this!!

So days 15-18, I have to take it easy and stay off my feet. Went for check up today and have a little place in tt area that is not healing. Doc dry-packed it and gave me antibiotics. So, that freaked me out--it is the size of a pencil eraser. I don't smoke-- so glad I don't -- so hope this heals quickly.

Will update photos on Friday at 3 weeks. I'm in the middle of swell hell---and scabby (that a word). Not my best look. Hope everyone is healing well! I'll be over here trying to stay positive--with humor--and class---aww who am I kidding!! I'm praying I get through this and will come out of wearing one size smaller! Waaaaa ;)

Just wanted to take a few minutes to update...

Just wanted to take a few minutes to update everyone on my progress. Week three was a total bummer for me. I was packing my little open wound and packed it too far. I was to pack it twice a day, which I did, but when I took the packing out, it would start bleeding---dripping down my leg bleeding. Contacted my doctor and I found out I was pushing it in too far, to gently tap it in. So, did that and bleeding stopped, but the following day woke up with my right side soaked with water.
Freaked me out again, called my doctor, told him not bleeding but clear orangish fluid was draining out....he said good, my seroma found a place to drain, I wouldn't need to suffer needles anymore. So, I drained, and drained and drained. Someone said maxi pads would come in handy. I currently have one riding my right hip. Stops the leaking on my clothes!!

Went in for checkup and ps said side was healing and looked much better. I said, "well, that's good but I need you to check out my left nipple" an area was red and oozing yellow stuff. He said, "not an infection, but a stitch that is irritated" so he removed about 6 from each breast. I just want to heal already.
Ugh. I see other people at three weeks and they are mostly healed. I want the swelling and draining to stop!!
Nothing about this has been attractive -- I have a maxi pad stuck to my side, and my boobs are wrapped up like a mummy....
People probably think I'm stuffing my bra! Lol
hopefully next week will be better.

Just wanted to take a few minutes to update. I was...

Just wanted to take a few minutes to update. I was trying to wait until I finished being all "scabby"...but that looks like it will take this is week 6 for me. Finally stopped leaking. But have a deep indention in my tt scar. I'm hoping it will all smooth out. Was approved to start working out (hallelujah!) have gained 8 lbs since surgery (waaaah) that's taking off 4 lbs for my breasts. They are 550 cc and 600 cc high profile mentor saline implants. So when I got on the scale...Had a heart attack!! I was glad I could subtract anything!! And good lord I'm hoping that most of my weight is swelling (but the lumps on my booty are telling me that's not so!!) need butt lipo! Lol!

Well, I have discovered that finding clothes to cover the breasts have been quite a challenge. I have a 38 inch chest wall and with my nipples...44 inches!!

I may have not thought all this through!

So, I'm a 38DD...and they have the ugliest bras for that size!! I'm talking viking battle bras...ugh. But...I don't always have to wear one. Things stay pointing straight!! Lol

Well, i will have to wait to post pics of scabby me. Not sble to do from my phone :( I was hoping my breasts would round out more. I find them to still be very pointy. I have been doing the breast messages, and the left one is still swollen. But it is the one that had the most work done and the larger implant.

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