33 Years Old, No Kids, and Bye Bye Belly Fat!! - Metairie, LA

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33 years Old, no kids, and a much needed suction...

33 years Old, no kids, and a much needed suction of the fat. A little bout my self........first thing Hello RS ppls, i have been stalking this website for a while and now i can finally become part of the family with my upcoming procedure.

Im 5'9, i weigh 151Lbs, i have always been active and a former athlete, actually i had been rather skinny until these last 2 years (i.e. i couldnt gain a buck over 110-118 lbs)... my mom says its my adult weight and that it just took me extra long to get it!! : )..... Ive been the too skinny, need a cheese burger type of girl all my life and not on purpose. But lately i had been happy with my new thickness until i realized i dont know how to control it, my usual dieting and extreme workouts dont work on all my areas like they use too. Leaving me with a problem with my mid-section, my legs and calf are tone and muscular, along with my arms and shoulders and upper back, but this pesky stomach and love handles will be the death me...... until i decided to take control!

I mainly am looking to look better in my clothes without my love handles poking out through them. My procedure was going to be the end of April on the 25th, until i got a phone call today in regards to a canceled procedure and now i get to move my date up to the 15th!

I cant wait, ive read every comment on here and questioned my doctor to death. I feel this is the help i need so that i can see some killer results once i get back to my workout regimen. I will be having my upper and lower stomach, upper and lower back, and waist/love handles.

My Plastic Surgeon uses both the "SMart Lipo" and "Vaser Lipo". She uses the Vaser because it helps with removing large quantities of fat faster than the "Smart Lipo" and then she goes back with the "Smart Lipo MPX" to better sculpt and help with skin tightening and decrease in bleeding.....even though they both help, this is her thought process on why she prefers to use them both.

11 days and counting

So i have my pre-op appointment on Monday. I know i will be fitted for my garment, given my prescriptions, go back over what is expected that day of precedure and sign my consents.....is there anything else i should expect at this pre-op?

Plan on going shopping this weekend to get more comfy clothes and i see alot of ppl on here purchase the arnica pills and cream....do these work? and should i purchase another CG now or should i wait to see how much smaller i might get?

Thanks so much and Happy Weekend Everyone

Pre-OP Appointment done

So i getting excited, it still hasnt set in yet that im finally getting this done. But i had my pre-op appointment Monday 4/7. Everything went pretty smooth. Paid my balance off in full and got all of my prescriptions and got fitted for my CG. I had to try on 3 different CG before we got it right, but i really liked that Dr. Mizgala wanted to approve the CG and she looked at everyone i tried on until she thought it was right for me. She took her time and went back over everything to be done and whats to be expected, they took my pre-op photos and Dr. Mizgala drew on the photos with a marker to show what she wanted to target and focus on! I truly left the office feeling very secure in picking her to be my Surgeon.

Soooooo the Count down begins till 4/15/14

Tomorrow is the day!

tomorrow is the big day! seems like it has gotten here so fast! Im well prepared and now just trying to keep my self occupied so that the time passes quickly!!

Procedure Day Tuesday 4/15/2014

Ok so I had my procedure done yesterday 4/15, but due to the fact that i kept falling asleep, i wasn't able to post anything until today! So ima do one for yesterday and today. So i arrived for my procedure at 9am, the staff was ready and prepared for me, as well as being extra nice and accommodating, they took my husbands number and brought me to the back dressing room.

Once in the dressing room they gave me a paper gown to put on, and had me take everything off except for my panties. Dr. Mizala came in with all smiles, and that made me so relaxed, we went over again what was to be expected and she then decided to do my upper back/bra folds, which i had no complaints about adding that to the to-do list. She then marked my body with a black marker for the areas to get, as well as marked the areas on the pre-op photos that i had taken at the office.

After that, she had me take 2 Lortabs, 1 valium, 1 phenergan, and 1 of the antibiotics all at the same time! These are the meds that she had me bring to the office from the prescriptions she gave me at pre-op appointment. So waited about 40minutes then the meds started to kick in! I went to the back and then we began, so from about 10am to 2pm she worked on my upper and lower abdomen and left/right flanks. She would use the Vaser lipo machine first and then go back with Smart-Lipo to fine tune and sculpt. The procedure was not painful at all, but if at anytime the tumescent fluid would start to wear off or if she would hit a spot/area that was pain-full she would stop add more tumescent fluid, "which would numb the procedure area" and then she would start back!!

At 2pm they decided to take a break, let me pee, and they had also ordered me something to eat from Sub-way. Just so happen my husband had arrived to check on me while we were breaking and they let him come to the room where i was eating so he could see me! Didnt take any pictures at the Office, "Wish I would Have" but both me and my husband agreed we could see how my love handles were gone, even though i was swollen with the tumescent fluid we could still see the difference!

So after i ate we went back into the room, they gave me another Lortab to take and this time i lay face down so she could work on the back side of my flanks and my upper back, near the bra strap area. I felt nothing but the tumescent fluid going in, Which doesn't hurt, you can just feel the fluid filling up under you skin. you can feel the pressure of the suctioning and movement, and you definitely know somethings happening, but no pain, The 2nd round after the break took about another 3 hours and then i was done.

They helped me put my CG on, I have 3 drains, and i wanna say she told me she made 5 incisions with some of them having stitches. I have a drain attached to each flank area and one in the middle through my belly button.

Got in the car and my husband drove me home, i was feeling great and happy she did my bra fat area. My husband said i was talking 100mph and then would fall asleep, then wake up and tell him the same story again! LOL... guess the meds were still working for me!!

So all in all i was in her office from 9am to 5pm, with 6 hours of her actually working on me. Dr. Mizgala is an awesome down to earth PS. She talked to me the whole time and even cracked some jokes, i don't think i could have been anymore comfortable than i was. I even heard her cancel an appointment she had, so she could continue working on me, Which made me feel great she wasnt gonna rush through anything, I was the only person she dealt with ALL DAY!!!

I will post later on today my 1st day post op review after i take my 1st shower, which then i'll take pics and see myself for the first time...yaaaa!! Happy healing everyone!!!

1st Day Post Op and 1st Day Shower

Alright you guys here is my first look at my self in 24 hours post my procedure. 1st let me begin with the pain, Its not so much that its pain-full more than it feels like your stiff as a board and done had Mike Tyson punching you abdomen till its super sore!! LOL!!! Once i was able to get out of the bed with my husbands help i was ok. We went walked our neighborhood twice today and the walking felt great! I have discovered that my toilet is extremely low...LOL... so that was kinda pain full when i had to pee, the only part of my body that i would categorize as pain is my left flank, she must have worked the hell out of it!!!! I took a lortab early this morning and i took one tonight right before i took my shower, which helped soo much. I was trying not to take the pain medicine but it definitely helps with to function and move around.

Sooooo, once i took my CG off and removed the bandages me and my husband was impressed with the difference we could see, I am of course super swollen, and i dont have any visible bruising but i wont be surprised if that shows up later. So we both counted 7 total incisions with stitches to all of them, 4 incisions to my lower abdomen, with 3 of them had the drains inserted, I have 1 incision in my bell button and 2 incision to my lower-mid back!

I am so excited that these are my results so far, cause i know that it will just get better, so i cant wait for this healing process to begin. I posted my pictures i took right before i got into the shower, soo please let me know what you think, because i think i def see the difference already!!

Happy Healing everyone!

1 day Post Op Photos




Day 1 post op Photos

day 1 post op photos

trouble uploading

Soo i was finally able to upload my 24hour post op photos, as you can tell nothing was downloading, but here they are posted above, let me know what you guys think.

Day 2

Sooo all day today, i was on my own, my husband went to work and i did pretty good. Actually it was last night after i took my first shower that i began to notice i was moving better and less pain to my left flank, which im starting to believe was where my drain was placed. The main difficulty was bending over and picking up anything off the floor,

I dont have any complaints about my CG its a VOE brand that my DR. gave me! I was able to hand massage my abdomen today my self, it just feels real sore like a workout, no need for any pain medicine. I Had all my drains removed and will follow up with my Dr. Monday to have my stitches taken out!

Been drinking probably more water than i ever have in my life, im a soda girl, but got rid of all the sodas in my house and filled my refridge with water! : )....which is huge for me, as long as its super cold, im good with drinking it...lol.

Cant pick my dogs up....i have 2 small 7lbs shih-tzu's and they can definitely sense that something is up, especially when they saw the drains hanging from me, but they are super spoiled, and don't understand that bending all the way to the floor to pick them up is not gonna happen right now...lol.

I'll post some picks next week, my doctor has scheduled for me to have a body wrap done after taking out my stiches, by then im hoping maybe to see a little bit more improvement from day 1. Im trying not to obsess with looking at myself everyday for changes!!....but it's hard!!

Also I only have my CG, but was considering getting and abdominal binder as well, any recommendations???

Thanks and Happy Healing Everyone

Post Op Appointment and F/U

Soo It has officially been 1 week since i had my surgery and im excited with the results i have this far. Yesterday on Monday i had my 1 week f/u appointment, it was with Dr. Mizgala and she told me she was excited as well with my results so quickly, she kept calling me "skinny" and i loved the word and would blush.....lol. The staff are so sweet and patient. My experience has been nothing but on point this far. But... i would suggest to write down any questions that you have on your follow ups because if my husband wasnt there to remind me i was forgetting everything i wanted to ask. Dr. Mizgala is in and out, she doesn't rush you, but if you tell her that you have no questions then she's out.... She removed all of my stitches and put steri-strips over the sites.

1 Week Today Post-Op Pics

here are my pics that i just took, today made 1 week since my surgery. Let me know what you think, My stomach is getting small and my sides, but im still sore and very swollen

Body Wrap

Hello everyone....

So Yesterday I went to the Doctors office where they provided me a complimentary body wrap. Now.. I have never had one before or even knew anything about it, until that day.
So within my MD office she runs a "Red Spa" services, the girl who did my body wrap told me it would basically help with the soreness, and swelling and all the toxins in your body.

She only did the area that was treated, so i had my bra and panties on and she then painted on me with a brush of hot mud(what seemed like mud)all over my stomach, waist and back! She then wrapped me round,round with what looked like Saran wrap. I then laid on table when she wrapped me from chest to toe in a paper wrap and then on top of the paper wrap she wrapped me up from chest to toe in a tin-foil type of material, so basically i was laying on the table like a stuffed burrito....lol. Then i stayed like that for 30 min, and i was done, she came unwrapped me and cleaned off the mud, which had dried by then so it flaked off.

ummmmm........so....i don't think....well i know i would never pay for this myself to do again. The heat from the hot mud did feel good on my skin and helped with the soreness at that moment, but then it was over and felt like a waist...im glad it was complimentary

oh well you never know till ya try...im trying to setup my lymphatic massage, but that is seeming to be difficult at the moment, especially finding a woman who does it in my area, they seem to mainly just have males whom are certified.....but im still sore and swollen....so i'll keep you guys posted.

Happy Healing!

Swollen and Lumpy


So today im feeling really swollen and lumpy! The lumps are not visible but i can feel them without a doubt. They seem worse after i got a massage yesterday. Since my procedure My love handles area has always been the most sore, sensitive, and pain full at times, and swollen. But after i had i really good massage yesterday, everything seems swollen! Is this normal guys? on top of swollen it feels tight, but after my massage everything was loose and soft.

ohh yea

the "ITCHING", i itch like crazy at certain points of the day! Im assuming this is part of healing? yes or no? But it's driving me crazy!
Metairie Plastic Surgeon

Her office manager Patty is soooooo awesome, she runs that office, she is who you check in with, make your payments too, and scheduled all of your visits and surgery dates. She is so upbeat and excited for any person who comes in that office. Hands down she was a major part in why i even booked my consultation. Dr. Mizgala is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, my consultation was amazing, my husband was with me and Dr. Mizgala came in and sat beside me and took her time explaining everything to the both of us. She even showed me and my husband both of the machines she uses,(Vaser and Smart-Lipo MPX), so we could better grasp why she prefers both. There was no question unanswered and she had soo many pictures to show of her "actual" work. She opened her book and we went through all of her pictured procedures. Her staff is very friendly and her office has a spa like type feel where they offer "Red Spa" services through her as well. When it came time for my procedure, Dr. Mizgala more than made me comfortable, she is just so down to earth, that you immediately feel at ease with her. She only books "ONE" person per day to do her procedure, you are her only priority and you never feel rushed, expect to be at her office all day, which to me was good, because that meant she took her time. When i did my follow-up appointments and care, It was all handled by Dr. Mizgala not her nurse or anyone else. When i was home with my drains her staff would call me daily sometimes more than once a day to check on me and see how much i was draining. I am more than pleased thus far with Dr. Mizgala's work, her staff, and customer service, i would at this point in time not hesitate to recommend her to anyone or to return to her myself if need be in the future.

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