47 Year Old, Three Beautiful Girls, and Want to Be Me Again. - WORTH IT !!!!!

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Had my first implants in 1999. I was part of a...

Had my first implants in 1999. I was part of a case study and while breast feeding my eight month old third child (born in 2004), my left breast implant deflated. I had to stop breastfeeding and two weeks later implants were replaced at no cost to me. (I was glad it happened for the fact that I was able to replace with a much smaller implant but upset I didn't return to nursing my sweet angel). I still have the 11 year old mentor implants,, and can not stress enough how happy I am to have stumbled across this amazing website to find so many women feeling the way I do. It is so comforting knowing you are not alone. A few months ago, I consulted with my ps to discuss implant removal and he convinced my otherwise. I consulted with another ps outside of my city and was somewhat discouraged because he wasn't completely on board with deflating and them removing. I did find a Dr that is experienced with the procedure and is also caught my interest in fat transfer. I am looking for any suggestions, comments, help from my realself friends. My consultation and possible deflation is scheduled for Apr 28. So nervous and excited.

FOUND old pics and docs -

1st implants were done Oct 30, 1998.

Me today...

Thought these pics would help me through this journey.

Looking for someone who has had their implants...

Looking for someone who has had their implants DEFLATED prior to removing their implants. I understand it is a pretty simple procedure. I have a lot of questions and need someone to give me their opinion and thoughts on this procedure. It seems very logically to me to do this but are concerned about the comfort level, because I would like to wait a few months before removing.

Need Suggestions whether or not to tell my daughters!

So husband is on board and understands me for wanting to explant. My dilemma is my two girls: 11yrs old and 13yrs old. They see me naked all the time! How will I explain??
My appt is this Thurs to deflate and I am so nervous!!

Deflate tomorrow or not??

Oh the mixed feelings! One minute I'm so excited and the next I'm scarred as sh**. My consult is tomorrow at 3:30pm and he could possibly deflate! Yikes! I'm going in thinking we are going to deflate! I hope I like him and we get this over with quick!


I'm doing my happy dance! My implants were completely drained via long needle with a suction tube into a sterile container. All done in about 10 mins. The saline was crystal clear!! Feels a little weird- but nice...
Can't wait to see how/if I improve.

One Week since deflation of implants!

I think I can see a difference. I know I feel a difference and it is the most incredible feeling! So happy I am on my way to the other side. Let's see what another week brings. Come fluff fairies, keep it coming!!! :))


Pics really show the difference one week can make!

Week Two

How long does it take before I get a true idea of what my breast will look like? Two weeks?? Is this it? Or could I see a big change in say Six weeks?

Love the new me!

Three weeks have gone by since I had my implants deflated. I love myself more everyday! No regrets!

No regrets!

It's been four weeks today that I had my implants deflated and I am thankful everyday! Two more weeks and the implants come out...

Best decision EVER

So glad I had my saline implants deflated!

Happy happy happy

Five weeks since intentional deflation

It's official!

I'm on the other side! Wooohooo!!
Sore and have some uncomfortable/burning sensations! Took one pain pill and never want to have another sx while wide awake again. It's wasn't bad, just made me too nervous! Dr and staff was awesome, though. Will post pics later. Hope I can sleep well tonight! Have a terrible headache :(

This is it! The real me!

Took off the bra and bandages today and was able to shower. Got a good look at my new/old real boobies! I LOVE them! Having them deflated first gave me a good idea of what I would end up with, and so for so good. Incisions look good. A little bit of bruising and that's it. Getting the stitches out in two weeks. Now resting time, before my girls get back from Karolyis gym camp.

No regrets!!

6 month update
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