48 Years Old Awaiting a Long Overdue Mommy Makeover. - Metairie, LA

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I have been lurking on this site for a couple of...

I have been lurking on this site for a couple of months now and finally decided to start my own review. I have been wanting a tummy tuck for many years and last summer I decided to start the research process. Somewhere along the way I decided to add breast augmentation so now I'm doing the whole mommy makeover. In February I went to my first consultation. I attended several more consultations before deciding to use the first plastic surgeon I visited. I suppose I spent a lot more in consultations than was actually necessary, but I'm still glad I attended all of the other consultations. I learned something new from each doctor, and the peace of mind that I feel after making my choice cannot be discounted. My surgery is scheduled for this Thursday, June 2nd. I'm apprehensive but excited at the same time. I have done so much research and when I think that I have found answers to all my questions several more come to mind. I have the same concerns as nearly every other person's review that I've read on here concerning scarring and implant size. I have agonized the most over implant size. I finally settled on mentor 275 cc smooth round moderate plus implants. I like to run for exercise and I intend to continue trying to achieve a slim athletic build so I don't want to go too large, but I also don't want to spend all of this money and not notice a difference. I decided to trust my surgeon and go with his recommendation, because when I look at the results on various profiles on this site I can't seem to find any consistency with implant size and final results. I think too many factors come into play for an inexperienced person to make a decision so I'm taking a leap of faith and hoping my ps is on target. In addition to my concerns about results, I'm also a little nervous about the anesthesia. I've heard people say that I won't remember the days after my surgery, but once I wake up I want to be lucid and remember my experience. I can't stand the thought of not being in control of myself. I've had surgery before and I remember the recovery time afterward so I don't know why this would be different. Does anyone have any experiences with anesthesia recovery that they can share with me?

Countdown to mommy makeover

It's two days before my surgery for breast augmentation and an abdominoplasty with muscle repair. Today starts my liquid diet. After two weeks of no alcohol, now they're taking the food. It seems there's no fun to be had before a surgical procedure. Lol

Anyway, I thought I would add some before pics if I'm really going to document this journey.

Mommy makeover is today!

This morning I will have my mommy makeover. I'm having abdominoplasty with muscle repair and Lipo of the flanks and mons. I'm getting 275 cc mentor round smooth under the muscle and I'll have additional Lipo of some axillary breast tissue near the armpit. I'm not sure how soon I'll feel good about posting after pics, but some will appear eventually. I'm both nervous and excited. Wish me luck!

First day of recovery

I've entered my first day of recovery and my bid question I s how to get out of bed without using ab muscles. I don't think it's possible, but if there's a way somebody please tell me.

I slept well last night but in stages. I did wake up periodically needing meds and the restroom. The pain is real even with the exparel shot, pain medicine, and a muscle relaxer. I hope the pain goes away soon.

I have my first post-op appointment today at 2:30. I'll post a better update after that.

1day post-op

Better pics will come soon, but here I am in all my bindings. I don't like the bindings, but I'm going to be a good patient and do what the doctor says.

Two days post op

Today I was able to take my first shower. I was very nervous bout the belly button and I'm not sure that I repacked it properly. The belly button has an antibiotic packing in it. Also dressing the wounds and putting the binder back on was a little overwhelming. My husband is helping a great deal but it's hard to know if you're doing it correctly. I'm adding the first after pic. I can't really stand up straight yet so things look a lot distorted. I also weighed and I'm very swollen. I'm carrying about six extra pounds of water weight. Maybe more since he removed some fat and flesh. Despite that I think the initial results are good.

Three days post op

Today I was much more mobile and in slightly less pain. I don't even notice any pain in my breasts. I'm finding that I can do some things without assistance which is good because the household is getting sick of being at my beck and call. I'm still taking pain meds, an antibiotic, and a muscle relaxer. I might try to switch to Tylenol extra strength tomorrow to replace the pain medicine. The worst side effect from that is constipation which is no fun. I'm trying to handle it with milk of magnesia but I haven't quite reached the right balance. I'll just leave it at that. I'm having a lot of ghost pains which are kind of freaky. I read somewhere on here that weird pains and numbness occur due to the nerve damage that happens during surgery. It makes sense, but it's still surprising when I start hurting in a place that wasn't operated on. Another issue that started today was back pain. I'm sure that I'm using my back too much when I'm getting up and down. I need to transfer the load to my legs. The biggest challenge today was showering. I didn't realize that I could let water get on my incisions in the shower so my husband and I had been using the sprayer attachment and trying to avoid the areas that have stitches. I spoke to the nurse after my shower today and I found out that I could take a normal shower; I just can't wash my own hair since I'm restricted from raising my arms over my head. I wound up taking two showers because after I talked to her I wanted to get in there and do it right. My husband was not pleased. Getting the binder back on is pretty challenging and he had to help me with that twice. I still have a lot of uncertainty about caring for the belly button. That's the ugliest part of the whole surgery. I think it looks terrible, but when I visit other profiles on here, everyone else's looks terrible, too. I'm definitely ready to lose the plug they put in it. It looks disgusting. I'm still using a leg pump when I'm sitting and at night. It's pretty inconvenient so that's one of the reasons I tried to walk around more today. My back is telling me I overdid it, however. I know it's only been three days and my progress from the day of surgery has been great, but I'm looking so forward to putting this healing time behind me. I don't have to return to work until August and I often wonder how people return to work in just two weeks. I just don't see how that's even possible. Thank goodness I don't have to do that myself. My second post op appointment is Wednesday. I'll update with more pictures and a progress report after that.

6 days post op mommy makeover

Today I had my second post op appointment with Dr. Metzinger. I had one drain removed and then they checked to be sure everything is healing nicely. I am still quite swollen and bruised from the trauma of the surgery, but I got a good report that all is well. Monday I'll go back to have my sutures removed and I will learn what breast massage exercises I will need to start doing.

My pain medicine, antibiotic, and muscle relaxer will run out tomorrow. I'll be taking Tylenol extra strength to replace the pain meds but I'll be finished with all other medication. I'm a little nervous about giving up the muscle relaxer, but i don't really have a choice in the matter. I will update with more pictures on Monday when all the sutures are out.

9 days post op

So if any of you are considering a tummy tuck, please remember that the swelling after surgery is pretty intense. I read the profiles of many people on this site who complained of that very thing, but I still imagined that I would be able to see my results after the operation. My husband got to see everything before the swelling set in and he assured me that my tummy is flat and tight and my belly button is cute, but until this morning I was starting to have some serious doubts. I went into surgery at 143 pounds. The first time I got on the scale after surgery I weighed 155 pounds. Of course i knew that it was water, but it was still pretty tough on me mentally. This is not really a time that one should diet, but I have tracked every calorie to ensure that I won't gain weight during this sedentary time. I have also dedicated myself to drinking a lot of water. For anyone who knows me they would tell you that I hate water. I want flavor in my beverages. Anyway, I suffered through it. I'm now finished with the narcotics that I was prescribed which have constipation as a side effect which also hurts the result on the scale, but I won't go into further detail on that. I say all this to tell you that this morning, nine days post-op, I weighed myself and I was down to 146.5. The only evident swelling that remains is in the areas that I had Lipo, flanks and axillary breast tissue by the armpit. My tummy was basically flat. My breast swelling seems to have subsided, and I actually hope they don't get smaller. I still have one drain and I still have my sutures and sterile strips which are all disgusting and blood encrusted at this point. That will all be removed at my third post op appointment on Monday. I will post updated photos after that appointment. I know the swelling is not finished. I've read enough to know that I will swell throughout the day and it will all start over again when I'm able to resume exercise, but this morning I got a strong indication of my results and I have to say that it has been worth the ordeal so far!

12 days post op

I had my sutures and steri strips (spelling?) removed yesterday and saw my clean incision for the first time. It has healed well so farand its extremely thin. When the color fades it will not be obvious if it continues to heal as well as it has so far. They retaped me after i saw the incisions so i am unable to show my incision on here yet. The tape they used is a paper tape which might fall off before my next appointment. If it does i will take full advantage and post a new picture on here. I washed my binder last night and i fell asleep in compression shorts. It felt weird. I have a some assymetrical swelling around the flanks that isnt always present in the morning, but i dont think my compression shorts were a good substitute. When i can get a better picture i will, but i do think it is an important thing to share that the swelling won't be symetrical. My pictures before the swelling set in looked a lot better in the flank area. I do look forward to the end of the swelling, but i think thats going to be a long process. I couldnt be happier with the way my breasts turned out. I cant believe i was worried that the size i chose wouldnt be noticable. I am so glad my doctor warned me that he didn't suggest that i go bigger. 275cc was perfect for my frame. My next appointment is Friday. I willl post a new update this weekend.

Three months post mommy makeover

These are my results three months post surgery. Most of the noticeable swelling is over thank goodness. My scar is fading beautifully which I think is owed completely to my brilliant surgeon, Dr. Metzinger. The breasts are not quite as large as they appear in the photo. My husband is 6'4 so the camera angle is a little off. One weird thing that annoys me now that didn't before is that I have two different nipple types. I never noticed it much when my breasts were flat, but now it's pretty exaggerated. One day I may try to get my doctor to fix that if possible, but for now I'm really glad that I didn't do the incision around my nipples. The scars under my breasts are almost completely invisible. Now I'm just looking forward to the rest of the swelling to disappear and living life!
Dr. Stephen Metzinger

I have been planning to have a tummy tuck since I lost a considerable amount of weight several years ago, but the timing was not right until this past year. At some point in the decision making process, I decided to have breast augmentation as well. In February I attended my first consultation with Dr. Metzinger. I chose him first because I could not find a single "nay-sayer" on-line. All of his reviews are excellent and his credentials are outstanding. At the first consultation I could tell why. He is extremely thorough and explains the procedures in detail. He takes complete measurements and gives advice based on both the patient's desired outcome and what is possible given the patient's physical proportions. I wanted to be thorough and not make a decision impulsively so I visited many other plastic surgeons in the New Orleans area. I think I consulted with six different surgeons before deciding to go with the first doctor I visited. I paid a lot for those many different consultations, but you cannot put a price on piece of mind. I'm sure all of those other surgeons were capable as well, but none of them paid the same attention to detail as Dr. Metzinger had in the initial consultation. With many of them I felt rushed, that is not going to happen in Dr. Metzinger's office. At my second consultation, Dr. Metzinger spent a considerable amount of time with me again to explain everything in detail. He answered every question that I had with complete honesty and his depth of knowledge was obvious. During that consultation I paid my deposit, set the date, and never looked back. I had complete confidence that I had chosen the right doctor and today three weeks after my surgery, I know I was right. Everything he told me initially has been exactly as he said it would be from the size of my implants to the placement of my incisions. I should mention the incisions...Dr. Metzinger is an artist! Today, three weeks post-op I can tell that my incisions will not be noticeable when they fade. My tummy tuck incision is extremely thin and it lies exactly where he said it would. It is neatly hidden under my skimpiest undergarments and bikinis, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway because it is so thin. I can't even see my breast incisions. They are already perfectly hidden. The after care that Dr. Metzinger and his staff provide is impeccable. I was seen the day after surgery, and once every week since then. I never have had a lengthy wait at any of those appointments. In addition, all of the staff members are knowledgeable, friendly, caring, and professional. Although this is my first experience with plastic surgery it will definitely not be my last and I will always choose Dr. Metzinger as my surgeon. With every confidence, I can say that he is the best plastic surgeon in the New Orleans area.

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