56 Year Old, Mini Tummy Tuck and Thigh Lipo

I'm 56, had one child by c-section and have...

I'm 56, had one child by c-section and have yo-yo'd with 35 lbs, up & down since high school. I'm 5'6" & weigh 155. From 2011-2013, I stayed under 130, with vigorous, daily exercise. I'm ready to have a mini tummy tuck, with lipo to my back, waist, upper & lower abdomen, & inner & outer thighs, with fat grafting to the outer thigh crease. My pre-op exam & labs have been completed this week. I will be off work for a week. Dr Khoobehi did my face & neck lift, this past March. I'm excited to have my hour glass figure back, without cramming the fat into spandex!!

Back Fat & Gut be Gone!!

Today is the day for my TT, lipo, thigh, lipo, buccal fat removal, & neck lipo. It's 3:00 am & I woke up awhile ago. I'm excited & getting ready to do a few chores & jump into the shower. I will get a few more pics posted too!

Surgery this AM

I'm looking at these pics & the only way to go is up!! Omg!! Look at those fat rolls:( I will keep y'all posted!!!

3 Days Post Op

Yesterday I had the pump with the anesthesia removed and all of the packing. It's been messy with all of the fluid leaking out. I got to take a shower which made me feel & smell better!! I hurt everywhere because I had so much lipo along with the TT and some extra work on my neck & face. This compression garment is miserable. I can't wait to get it off!! I have been walking around the house and doing light chores. My pain is well controlled & the more I move & stretch, the better I feel, once I get moving. I will get some better pics posted tomorrow & on Monday when I get my new compression garment.

Exhausted & have to go to work tomorrow:(

Today I am 8 days ?post op. I took my first real shower without my compression leggings, which come up as high as the garment that I was sent home with, but much softer. Dr K said it was ok to substitute them. The other one will not work for me with my job. I barely made it through the shower & started feeling faint. I just wrapped up in a towel & made it to the bed. Everything looks really good except that I am one total bruise. Dr. Khoobehi is a magnificent PS!! Love him & his wonderful staff!!!!! Now this 56 year old body has got to heal & somehow make it to work in that cute Pin Up Girl dress tomorrow. My boyfriend was mortified when he saw my scar & bruising. He has been less than nurturing & supportive. He loved my body the way it was before & was totally against this surgery & my facelift in March. He did wash dishes & peel me fresh shrimp for lunch, so he gets a gold star for that. As I'm laying here in a heap, I can honestly say that this surgery, with all that I had done at one time, has been tougher than I imagined. I don't remember a c-section 30 years ago being any big deal. Well I was 26 then!!! Lol!!! My house is dusty, the floors need vaccuuming, blah, blah, blah!! I don't care:(

9 Days Post Op

2nd day back to work & 9 Days Post Op. Today I worked 1/2 day. It was much more tolerable.

9 days post op

My stomach is soooo flat & tight! I love it! I'm still swollen & bruised, but everything is healing nicely. Getting comfortable to sleep is challenging, as well as getting in & out of my truck. Everyday gets better.

Request for face pics

This pic was taken this am. I am 10 days post op from having lipo to my neck & jawline & having the buccal fat removed. I'm still swollen from the lipo but I needed a small revision from the face/neck lift done in March. The coolest part of this procedure was having the buccal fat removed. It gets rid of chipmunk cheeks. If I had been given that option earlier, I definitely would of had it done!!

12 Days Post Op TT Incision

12 days post op. Tomorrow afternoon I start the endermologie after work. It's suppose to smooth out the bumps & lumps from the lipo. I can definitely feel little "knots." The swelling & soreness is getting better. I am not taking the percocets anymore. Moving around is still slow but better. I gave noticed an indention inthe middle of my abdomen. It's above my belly button. I'm not sure what that is from. I will ask Dr. Khoobehi about that tomorrow. I know I am still swollen & there will be a lot of settling of the muscle & other tissues. I'm so glad to have the pooch gone & have a flat abdomen!!

2 week post op

I saw Dr Khoobehi yesterday. He aspirated another 90ml from a seroma on the left side of my abdomen. If the fluid has returned next Monday, he will insert a drain. My left inner thigh is swollen & red from the endermologie treatment this past Monday. That area was also where some lipo & fat grafting was done. Dr Khoobehi started me on Cipro to head off any infection. My TT scar looks great and all is going great there. The areas I had lipoed are still very tender & extremely sore sice the endermologie treatment. That is torturous!! Has anyone else been through endermologie & how did it go?

Feeling Better

Woke up this am feeling more energetic & less sore. Still have swelling in my thighs, knees, ankles, & feet. Getting ready for work was easier & less exhausting!

3 weeks post op

3 weeks post op today. I saw my PS on Monday & thinks the seroma I have is resolving. He's going to recheck it on Thursday. I hope I don't have to have a drain:(

Almost 4 Weeks Post Op

Today is the first day I have put on jeans !! I love the way they fit!! It was a struggle because I'm still so sore. The swelling is getting better. I can really see a huge difference! I'm so thrilled with the results! Now I'm looking at my drooping boobs & back fat along my bra line :(

First Day to wear jeans!!

I am almost 1 month post op frm my TT & lipo. My jeans fit perfect & no muffin top or bulges! I am still sore & swollen. I love the flat side!!!

Happy Halloween!!

2 months post op. Thank you Dr. Khoobehi for this hour glass body!!!........Trapper Suzy, RN

5 Weeks Post Op

Today I had my 2nd endermologie treatment. Thank you for prayers & words of encouragement!! It wasn't pleasant, but it was bearable. I have 7 treatments left. Mmeasuremennow mow now

Almost 9 weeks post op

I am feeling so much better!! I have more energy & am more flexible. Everything is healing great!! I can fit into clothes without having a pooch or ugly thighs. It's a work in progress!! I'm thrilled with the results!!!

Correction Last pic was 6 Weeks Post Op

This pic is 9 weeks post op. My scar has healed great! I still have swelling at the incision site & you can see the swelling in the picture. No pain or discomfort at all. I am still having endermology treatments & they are less miserable than the first ones. I get tons of compliments & love the way my clothes fit!!!! My energy level is much better. I know it will take about 12 months total to recover.

10 weeks post op TT

All is going great. A little bit of swelling on the right side of my hip at the incision site. That will resolve over time. Clothes fit great!! Love those curves!!
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This is my second procedure with Dr. Khoobehi. He is a masterful, perfectionist, and brilliant surgeon. I have been thrilled with my results and highly recommend him to anyone wanting the ultimate experience in enhancing their beauty.

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