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The shots were more painful than I had anticipated...

The shots were more painful than I had anticipated. Went home that night iced my legs and the swelling began. It was so painful and hard to move my legs. Then in the morning open lesions began forming at the injection sites. Called the doctor, they said to give it time, but I stopped by the office anyways. She immediately put me on an anitbiotic. Wound sites continued to grow- my legs were very bruised, I had one injection site that continued to ooze and took 2 rounds of antibiotics and then I was finally sent to a plastic surgeon to clean out the wound area. It was painful to have the open wound cleaned out and now I have a scar the size of a nickel. I still have red bruised looking areas and it has been 1 1/2 years later. They told me I could try some laser treatments to fix that. Finally, after 1 year, some legal threats, I finally got my original monies back. PS- before that I had liposuction on a larger area of my thighs and stomach - I had very little bruising and was up and around after 2 days of downtime. I thought this would help the last small problem area above my knees - I would never do anything like that again and will only go to a plastic surgeon... do your homework - don't be dumb like me! I haven't put on a swimsuit in years because the area above my knees look like they've been beat up... I would do liposuction any day over mesotherapy!
i cannot say becuase I got my money back and had to sign a do not disclose statement (in the dallas area)

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