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I am so nervous ! I am a week away from procedure...

I am so nervous ! I am a week away from procedure today. . Trying to get everything ready so I am as confortable as possible... I will update with a picture soo and new pics after surgery... and helpful information would be appreciated I am doin this procedure for myself. I have two children 10 and 11 years old and I have lost about 86 pounds. I have been wanting a tummy tuck for three years and finally have the money to do it now ;) I just want to be comfortable in my own skin and be comfortable in a swim suite which I have not felt in 12 years... ;)

before pics

Here are some pics of before and I will post pics of after cant wait for that mess to be gone !


Tomorrow is the big day.... I am so nervous but cant wait to see the results...

Its Done !!

I am home 6 hours post op feeling ok not to shabby. My muscles feel so tight and like they are burning.... I will post more pics later I cant see anything myself for about 4 day ; (

well its all done

I am sore but the pain isnt as bad as I thought it would be ... I havent pooped yet whichbis worrying me and I am scared to shower and get anything in the drain sight... also I am barely braining anything wich is good I think ...


Just wanted to let everyone know I am doing a video diary on utube melissa lissa tummy tuck day 1 check it outbi will also be updating and showing progress on there .... thank you


I am doin good and have posted videos on utube under melissa lissa tummy tuck day one.. checkbthem out and subscribe ;) in one video I was messed up on the meds because I was scared to take all the orriginal bandages off but it wasnt too bad... I am so happy with my insision

one week post op

I am feeling good but this drain keeps pulling and is really annoying.. I go to the doctor today so hopefully its taken out... also I started a utube channel under melissa lissa tummy tuck day 1 check it out and subscribe I will be doin updates there. In most of the vidoes the pain meds were kicked in im sure u can tell. But ,good news is I havent had to takr any except in the morning because I am so sore... well if you have any questions or feedback id love to hear from some of my realself friends. Thanks again !!

8 days post op

I feel great !


Here are some more pics I guess I am swollen ; (

feeling good

9 days post op

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