20 Years Old. Born with Ptosis in Left Eye.. - Mesa, AZ

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Hello, I was born with ptosis in my left eye at...

Hello, I was born with ptosis in my left eye at birth. I visited my personal doctor and he sent me to an eye specialist. They did three different drops in my eyes. Then measured in CM. It was 1.5 dropped. Waitied a week for responce took another test same place different doctor. I took a vision test. Missed alot in my ptosis eye. Now they are sending me to a plastic surgeon may 18th. I work 12 hour shifts outside work installing windows. Half the day at work i see myself in the mirror. My eye is really droppy. I feel it could be at 2.0 CM. When im out in the sun it feel it getting worst. I lift my eyelid with my eyebrow from time to time to make it look less lazy in front of people. When im alone i relax my eyes and feel it dropping. It runs in my family. I feel like i got the worst ptosis in the family. Mom and dad dont have It. Only my older sis. I am the middle child. Younger sister doesnt have it. Runs in my dads family. bothers me alot. Sorry if im not making scence. What i really want to know if i have a chance to have this corrected.. Please let me know with answers. Thank you appreciate any help!
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