Nerve Irritation Following Botox Injection - Mesa, AZ

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I have been getting some Botox off and on for...

I have been getting some Botox off and on for around 4 yrs. I really detest the overly plasticized look and so am sure to always tell the injector I'd much prefer looking natural with some lines to looking "perfect" but fake. For the most part, I have really enjoyed the results and no one has been the wiser, not even my husband.

Last week I had an unusual experience with an injector. I gave her the same "natural" request. Having done this a few times in the past, I immediately noticed her methods were not like the others. On my forehead, she placed injections far more lateral than I'd ever had before, including right on my hairline. This injection had an unusual side effect - an electrical shock/pain response that shot back into my hair.

I always avoid contact with my skin on injection days. The following day, I brushed my hair out of my face and was surprised with that same electrical shock sensation I had during the injection. I purposely brushed the area again and it was repeated. I also noticed a sensation almost of muscle contraction in my hair area where the shock line ends. It appears I am one of the unlucky few that had an injection directly into a nerve.

I am now almost one week out and that sensation remains. I also have a completely frozen forehead, somewhat flat eyebrows, one eye appears a little more squinty than the other (probably not noticeable to others) and a little shelf at the very top of my forehead if I try to raise my eyebrows- due to the rest of my forehead being completely immobilized against my specific request.

Moral of the story - this particular injector (a nurse practitioner) is closer to my home and considerably less expensive than the one I usually use. I do believe my results are due to her not being as well-trained/educated/experienced. I am frustrated by my experience and the painful irritation is difficult to deal with, but I know the frozen parts will wear off with time and I've been reassured by doctors here that the nerve irritation is likely temporary. I am okay with this information for now, and will be patiently awaiting the resolution.

Will I get Botox again? Of course, it's amazing! However, I will not use a discount/convenient provider. In an artistic and subjective procedure such as this, you really do get what you pay for.
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