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I know I am atypical but I am grateful for an...

I know I am atypical but I am grateful for an inspirational review I read that has helped me with my decision. I got a breast augmentation done in June of 2014 and I am done. I have had a lot of crazy things happen to me this last year and I am a different person. I began a journey of self love and respect. As I began to love myself more something seemed off. I'm quite modest and more so now after the implants. I have found myself to ALWAYS be covering up and wearing baggy shirts or scarfs to cover my breasts. They have served no real benefit to me other than a symbol of a lack of self love on my part, which has now been made whole. The only reason I THOUGHT I had small breasts is because I would compare myself to other women who have had this done. Don't get me wrong, my breasts were quite small ("barely"B) but the point is I would THINK about it in a negative way. When in fact, looking back they were flawless and beautiful. Now, they are 85% numb and without feeling, huge, and a with a shiny scar.
So, its time to go! I'm ready for my small natural boobs back and make right with my body. I can't believe I judged myself so harshly to the point of altering my body and cutting into it to place these foreign blobs to make me feel better about myself.
Submuscular 425cc silicone

Consult ... check

My PS office gals were a little perplexed and one even asked me "you hate them that much, huh?" I just said I am ready for my body back. No need to explain myself to a damn soul, lady. (I didn't say that last part out loud;) After scheduling the procedure I left in tears of joy! My PS told me it'd be a quick recovery, like a few days and I could return to work. No general anesthesia required.
So I am getting this done on a Monday and that weekend I have a camping trip.. good idea???
5 days of recovery and I could go on a trip?? It wont be an incredibly active trip...

Ahhh the opinions start to roll in...

I've decided not to tell too many people.
But those I have told definitely have their opinions. But what I've also become aware of is that I'm not going to be buried w these suckers.. And if they're going to come out eventually, might as well be now before I have any other repercussions!
Anyway it's going to cost $1500 which I'm stoked about. Versed, local and ketamine is what he's planning on using. He said to expect some tugging. Sort of worries me that I might feel a lot of it but he was reassuring. Can't wait for my b cup again!!!!
So I don't have any pics of me but I am inspired by Victoria Beckham's explant photos so I'll share one.

having a freakout

Might have been finding out about my ex husbands hot new girlfriend (with big implants) idk but I have my explant scheduled on Monday and I'm sorta freakin.
WHY do I think that I am not enough!? How did I become SO scared to be myself!!?
Why is it so scary to just be me. ugh. feeling defeated.

On my way!!!!!

On my way and feeling good.
Made up my mind and not looking back.


Am I tiny? Yes. Am I happy? YES. So glad I did this and SO happy to be ME!
And I am not worried one bit if I stay this small. Making it right with my body is more important than trying to make it look like something it's not. If I end up with a guy that wishes I had bigger boobs then clearly it's the wrong guy. And he can go you know where;)
Procedure took 60 mins from start to finish, versed and local.
At first I just got a loading dose of versed (2mg) and he started injecting the local and it was painful, and I told him, then he gave me more versed and I went to Lala land.
I took 2.5 pills of Percocet yesterday for incisional pain.slept most the day. Cotton mouth was probably my biggest complaint.
Wish I could shower today but they said to wait til wed.
I wish he put an ace wrap on me bc gentle pressure on my incisions feel better.
I'll go get one today:)
Happy happy happy girl.
Do IT!

Taking off the tape and gauze

Finally got my shower today. Yes I know I'm small, but I love soft squishy boobs over ginormous hard ones
I don't want to jump the gun but I honestly think both my nipples have sensation again! But I'll wait a few weeks before I get excited about that :)

Feeling good.

Incisions are annoying. Itchy due to the healing process but not painful.
Went and bought some sports bras (padded definitely to maintain contour since there is none!) but I can handle that. Whoever were to see me without clothes on would love me how I am so as long as I can fix my small insecurities with a padded bra for the rest of the time so be it!
Happy I made this decision. Yep I am tiny , but I am me and that's enough.

time has flown by

OK so I never thought I would be saying this, but I have a consult for an augmentation in a few weeks. I don't mind having small breasts. However, I do lift weights and my lats are slightly bigger than average, and with my breast so small, it is very difficult to find a bra that fits. I do not fit into an A cup, so I have needed to buy training bras, but then they do not fit my width. I love my body, but I feel out of proportion.
In retrospect I wish I did an explant/exchange to a smaller size, but at the time I just wanted them gone.

Cancel that

Hello everyone. I just want to say thank you for all your loving support. Its not common to find a group like this:) So after thinking long and hard I realized that I have a lot better things to spend my money on. I also thought of the recovery time and how lame of a mom i would be for a few weeks until i was recovered from an other augmentation. So I canceled my consult. Side note- i don't have any pics but I did pierce my nipples and that helped them not sink in and it was cute:)

I am now so very glad I canceled. I had my pap smear done a few weeks ago and it actually came back abnormal. First time ever. Low grade cell changes. I am going in for my biopsy today. My presumptive augmentation date was scheduled for a couple weeks from now... and with this popping up in my life unexpectedly, the last thing I would want is an unnecessary surgery and something artificial in my body. I am so focused on my health right now and doing what is right for my body.
Blessings to you all on your journey :)
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

My surgeon did a fabulous job. My decision to remove my implants has nothing to do with the outcome of the surgery.

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