45 Years Old. 3 Kids. Have Wanted a Breast Augmentation for 20 Years! - Mesa, AZ

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I was always a small A cup and although I'm...

I was always a small A cup and although I'm athletic and work hard on having a fit, healthy body, that was one area I was never happy with and couldn't change. My husband always told me I was beautiful and didn't need it, and as awesome as that is, it was how I felt about ME. He finally agreed. I am all done having children and there was no reason to wait any longer.
I am day 8 post op and had my second surgical follow up just today. The results are beautiful. Although I haven't been "fitted" for a bra yet, my goal was a full C. My surgeon helped me decide on the right implant for my anatomy. Even though I was small, I had a slight droop and he suggested a high profile, 400cc, memory gel silicone implant, inserted using a dual plane technique was the way to go and would naturally provide a lift without needing a lift and he was absolutely right.
I have been wearing the strap 24/7 with instructions not to massage. And it worked beautifully. Today my surgeon told me I only need the strap when laying down to sleep, because they are in just the right position and now do a very simple massage only once a day 'till I see him in two weeks. THAT is all the awesome stuff.
Here's the other side to that wonderful reality. The strap for a week was annoying and although I have been off all narcotic pain meds since day 2 post op, I am needing Tylenol throughout the day. My breasts feel firm and aren't soft yet. My surgeon says that will come in the next few weeks. My nipple sensation is very diminished, but I am feeling lots of tingling and what I call, zingers inside my breasts. My doc says things are waking up and adjusting to the new form, implant, size and nerves generating new pathways ... so although it is worth it to me, be prepared to be uncomfortable for more than a week. Even though they're pretty, they won't be soft and ready for *prime time* for a few weeks even, and if you have a physical job, you will have lift restrictions for at least a month amd no working out for 6 weeks as well. Sooooo, if you are ready to commit a couple months to your breasts, then YES, you will love it. That so far is my story. I will keep you posted as my recovery continues. I wish you all health, happiness and easy recoveries.

Before surgery and 8 days after surgery

Today is day 9. Just woke up. Still loving and getting used to my new body. Only 5 more weeks unti I can work out again. Starting to miss it, which must mean I am feeling better. Still tender when standing up from bed, but a couple Tylenol and I'll be right as rain.

Day 9 post op

Was feeling pretty good this morning. This afternoon I am tired and tender and need a nap. I am taking my Tylenol, but I wish I could take ibuprofen. Dr. Says not yet. Breasts look gorgeous. I am so ready to feel as good as they look. Anyone else still feeling "recoverish" at day 9?

Day 12 post op

Feeling betrer each day. Still experiencing the tightness when I don't wear the strap. Today I am going to buy a sports bra or two. Nothing tight or push up. Just something to support me and that I can wear under clothes for the time being. Still sleeping with the strap as ordered. Still tingly with diminished sensation, but more coming each day, although nipples still numb, but feel
.. almost annoying to be touched. Feeling less tired each day, although still definitely recovering, but it's all good. So, yes, this is day 12. Moving along. Not regretting a second of this decision, just getting through the weird physical feelings of physical recovery a day at a time. How are all you October BA's doing? Better? Worse? Same? What about those gals who are a month or two out ... how are you all feeling? Give us newbies some hope! ?

Three weeks post op

I was exactly 3 weeks post op yesterday. My breasts look beautiful. I saw my PS yesterday and he said the drop now is for my preference. If I want a bit more drop, then wear the strap to sleep, if I am good with where they are, I no longer need the strap. If they drop a bit more it will raise my nipples a bit more as well.
I will wear the strap when sleeping and decide day by day. I have been finally given the green light for the gym. No weights yet, and no running yet, but light cardio, elliptical, arc machine, walking on inclined treadmill, stair machine...all ok. I went today for the first time. I had some breast tightness, but totally tolerable and it felt amazing to sweat.
What I am feeling 3 weeks post op:
Still get some tightness, although that is getting better each day.
My nipples remain numb, with an annoying feeling if they are touched. The rest of my breasts feel like when novacain wears off, but not fully. so I have full sensation in some parts, with diminished sensation in others.
I am to massage only once a day. That is Dr. WIlson's protocol.
My breasts itch. I believe it's from the Maderma. Dr. Wilson said to use less often. Mostly, my breasts feel hypersensitivity, especially later in the day. Ice helps. Ibuprofen. Lastly, I found Mondor's cords under each breast. I spoke with PS staff. This is perfectly normal and common and WILL resolve. I can help it along with warm compresses.
Sounds uncomfortable right? And yes, it is, but still tolerable and I wouldn't change a thing. I am willing to be a bit uncomfortable for a few weeks for the body and self image I have always wanted and totally got. My breasts are exactly what I wanted. I believe Dr. Wilson is an artist. My husband doesn't wsmt me posting bare breast pics online and I respect that, but I can post a bit covered.
I wanted to post honest, true feelings of recovery for anyone getting this done. It is absolutely worth it and each day gets better and better, but the truth is, you may be uncomfortable for a few weeks and spend alot of timenfocuaed on your breasts ... lol. I am sure this is temporary and life will go on and we.wi only be left with the body we always wanted. Feel free to ask me anything and best of luck to you all. Anyone else experiencing what I am experiencing?

3.5 weeks post op

If I wear a good bra (so far, the Genie bra from Wal-Mart has been the absolute best) then I feel quite good, but any other bra and I get hypersensitivity and muscle tightness around the implant. As soon as I changed into my Genie bra, everything relaxed. Hhhhmmmm.....
I am getting impatient for the "feeling" like my breasts are a part of me, soft and bouncy with normal feeling and to get on with it. I LOVE how they look. I still wear the strap at night to encourage a bit more drop &fluff. I am PMSing, so I think that's contributing to my impatience. I wanna feel normal again. Such an Interesting mix of LOVE how I look and ready to feel as good as they look. I promise it's still worth it, but man, I am just excited to not have hypersensitivity, and for all to settle down and settle in. Sigh.....

3.5 weeks

So we saw a family friend and this drunk idiot bear hugs me so tight and would not let go. I felt my right implant move, I was furious and in a panick. I spoke to my plastic surgeon who told me an car running over the implant wouldn't rupture it. He said to monitor for swelling, bruising ect. I have none of thise symptoms. I'm sure i'm fine, but I seriously can't get that moment out of my head and let it go.

4 weeks post op

Feeling wonderful! Significantly less tightening and they seem to be dropping and softening. Love my new *girls* so much! How are you all feeling?

41/2 weeks post op

Happy Thanksgiving all! I hope you all felt well and beautiful this holiday. I am finally feeling sooo good. The breast tightness is minimal, my breasts are softening and I believe fluffing. I am happy with my results, in and out of clothes. My scars are fading and softening as well. I even went to my massage therapist and she did scar massage for me. I highly recommend. I saw and felt an immediate difference and softening of my scars. I look forward to continued healing as I continue to feel like my breasts are part of me. I know this will happen when I suddenly realize I am not thinking about them all the time! I am gonna post my 4 week update. How are you all feeling?

4 weeks photos

My week 4 post op pics

5 weeks post op

I will be 5 full weeks in Tuesday and I am feeling amazing, finally! I have had two days in a row where I just feel like they're a part of me, finally! I adore my new body. Absolutely love the way my breasts look and I truly feel as though I have turned a corner in my surgery recovery. It was all worth it. Best thing ever!!!!
I hope you're all feeling well and recovering!!!! I see my PS next week and hope he tells me I can bra shop and don't need to wear the strap to sleep anymore!!!!! I definitely want to bra shop!!!!
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wilson is an absolute professional, he knows his stuff and my results are nothing less than amazing. He is an artist. He is definitely honest and will tell you the truth so your expectations are realistic. Then he exceeded all of my expectations. I recommend him highly. And he was highly recommended to me by several others I know. All who had a fabulous experience with him and his impeccable work.

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