Im Finally Going to Do It!!! But I'm Having Doubts!!!!! - Merrillville, IN

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My procedure is set ( TT, Umbilical Hernia Repair,...

My procedure is set ( TT, Umbilical Hernia Repair, MR) , I had to put down $2000.00 to hold my date. Now Im having second thoughts….1. Did I select the best PS?…..2. Did I ask enough questions ?3…….What will I look like? 4. What can I expect to look like?…5. Am I paying to much?..My pre-op is on 3/24/14. I can't wait, so that I can ask more questions!!!! Should I bring pictures of what I want to look like????? Ugggggh I'm driving myself bananas. I just want to look perfect. As I am spending a lot of money!!!!!! I mean his pictures on the site looked great. He has 15 plus years of experience. Plus he's published articles, and is cofounder of various procedure techniques. During my consult everything went well, I was confident in selecting him. Now I'm having all of these doubts and surgery is only a couple of days away……..

4 More Days till the flat side!!!!

I've been cleaning up all day!!!! Tomo I plan on doing more. I have the carpet guy coming out tomo. Hopefully he can install the carpet next day!!! I'm trying to get everything clean and beautiful before I go in. I'm so excited, but I have so much to do before Wed. Anyone have any tips on things to buy for PO? I will keep you posted my realself family!!!!!

Drainless tummy tuck completed!!!

1.Surgery 8 am
2.Doc called to make sure I was ok..he said everything went great! He's pleased!
3.Slight Pain when sitting/ standing but completely bearable
4.)4 hr scheduled meds..I'm on it.
5.) God is good!!!!! I prayed that God would bring me through surgery with no complications..and to cover me... to have a successful pain free recovery....and to be 100% + in love with my results. All glory to God!!!!! I feel fine.

Yesterday everything went great!!!! So the doctor says. He said he took off a lot of skin.... and that my muscles were separated quite a bit.. I won't see anything until friday, so I don't have pics.

The day before my procedure I was second guessing everything 1).is this worth spending this much money? 2.)Should I be concerned abt more serious things ?. I'm telling you I had a lot of questions swimming in my head. I tried to get everything done before the procedure, but I wasn't able to set my kids clothes out for the rest of the week. Hopefully I'll be able to this weekend, for next week. But my husband is great. I love him so much!

So going into surgery they tricked me and gave me the happy pill without warning. I didn't even know it was coming. All I remember is kissing my husband, and then trying to wake up. I woke up!!!!! ALL THANKS TO MY ALMIGHTY GOD. THE HEAD OF MY LIFE. THE SON OF GOD. PLEASE ACCEPT HIM IN YOUR LIFE? MY PROTECTOR, PROVIDER....AND SO MUCH MORE....My husband and mom have been great. I'm staying with my mom until Sunday. She has my room set up as a recovery music and everything.... I lovvvvvve it.... I'm so relaxed. She's on my side for everything. Not so much pain. Every thing is bearable. I have some pain when I sit and stand... you will need someone on the side of you. I had to go to the bathroom frequently when I got home. You will need help being lowered to the toilet/ and raised.

When I got to my mom's house... I did some dozing off for abt minutes. But I didn't completely go to sleep until abt 11:00pm...i wanted to stay up and talk. I dont get to spend time with mom and dad often.
I've had some draining from the lipo. Nothing too bad. It looks like watery blood. O and my procedure was drainless... so I don't have to worry about that.

5 days PO

Ummmm swelling at the bottom, proximal to my incision, hate it!!!! Not in love yet..... 5 days PO.

Im loving it!!!

Okay got to put up some pics!!!! Still kind of hunched over… dealing with it… can't wait to feel back to normal!!!!! But I'll take it, because my stomach is looking and feeling tight!!! My doctor is great.. when I call him, I can be confident that he's going to call back, and answer all of my concerns. Pics to come….

8 days PO

Help Anyone

Anyone experience painful/ annoying abdominal tightening. It Feels like my muscles draw in towards the middle (really tight) then relax. I remember this feeling when I was pregnant. I had a horrible night last night. No sleep because of this!



God is with me throughout this recovery. I trust and believe that I will be able to sleep tonight. I trust and believe that I will not have any more muscle spasms!!!!. This recovery will be smooth sailing, with perfect results!!!! In Jesus name! !! Amen!!!!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Doctor has 15 plus years of experience. Consultation went very well. He appears to be very knowledgeable, and his work looks great. He's very detailed regarding what to expect during the procedure. The office location and space was great. Only down side is that the rooms need better sound proofing. Others can hear you during your consultation, not great pt. confidentiality.

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