21 Years Old, 5'11" Athletic, 440 Cc HP Silicone Unders - Meridian, ID

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Well, here I am laying in bed with my new girls! I...

Well, here I am laying in bed with my new girls! I wasn't going to make a review, but I had so many questions and doubts myself which this website really helped me out with. Also, it is REALLY hard to find girls with similar stats! So for you tall athletic ladies out there, this is for you. I also wanted to have this sort of personal journey blog to remember. :)

Stats: 5'11", 145 lb, bwd 12.5, pre-op bra size 34 A/B

I really love the look of perky, round, full boobs. I guess some would say "pornstar boobs". That being said, I still want them to look natural and well blended with my body, not TOO big. I want to make sure I'm a D cup post op though!

I talked with many surgeons, in many areas. I started looking in Miami, where they specialize in boobies. I also looked in AZ, in Cali, and areas near where I live myself like Portland, OR and Seattle, Wa. At first, I'll admit, I was looking more based off the price. After a few consults though I had my mind made up I was just going to choose the surgeon based off results and location, the closer the better, with no mind to the price. It will be worth it and I saved up a lot for these little ladies!

I ended up choosing Dr. Kramer at Kramer's Plastic surgery in Meridian, ID. His results were all lovely, and his staff were all very friendly and accommodating to the fact I lived 6 hours away. Although he mainly seemed to do work in the 300 cc range, he had gorgeous natural outcomes! I liked what I saw, just wanted it on a bit bigger scale. I had all my measurements done, stretching, pulling, pinching, etc. I can tell you it wasn't the most awkward thing I've ever done in my life, although I'm VERY self conscious of my small breast. Bombshell VS bras were LIFE before. I wouldn't go a day without one! Anyways, I already knew I wanted silicone rounds, the hard part was choosing the profile. He started me with a couple to test out in a sports bra, based off what I told him I wanted. I wanted bigger! I went up and up and up again in size, so he made me sign a special "large implant form". He also said with that size, I would need High Profile implants to fit my width. We decided upon 415 cc sientra textured HP implants. I was completely happy, till I got home of course and started comparing myself to girls who had similar sizes.

It is very very hard for us tall girls to determine a size! Some say we "swallow the Implants". I would see a girl with 350 ccs and a dream outcome, but she would be 5'2" and 100 lb. So where did that leave me with my sizing compared to hers if I wanted that outcome? I also was doubting the HP, Im not a small girl. I didn't believe that I was that narrow, and thought maybe I should go with moderate implants. I even took it to myself to measure and re check my bwd. I wanted round full boobs, but I didn't want them to look like pecks and start from my collarbone! I decided to schedule another visit to my doctor, after telling him my concerns. he assured me that the width of the implants I wanted would fit best if they were HP with my body. I also got boob greed, booby greed is REAL ladies. So I bumped it up another size. I'd regret being too small over going too big anyways! I also switched to smooth implants, I liked how they seemed to drop and fluff better. Anyways, trust your surgeon is what I have to say about my little freak out. So now here's what Im planning on: 440 cc Sientra smooth HP round silicone under the muscle implants.

Surgery date is Wednesday, 4/22/15 at 2:30! SO EXCITED! I filled all my prescriptions: Valium, Hydros, Nausea pills, Sinnech, Antibiotics, and yes, stool softener. I also started using bio oil up until a few days before my surgery and continued to tan. I'll post some pre op pictures and then update this review day by day for the past 5 days! ???? Go ahead and ask any questions you want!

Day of Surgery

I was really nervous for the anesthia, but everyone was so warm and welcoming and comforting! Honestly, the IV in the arm was the worst part. I'm such a baby about needles. Then they gave me some sort of "cousin to Valium" through the IV and wheeled me back to the room and that's the last thing I remmeber. I woke up in an extreme amount of pressure and pain, and was sooooo so cold. Don't get how all these girls say it was like waking up from the best nap of your life. NOT. Not to scare anyone but the pressure is real. Specifically to any girls who have ever had anxiety or panic attacks, make sure to get some sort of anxiety reliever or muscle relaxer and STAY ON TOP OF IT. I took Valium and a hydro as soon as I got home, after being wheeled out in a wheelchair. Hoping these pills work some magic! Also, on a side note I am not a fan or supporter of using pain meds, I rarely ever take ibuprofen even. But the pain is real ladies. The Valium and Hydros hit pretty quick and make me sort of dizzy, then out like a rock. I woke up every 3 hours like clock work due to the pain, crying in most cases. My boyfriend did an amazing job of supporting me and pretty much doing everything for me! Helping me walk around the house, giving me water and pills and food, and even using the rest room! I couldn't do anything for myself, nothing.

Day 2 Post Op

Well, it's day 2 and the pain is finally bearable! I still can't get out of bed myself but I can walk around and move pretty well now! I don't use my arms for pretty much anything and I learned how to stay on top of my meds! I believe it works best to take half a pill of Valium and hydro together and then 3 hours later I can take the other halves. Also, ITS TIME FOR MY POST OP WITH MY DOCTOR! I'm so excited to see the girls, I haven't even looked at them yet! I had my bf check the tag of the compression bra they gave me and its an adjustable 36 D! D, super excited about that! Oh! I forgot to mention I had the drainage tubes connected and had to measure the fluid output 9 am and 9 pm. I get to find out if they can pull the tubes and if I get to go to my real home at my meeting! Here's a picture right before I went!


Just a quick look at these little guys! You can't even see them face on!

Days 3 and 4

Everything's been going great! I only take Valium at night now, besides that I'm sticking with extra strength Tylenol! I try not to over due anything, since I am feeling. So well. I don't reach too high, or lift or pull anything. But I'm driving again which is so nice! I have a lot of progress pictures for you ladies out there! I'm so happy with them, I'm hoping they do look bigger once they drop and fluff, which I'm sure they will. Overall, I've been told the size I got looks very good on my body! In love!
Dr. Kramer

Very friendly and informative, also very blunt about sizing. Did not feel comfortable going with any bigger implants than 440 cc, but this is why all his results look as natural and great as they do!

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