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I'm so glad that I have had this done. I"m a...

I'm so glad that I have had this done. I"m a mother of two beautiful girls ages are 10 and 7 when I was first pregnant I over ate every thing I was so hungry all the time. I went from being 67kg to 105kg in 40 weeks I really didn't see the weight gain. Untill my baby born and I got in a slump and maintained that life style I love to cook and eat. I'm food obsessed I love baking I would start baking from 5am in the morning if you let me???? and sometimes I do. I would bake, roast, fry cook all day long when I stayed home looking after my daughter at the time I thought I was happy I weighed 97kg at the time and stil thought nothing of it my husband had also put on weight due to our lifestyle he weighed the same as me I'm 160 cms short he is 6"4.
There were times I told myself that it was ok to be big I'm from a Maori descent we tend to be on the larger side of life ???? and I was happy I had my baby my husband and a lot of food to cook to keep me busy i really didn't see being that heavy as a burden at that stage. Two year latter I fell pregnant with my yougest daughter I had drop my weight to 93kg and only put on a extra 5kgs with her 98kg. Life retuned to normal no exercise lots of heavy eating. One night I was walking home with my 2 female neighbours and I could see my shadow I was huge compared to them my shoulders were like the McDonald aches by the time I walked to my house with these lovely ladies. I felt sad,angry and disappointed that I let my self get to this stage. My husband didn't care he loved me but I didn't love Me.
I joined Weight Watchers my weight was 97kg and I lost 4.7kg in my first week. When you join up you get a little book that your get stamped on a for when you loose and you get stars for evey 5kg lost. In the little book for put your starting weight in and then it calculates your ideal weight and your bmi I thought at the time how the hell I'm I going to be 70 kgs almost 30kg to loose I honestly thought that I would never ever get there.
Weight watchers have me a new lease on life those cook books changed the way I ate big time. In all I lost over 10kg with weight watchers before I joined the gym going to Weight watchers gave me great stepping stone for motivation I went to the gym stared doing the classes I wasn't the best and was really out of time for a long time. At this stage it was either go to weight watchers of hire a personal trainer and I choose PT it was 2008 and I weighed in at 87kg and with my PT Jamie Jones from infused Crossfit I lost another 7kg I joined all kinds of new sporting thing between I did my first city to surf it was 4kms and I was so happy and pround of myself I thought I had blitzed it running time if 38mins lol I laugh at that now. One of my lovely neighbours Suzanne Beck became a personal trainer Thinkfit and held bootcamps so I joined at this stage my weight was 87kg again I trained with my friends at bootcamp twice weekly getting fitter and stronger but not really on a wonderful eating plan. I was eating the right food but to much food but never eating like I did at the beginning.
My new bootcamp friends kept asking me if I would like to go on runs with them until I said yes one day. I remember that morning we ran from my house and did a 4.5km run I was coughing chocking sweating all over the place I wanted to quit walk go home!! These girls never gave up on me they waited and encouraged me all the way I had to stop and walk the last 100 meters due to my lack of breathing. From then on I knew I could run 4km with our stopping.
I started to run daily I was 82kg just doing the 4.5 run around my area I fell in love with running. My neighbours and I entered ourselves in a run in perth called run for a reason 2010 4.5km run Kendal my other wonderful neighbours did it with me and Suzanne Beck did the 12kms she's a super runner that woman. Kendal and I did our run in 22 minutes we where shocked I don't think I've run 5.30 Kms since. In the same year we did our first city to surf 2010 city to surf omg I have the most shittist run I have ever had I was angry and vowed to never run again it was horrible it was 12km of hell. I let it beat me and it gave me a beating!! I quit running and gained 5kgs 87kg again I was still happy that I wasn't 97kg but I was still big.
I was still Trainning at bootcamp but just for the social side to meeting up with my training buddies and having a gossip.
In 2012 I joined Michelle Bridges round 3 of the 12 week body transformation I did well i lost 8kg so I was 79kg one of my other neighbours was going to Thailand to get some work done on her self little bit of lipo here and there. So I too inquired about going over there with her to have a tummy tuck done because I thought it would be cheeper then here in Australia. My husband was against me going overseas so I did some inquiring over here and found out that if you have private health cover your really only looking at under $6500 Thailand was going to cost me $10000 it is cheeper here and you get a rebate back from Medicare and your health fund so I joined a private health fund on the 06/11/2012 I knew I had a year before my operation. My awesome neighbours the PT and Kendal kick stated off our/ diet plan Again in the new year 2013 and in the plain there was 3 days worth of running doing a least 5kms per run.. Guess what I fell in love with running again and I ran and I ran and I ran. Not only did I do the 2013 12km run for a reason I did the2013 city to surf 1/2 marathon I did little fat me ???? my husband did it with me. He has turned himself into an iron man he's been there Training with me all the way too he swims squad in the morning runs during his lunch break and trains with Suzanne Beck Thinkfit in the men's class to my kids train with her too they too enter into events with us???? 10 weeks ago I stated it went for 8 weeks my PT and hubby where right there with me all the way!! I loved this challenge. What I gave up for what I have learnt about clean eating was life changing for me! I didn't have a religion before now I have found one Paleo eating there are times were I have had the odd bad thing or two but one bad day out on 7 anit bad I last weighed in last Thursday at Suzanne house and I was 73.50kg I was happy as Larry ???? I've done it. I'm not perfect. I didn't do it over night I struggled. It took me years but I have done what I thought was the impossible and made it possible. I had my Abdominoplasty tummy tuck yesterday and I'm so happy I'm lying down as I type my huge monologue that is probeley full of mistakes and bad English. But I don't care I have done it. I did it for me for my husband for my neighbours for my kids it can only be a positive thing. Do what ever makes you happy. That's my story so far 7am Perth time 12/11/13

Day 4 post op

Today is day 4 and I have come home from hospital today. I did poo"s last night for the first time since the op. I'm at home lying down in bed. The only pain I have in where the drains were. Still taking pain relief evey 4-6 hours. I can't have a shower untill I see my surgeon on Tuesday that's still another 5 days a way my best friend come to the hospital and washed my hair last night so at least I have clean hair. So far so good I do get the blues from time to time and have thought about not having the operation untill after Christmas. What's done is done now lol

Grannie panties

Hunch back day 5 post opp

Still on pain relief every 4-6 hours was lovely to sleep in my own bed. I was up every 4 hours I think my body is used to getting up and taking mess. It's getting easier to walk but there is still so much pressure on my lower back when I walk still walk hatched over the kids think it's funny. Gave myself a sponge bath and i pulled out the scales and I"m under 70kgs really happy about that. I asked my surgeon 3 days post op how much weight he cut off and he said it only weighed 1 kgs. I starting to feel better today so Yay.

And then

And then I got my period ???????????? I was hoping my period would be late but no avail! I thought my body might still be on shock and hopefully delay it. But it came as normal. This woman business is hard men have it a lot easier then us. I still can't have a shower until I've seen the surgeon on Tuesday bed bath until then. My best friend is coming to wash my hair his morning in the back yard under the hose lucky its 35 degrees today in perth. Still taken my meds every 4-6 hours and hatched over and needing to lay down a lot. lower back is taking the weight of my body when I walk. So far so good expect for the extra bleeding I'm in good sprints. Have a great day people xx thanks for thinking of me

Hair washing

Hair washing in the backyard :) at least it's clean can't wait for a shower.

Day 8 post opp

Hi guys I went and saw my surgeon yesterday I got my belly button stitches out and was told I can start showering ???? he redressed my wound and suggested I buy and use a binder. I'm still sore only in my hips no where else and still slightly walking haunch over. But I'm happy???? I want to go back to work next on Wednesday I have my next surgeon appt next Tuesday hopefully he says I can.

Day 8

I wore the same undies so I could compare

Day 13 post op

Well all my lovely high pain medication is finished so yesterday was my first whole panadol day! I"ll miss you endome. I have been two days with out laxatives as well so every things going back to normal. I still walk with a slight bend I think I'm scared to stand up straight. I've been out of the house a few times this week. I want a quick fix lol this is taking to long to heal. I miss running and starting to get depressed when I see my trainer leave with out me ???? my husband and friends have been awesome my friend came over Dan and mopped my house and changed my linen because she didn't want to sleep in my own filth and she knew that it would be doing my head in. My neighbours are keeping the Aussie spirit alive by playing out on me asking if I done any squats or been lifting any weights to today asking if I've been for a run!! Funny guys ???? I was bloated last night it was the first time I had eaten Icecream. I'm going out today to watch the hunger games with the family. Yay getting better slowly

Two weeks post opp

I drove my children to school this morning ???? my husband was in the car to make sure I was ok the schools only 500m up the road. My kids think I still walk funny so I tried to walk with my hips lol hope that hip walking dosnt cost me a day in bed.

Back to work

Yay went and saw my surgeon nurse today she gave me the all clear I'm going back to work tomorrow both exited and nervous! Every thing look well and I get to massage from next week. Happy to return to my normal life. I'm walking a lot straighter today feeling good had to have some more coloxyl last night and it worked today.


I went back to work today for 3 hours. It was good to be back I took it easy at work I went home and retreated back to my bed my haven. I just read some of my last posts I shouldn't have typed them from my iPhone never mind! I'm worried about seroma I do have a bit of fuild around but the nurse at my surgeons office said it wasn't but I"m paranoid about every thing that could go wrong! Just got to think positive thoughts. Sera Sera.
Australia Plastic Surgeon

Dr Andrew Crocker was my surgeon One of my friends had her tummy done and had a speedy recovery so I choose him too. Ross Ireland was my anaesthic they both seemed kind and friendly they were both fantastic

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