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Had Coolsculpting done on the 6th, last Tuesday....

Had Coolsculpting done on the 6th, last Tuesday. Procedure was way more intense than I had expected, and when she attached the vacuum to my stomach, I panicked and felt like I couldn't breathe. I started to hyperventilate. It wasn't painful, but it was such a weird feeling. I finally calmed down and made it through, because I've heard so many great things about this procedure. It's been about 6 days and there hasn't been any pain at all. The area's been tender, like a sunburn, but no actual pain. I was and am able to go about my life normally. I would advise against jeans for the first two days, though, as I wouldn't want something so tight resting on such a tender area. Other than that, everything is good and I hope to have more to report when results start showing.

I also had a review under Slim Lipo, which I had done almost two years ago, and didn't do much of anything for me. I'm hoping this will! Will post pictures when I get some results going! My cost was 2000 for two treatments, so will be having another one.

Today is one week. All the redness was gone after...

Today is one week. All the redness was gone after the second day. I had one tiny bruise on my right side where the end of the vacuum was, but that was gone after three days. The tenderness is gone, although if I push on it, I can still feel some tenderness. But there's no pain at all. Have not actually seen a difference, but it feels different. When I sit or bend over, it feels different than it used to, but when I look in the mirror, there's not much change. I'm not surprised, though, as it's only been a week. Will be posting some pics after there's something to show!

Two weeks today. No pain, no tenderness. A...

Two weeks today. No pain, no tenderness. A slight odd feeling if I scratch my stomach; otherwise, nothing to say I had it done. No noticeable results. Still feels like there's less, but then I look and it's still all there. :) Still hopeful, as it's only been two weeks! I'm 5'6, 130 pounds, for reference. Doc took before pictures, but they're really close up!

Had another procedure on stomach exactly one week...

Had another procedure on stomach exactly one week ago today. It's been almost two months since the first (Tuesday will be two months.) It has definitely worked! Every time I put my hands in my pockets, I realize that something is not the same. I look down and don't see as much as I used to. I still have a protrusion, but some of the fat has definitely gone away. It's been worth it for me, and I've still got some time to see results.

The second time I did the same thing, large vacuum, just a tad higher up on my stomach to get some of the upper abs as well. Last time I freaked out, but this time wasn't quite as bad, mostly because I knew what was coming. It still didn't feel good, and I still had a hard time breathing, but I knew if I made it through the first 10 minutes, I'd be good. The massaging this time hurt like crazy, though. But this nurse massaged me much harder and longer than the first one did. Have had a slight feeling of discomfort for the last week, like a sunburn. The first two days had cramping. I'm very excited about what's changed so far, and can't wait to see what's coming!!
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