Mentor Silicone Implants Are Awesome!!!

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I am 11 weeks out from surgery. I had mentor...

I am 11 weeks out from surgery. I had mentor moderate plus memory gel silicone implants put in with a nipple incision. I chose to go over the muscle because of less pain, less chance of complications, less overall recovery time. My nipple sensation was somewhat lacking before surgery after breastfeeding three kids - now they are fairly sensitive, but in a different way - it's hard to describe. Not better, not worse really. Some, but not much pain intially, but I was on oxycodone for the first week after surgery as I also has a tummy tuck at the same time - that was where the pain was, not my breasts. I would say overall getting my breasts done was a breeze. I was nervous after seeing things on TV about people being in horrible pain afterwards, but the ones I saw had it under the muscle so I would not be able to comment on how that feels - it probably does hurt. My major advice to anyone considering this surgery - take pictures to the doctor with you to show him/her what you want. Buy yourself a bra that you want to "fill out" and take it to your consultation. And I can't review other breast implants, but the new mentor ones I mentioned are nothing short of AWESOME. No matter how hard I try, I can't feel them - they look and feel completely natural. I was afraid they would be heavy, and they re not at all. I got 450cc, but if I had it to do again I would get 600cc. My friend just got the 600cc's two weeks ago and she looks awesome. They look a little smaller once they're in than when you're stuffing your bra "trying them on" in the doctor's office, so if you are having trouble deciding exactly which size you want, go bigger instead of smaller. I had five coworkers go to the doctor I went to before I did, so I was confident in him without having to shop around, because they all gave him a glowing review. If anyone needs an excellent and experienced doctor, I went to Dr. {edited} in Phoenix, AZ. One other thing to consider is that I saved about 10% or so by paying cash. They do offer financing, but the finance company actually charges the physician a fee for that service, so you pay full price. I didn't have the money laying around - I just took out a little extra on the home equity loan I was already geting for other things. I am just approximating my cost because I don't remember exactly what it was, but this is close: @$7,000 full price. I ended up paying @$5,500 because of the cash discount. Editor note: you must be contacted privately with doctor recommendations and feedback. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.
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