OMG!!! I Cant Believe I fianlly did it !! Now , I wonder why I waited so long!?!

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Hi, everyone Iv'e been lurking up here for maybe...

hi, everyone
Iv'e been lurking up here for maybe over a yr, close to 2 yrs im sure ..heehee..
anyway, I have contemplating, and contemplating this forever it seems and now Im just going to go for it . I went in for my consultation ,got my bloodwork done just gotta go fill out some more paperworks and get prescriptions next week. Yikes!! once, I was told to come in for prescriptions,it wasnt a fantasy anymore, but reality :) I am about 5"5 137 ish, and 30 yrs old , with a low volume 34-36 small B . I have been dreaming to do this for so long,but it was either not the right time or $ wasnt right or both. but now ,no more excuses.... this is for me. yaaaaayyyy! Sometimes, I think women loves boobs more than men. lolol They really are important to complete ,the female anatomy imo. Sooooo , anyway I havent told any family only because its personal to me .. I just want to do it & keep it moving. However my fiance is in the He will go with me that day & stay home with me. Now , that its settling in , I think Im anxious, part nervous but still very excited but he went from "see what you wanna do " or see what they say . too - " I cant wait to see my new boobies " ???!!! ummm.. lol So , now strangely he seems more excited than I am so glad I have you ladies, here , its like a boobie family :) ... Anyone have any suggestions , on what to do prior and after surgery I would really appreciate it. oh, and as for size, & implant ,Im going with Saline , he's going to do under the muscle , and my request is full D or small DD. :/ lol Go big or go home . So many women have had augmentation, and were dissapointed after swelling subsided .

Thank you guys for all your warm thoughts and...

Thank you guys for all your warm thoughts and encouragement through this. you dont know how bad ,im ready to get this over with already.. :/ Well, yes you do..lolol smh . So nerve wrecking. I just smile to myself thinking how I wont need padded bras . what a boost to the esteem. umph. I remember ,wanting this bra in century 21 ,last yr. so beautiful with the lace etc. and didnt buy it cuz there was no padding ; o .. Now, that wont be an option. so, after surgery have you ladies noticed constipation more ?

Sooooooo, I have approx. 9 days from tommorow. ...

Sooooooo, I have approx. 9 days from tommorow. And, its almost like im in denial...If that makes sense . still cant believe im going to finally have some tiggo bitties - hopefully some big ones. :) D'zzzzzzz . I went this wk and picked up my prescriptios. antibiotics, valiums, flexiril and percocets :) So, im fully loaded.. wow I am going to add some before pics a little later. How's everyone doing out there with , pre-op jitters ?

Ok, gals ... got my Rx's filled. cost me $40 not...

Ok, gals ... got my Rx's filled. cost me $40 not bad !

Post -Op pic ...

Well, 5/22/13 girls ....its almost that time. :/ How is everyone holding up. As , you can see I am a 34-36 smalllllll B. So, time for an upgrade. 3 days to go...Still cant get believe this really.

countdown :/ 2 more days!

It's winding down 5.22 girls
I am now pretty sure my monthly is gonna wait to visit me on Wed
Of course. Just my luck
My fiance just went out & got me grapes
.great detox ;)

gonna feel like a complete women

I'm getting nervous now

It's getting intense....oh .the pressure...

Ohhh ish is getting real now 5/22 ladies....Its down to the wire....not the underwire but the wire ..lolol HA! ok, so my humor is a bit like any who. I'm getting ready for work and Im super frigginnnn nervous ,didn't even sleep well lastnight. ugghh Aw man. tonight im def. popping one of those dang valiums. 5/22 Girls where r u????

COUNTDOWNnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ladies...

So, I'm home . I think im going to vacuum , get that over with . Although I asked the boo to do it tonight, you know some times we have to just take charge ladies . umph. lol So, i'll do that, wash my linens, set up my narc's :) , and curl up my hair. What a full a** evening !!!

Sports Bra..

I want to post a pic of this cute sports bra . its x large. as oppose to the danskin one I bought which is a 36D. Im figuring one for swelling and one for after : /

sports bras - hoping to fill these babies outtt.

first pic is a reg. blk n grey danskin - 36 D

then the second is a cuuuuuute black cotton and pink sports bra - x large . couldn't capture the back , in the pic so had to take it off.. smh lol

Trying to stay calm....

Sooo I'm watching Netflix .old 90210 plastic surgery shows. Episode 1.......two breast augmentations: )

Post - op Day 3

Well, ladies on the third day of recovery, and some relief has come in. Not as, tight as before ,but definelty will go through looking very senior citizen , when getting up on the recliner. Lol Thank God I had hubby here , or I would have just been The girls are warm, and sitting in there pockets behaving for now. lol Everynow and then I get these shooting pain pass thru but not that crazy burning i had the first 2 days. How are the 22's/23/24's feleling? updates ladies ? cant wait to go bra shopping.

follow -up appt set for next wk Wed.

So , I spoke to my doc this evening, he said no massaging as of yet, let them do what they want. lol he told fiance to go get gauzes, tapes and saline water. so, he went to an actual surgical place and got some good stuff. He was so happy to wash them and tape them back up. lol smh There his girls :) lol. I tried to get that dang danskin back on and no luck. so friggin happy for this x-large cotton sports bra. so basically the doc says to change gauzes twice a day and clean incision with only saline water. these are the self dissolve stutures so thats good. im not brave enough to take out no stiches now. umm no!? I will say Ive had my appetite since I got home. Just ,loopy from the meds. dont think I will be going out this wknd. uh no! so how are my ladies doing ? how's every one pain level?

Family and your boob bizness..

so, I was telling my fiance I wont be telling my family about this, it was something private IMO. I just dont want them to know. Is that wrong? And, if they noticed a difference I will say its the birth control making them bigger :) hmph.What about you guys have you told friends & family?

Boob gurgling..

Any one have a gurgling feeling in the boob area? lol not sure how to describe it like a gurgle type feeling not a pain but just a movement?

" Ladies & Boobs I would like to introduce the Girls''

Only could manage to take a few. but here goes. saline , HP mentor , unders . 3 days post op :)

Just started playing dress up... starting to feel it yeaaaaauuuhhhhh!!

ok, Ladies ..Soooo after moping about my monthly, bloat & occasional gas.. :/ I decided maybe if I try on some outfits , and perk my self up a little and it def. helped.
Tried on this halter top ,I had for 2 yrs ~ ~ I know ,smh Never could fill the damn thing out , But cannot say that now.. :)))) The hubby started dropping things, and couldnt take his eyes off these bad girls. I say $$$ well spent. It feels good to feel more womanly. pic coming shortly......

Black lace halter - no bra (Finally )!!!!!!!!


Sooooo, I slipped on a wife B today And some leggings and filled the bad boy out pretty nicely
. So far minimal pain just every now n then. Saw the surgeon With My hubby last week & he love How the girls r maturing. Lolol next post op June 19 . No more morning boob. Thank God! Pics to come:) happy healing

Bringing sexy back!

My lil black number Lol finally can fill It Out ยก pow,!?


Happy Birthday to our boobies girls.... :) There growing up so fasttttt !!

Well, four weeks in and had another post op today .Doctor, was inlove with his I LOVE them too.. and so everyone who see's them But, I cant help suffer from this damn BGD ... you know what im talking about girls... boob greed disorder... uggh its gets the best of me sometime.. but I truly too love them just wish I saw them bigger , like others do. Im gonna post pics and you girls tell me by looking at them what size would you assume ....

what size would you guess me?

Leopard Top/Night slip- Sleepwear

I would have never been to fill this out prior BA ... Ummmmm NO ! But, now me and my Badboys will be coming through...lmaooooo

Leopard top

Nov. update on my boobies...

HI, Guys Its been some time now ... been crazy busy with work, planning my wedding and getting ready for the Rhinoplasty & liposuction in Dec. geeshhh A girl , has a lot on her plate.. But, Im thankful. I wanted to give a update on boobs, no major differences except there pretty much apart of me now more than ever. I love them , more & more each day, and always think who knew somthing, so superficial would make you feel so much better about yourself ?! I sure didnt..lolol But, im so glad I went through with it. Im pretty much the same size I think :/ I still have boob greed but I always push it out when I think where I came from . That was just sad. Ill put a few pics below. luv u gals ,..hope all is well.
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