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I'm a 44 year old mother of two, I'm active, in...

I'm a 44 year old mother of two, I'm active, in shape (with some pounds to lose), beyond frustrated with my body and needed help. I met Dr Elmer and knew he would take great care of me and that he understood this life long challenge of mine! I found him knowledgeable, caring and ready to help change my life!

Day 5 of Recovery

So, I'm still sore for sure... I started small walking trips with the kids and drove my car for the first time. Wearing the compression garment 24/7 as advised with the exception of showering. The garment is the worst part at times, very tight and a little uncomfortable at times. I am healing quickly I think as I take photos almost daily of the bruising and oozing. Still draining from my two drains, and changing my dressings twice daily (more for my my mind I suspect).
The arnica is a dream, taking the oral 5 tablets under the tongue three times a day and rubbing on the gel and that seems to ease the discomfort of the itching. The itching is truly crazy but makes me feel like it's healing clearly!
It looks disgusting right now with the bruising leading down to the top of knees in the back. I had lower buttocks and legs done so I expected this.
I have my follow up on Wednesday and look forward to hearing from my doc that it looks good. I did text him some photos over the weekend and he seemed very happy with the progress, love that he texted back!
I'm only doing light exercise as I had a lot of work done on my legs, and there's a hard numb feeling on my legs and I do get a little light headed still when walking.
I'll keep you up to date as the days, weeks and months go on.

One week doctor visit

I went to the doc today, and he's very pleased with the progress after one week.
I thought he wouldn't be able to say anything good as it looks so gross still, so his comments were uplifting and reassuring for sure!
I'm a huge fan of the arnaca, it's a magic remedy and the bruising changes daily due to using it, massaging it in and being faithful to the compression garment..
I'm excited as I have to work in the islands the end of the month so I'm following all the doctor's orders and being mindful of not over doing it to let the healing take place! I worked out daily, so I think I'm feeling a little grody right now, but the surgery was pretty traumatic to the area so I will take my shorts walks and not over do it!

You asked for photos and my 7th day doc visit

I'm so excited!! My doc just sent these to me and I'm thrilled right now!

Two WEEKS done! Taking that compression garment off and rejoicing!!

So two week mark today! I'm feeling better, still sore for sure but had my first workout today as suggested/advised by my doc! (let the body heal properly)
I love to run and definitely missed it, but took my workout to the streets today and I'm feeling emotionally better for sure! I'm still sore for sure... the pain in my upper legs and lower buttocks is still tender and I'm still taking it slow.
I haven't shot any photos for a few days as the swelling is finally coming down and I may find myself defeated by looking at the legs at this point... so I'm staying positive and hopeful for sure!
I know as so many of you do that the true results will show within 3-6 months.
I didn't wear the compression garment for the first day and it was so liberating... like burning your BRAS so to speak! haha
I will keep you updated, and I love the contact with my doc and the advice he bestows upon me so I will wear SPANX during the night to continue the success of this surgery and the results I so desperately want to see!
Stay tuned!
So hopeful for less pain soon... I'll tell you as the adventure continues!

Three weeks done and ooooh so sore!

So the last week has been hard on the legs, I did start power walking and did 5 miles yesterday. I love walking and running and had missed it so I was glad to be cleared to get back to exercising lightly.
I have to tell you the pain in my legs is crazy... the collagen re-building is quite painful at times... like tears in my eyes painful. That being said, I'm still okay... I still believe in hope and I can't wait to see the results... like a kid asking about a present for XMAS in July... is it too early to ask for what I want? So I digress,
the swelling is coming down a bit...still very sore, painful to the touch in certain areas... I'm using the arnacare still every day and trying to do it at least twice a day to massage into the areas.
The lower buttocks was done on me as well and sitting down still is somewhat painful toilet, chairs etc...
I feel a sense of freedom without the compression garment, but I'm using leggings and my spins shorts at night a few nights a week to help with the swelling.
I will keep you updated, I'm a photog and had a shoot yesterday and the most challenging part of my life at this point is I can't squat down... feels like I'm pulling my skin off my legs... more tears :(... it's all good! I truly believe it's going to get better! Time heals all wounds!
I'm off to the islands out of country to work next time I post, hoping maybe to wear a bathing suit and not be scared... we shall see.
Still have swelling and bruising... but so much better each week and as the swelling is going down the pain comes in as I can feel the parts that were worked on!
Stay focused on the prize!

8 Weeks and thinking better thoughts...!!

So this is has been an incredibly difficult recovery at times, but I'm finally starting to feel like myself again...sans more cellulite on my legs!! :)
I went to my doc last week and had a great moment where he felt really great about the smoothness of my skin and certainly the less visible lines in my mid/upper leg area. After I look at my bumm over and over again I'm finally able to tell myself through his words as well, that I have/had a severe case of cellulite... they grade us on how bad it is.
So for me the lessening of the appearance in the leg where my skirts would hit is very exciting for me, the bumm area not so much as I have some crazy divots in my upper leg and in my "arse"... I get it and I was certainly not expecting a miracle.
The tenderness in my legs still is crazy, and the rubbing of oil every morning and night is such a relief and frankly should be helping the collagen rebuilding aspect of this procedure!
I still feel optimistic and can't wait to see the results at the 3-6 month timing.
It's finally easier to get in and out of the car but sitting on the toilet, and squatting is still difficult. I had 40 square units done and that's quite a bit I understand, so my recovery may be more lengthy than most others! I wasn't on the elliptical in three days, but after two weeks of garment wearing I was power walking and I'm doing about 23 miles a week and that helps mind and body!
Until next time,
here's thinking good thoughts!!
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr Emer is beyond knowledgeable about this procedure. He had done many previous to me. He's young and on top of his game so I felt very confident in his ability as he's always writing papers for journals and giving talks to others about this procedure. I asked so many questions, I mean a ton... I was so nervous as I had never done any cosmetic enhancements (not even BOTOX), and with every question the answers were soothing to my neurosis and I felt so much better about going into the procedure. While in surgery, he asked me countless times if I was doing okay, could I feel anything? always concerned about my comfort... very reassuring again! The before surgery prep was on point as well, taking thorough photos, making sure I saw the markings of what was going to take place and asked for my agreement. The aftercare was explained to me, the phone calls from the clinic were nice and the clinic also had an amazing staff who walked me through my nervousness and questions. I'm still healing right now as I write you, legs very bruised, compression garment on but I feel like I want to share a step by step outline for you all who are debating on this procedure. I'm very happy so far, I can't wait to see the results!

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