TT with Lipo to Flanks and Vasor Lipo to Back Bra Area! - Memphis, TN

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I am a mother of two wonderful boys, 18 and 13. I...

I am a mother of two wonderful boys, 18 and 13. I have wanted this for so long, and I'm so happy to finally be doing it!! I'm 50 yrs old and it's now or never!! I weigh 145lbs and since my second son was born I have the same issues everyone else has. My body has never been the same. So, it's time to change my life for the better! I have a wonderful husband who is definetly on the fence with this. He says, your fine just the way you are. Gotta love him for that but....naw. He will be happy when he sees the new me;) I have gone to three consults and have finally decided on the one I felt the most confident with. They were all good but all had very different ways of doing things. It was a difficult decision. I am getting consumed with RS. It is probably whats getting me through ALL the doubts. I love reading and seeing all of your wonderful posts and pictures. everyone looks amazing afterwards!! Also, I take notes of supplies you all suggest that I wouldn't have thought of. So thank you. I'm looking forward to going through this very unnerving journey with all of your help and support. I will be here for all of you as well!

Three weeks and counting!

Tomorrow is my ore-op. I think he will answer any doubts I'm feeling. I hope!
I love this site and all the wonderful women on it! I don't think I would do this without you all! I live on here every night!
I hope and pray everyone's TT is healing and your feeling better everyday!

Had to cancel my Tummy Tuck today, Sept. 16th because of blood work:(((

Talk about a nightmare! I had gotten my pre-surgery blood work done from my family DR.on Sept.5th. Thought that would give plenty of time if needed to be rechecked. Recieved a call on Wed. Sept 11th that my PTT was high. Needed to get rechecked. WEnt the next day and thought nothing of it really. While doing my large grocery shop on Friday to last the next two weeks from surgery.. I get a call from DR office. He thinks I should postpone my TT for Monday and go to hematologist. This was at 4:30 Friday!!! My PS agreed. They were afraid of bleeding. The PTT level is the clogging agent in our blood. Mine was too high. Well, I cryed most of the weekend because I was mentally ready for Monday to come.
I finally got appt with blood specialist today. Took more blood for tests. Just have to wait now. Hopefully it will come back fine and I can get back on my PS schedule!
I'm not giving up yet!!

Finally happening!!

I have to be at surgery Center at 6:00am tomorrow. I'm getting so nervous!! I think the day before is the worst anxiety ever!! I've tried to stay as busy as possible! I'm ready as I will ever be.
Good luck to all the TT ers this week. Hope we all have great experiences.
See you on the flat side!!!

I am so HAPPY!!!

I had my surgery 9 days ago.
Surgery Center- made me relax and where very professional. I knew right away I was in great hands.
Dr Johnson- I can't say enough how fantastic he is!! As soon as I saw him all my nerves disappeared. Without a doubt I think he is the best PS in Memphis! I'm so thrilled I didn't settle and continued researching until I knew I had found the Best for me.
After waking up I felt some pain that I expected. I wanted to get up to go to the bathroom because I knew I'd be released to go home as soon as I did.
First night was manageable pain wise. I thought first three days were the hardest but with staying on top if pain meds it wasn't terrible. I set my phone alarm so I didn't miss any meds. Word of advice- add stool softners to your meds. You will be happy you did. I thought having the first BM was one of the biggest hurdles. Senekot and MOM did it for me.
Everyday I feel better. I'm bruised, swollen, and tired but I couldn't be happier!! It will continue to only get better from here. It is important to stay positive cause you will have some doubtful moments. I know this is a dream I've had for 15 years and it has finally come true. Thank you to my DH! He wasn't a supporter of PS in general but has been nothing but a sweetheart! I love him even more than ever for supporting me on this journey.
Before having my surgery I lived on this site hoping I would read something to ease my doubt and insane nerves. If I can help anyone by saying- don't be afraid! It's nothing like I had imagined the pain would be. It is very manageable and you'll sleep through the first few days. Waiting for your day is probably the hardest part.
I wish I did this sooner! Good luck ladies:) we are all going to look great!

Dr. Johnson and his office where so gracious and accommodating. He sat and talked for at least 1 hour and explained everything to me. Then asked if I had any questions. If I need to go back at anytime before surgery (which I am doing) for any additional questions or just to feel more comfortable that I could. He is Board Certified. He has been doing TT for many years. I just had the right feeling about him.

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