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I'm ready, I don't have date just yet, but I'm on...

I'm ready, I don't have date just yet, but I'm on the road to making better choices. Better Health. I;m schedule for a couple of surgery clearance procedures, then Ill be able to get a surgery date. I have the psyche evaluation coming up on 7/21, the EGD scheduled because I have a diverticulum in my esophagus so my surgeon wants to make sure I won't have any issues during surgery. I'm getting pretty excited.

weight pics

Yo yo directions weight loss system trial total weight loss 13 lbs. Last attempt of actual diet



One step closer

EGD day.preop clearance test

Jus a day

Not feeling too good today, feeling really FAT

Psychological Eval finished and CLEARED FOR BARIATRIC SURGERY!!!

I was cleared from GI and Psych, next step is insurance approval. Pray for me yall.


I'm so nervous now that it's time to submit to the insurance company. I'm eating like a pig, I've gained some weight. Fatigue has set in...I wonder if the insurance company will deny my claim for the weight loss attempts, my weight was up and down 1-5 lbs here and there. I'm jus so afraid to bE denied.

Nervoousness to be contiued...

The surgeon wants a CT OF THE CHEST now...ughhhh. I thought I was ready to be submitted. well the appt is Wed at 1230. so we'll see.

tomorrow is the CT of the chest

Laying here waiting for tomorrow. Last step before submitting to insurance co. Totally geeked!!

Another step closer

Had ct today.

Before pics

Went to see my advocate today and I got copies of both of my before pic...can't wait till after to compare.

One more doctors appointment 8/6

Then submission to insurance co

The closer I get the more weight I gain! Why???

I was wondering did any of u gain more weight prior to a surgery date, with the mindset "I'm having surgery and I didn't need to watch my weight" well I'm feing really fat these last couple of weeks.

After getting approval

I'm stuck with trying to decide after I get an approval when should I have surgery... Say I'm approved by the second week in Aug, should I have surgery last of Aug or wait till after my birthday which is next month on the 15th... What yall think??

libido vs feeling fat

Does your libido increase after the surgery?_


I knew it...gained weight.

last doctor's appt.

going today at 1230, taking my last weight loss attempt sheet with me, she'll need to complete while I'm in the office, I will be dropping it off to my advocate when done. READYYYYY!!!

Last weigh in

Almost but not quite


saw advocate today, paperwork was sent tody to CIGNA, whew the process was so long and demanding. I survived thus far but now the waiting begins...I have plans for a birthday party on 9/18, I want to take a pre nursing exam for RN school 8/26, I want to go to the hall and oats concert, so many things planned but I want my surgery like NOW. I can't do it all tho. when it comes time to schedule surgery, I'll probably say to hell with everything. LOL


I have gone thru so much for the procedure, I'm finally all ready for surgery, I will start my liver shring on 8/25, so not looking forward to that, I hear its the DEVIL...
but anyways my sleeveday is a lil bittersweet because my bithday is 9/15, I had a huge themed party planned and 100 of my friends RSVP'd, it was Tanks Tutu's and Heels. all of my girlfriends was gonna wear matching tanks that I had designed and different colored tutu's, but I ended up cancelling due to the approval and surgery date. But I'm really excited and ready.
Finished up with pre op process today. got all my paperwork and now it's time...

7 days til the start of a new life Liver shrink 8/25

I have a lil anxiety about the surgery now, I'm feeling really weird about the commitment...I mean I'm committed to losing but I really don't want to go thru this and fail at the lifestyle change if eating. The thing for me is I absolutely hate being sick at the stomach and I feel if u screw up eating that's gonna b the outcome. Can someone enlighten me if this is true or nah??

Pics are so obviously NOW. 3 weeks til surgery

I really use to be happy with my size but now no!!! I'm not feeling too sexy right now.

Prayer for us ALL

God there is several of us getting ready for surgery this week, next week and here on out, I asked that you keep each of us safe during surgery, touch the doctors minds and hands to make sure we come out healed of our Obesity, most of all God I jus want to thank u in advance for what you have already done when u transformed our minds ti want to be healthy...bind the unknown dangers, and God when its all said and done transform our eating habits without fail so that we can use this tool to our advantage, God we look to u for all our help for we know noone else is there for sure but YOU, I jus want to thank you for these many blessings and thank u for our strength. In Jesus name AMEN. God I ask that anyone reading this prayer feel your presence and be blessed in a mighty way after reading Amen

5 days til I start the LIVER SHRINK

Just kinda been looking thru all the pics, read alot of stories, startin to get a lil anxiety about the overall lifestyle change. Heard thru the grapevine that my mom is afraid for me because it changes your mind...well shes worried I'll get depressed because I can't eat like a normal person. Truthfully speaking I'm a lil worried myself but once I see the weight coming off I believe I'll adjust rather quickly. But hey she was worried about me when I was raising my girls( said they would have alot of babies b4 its time) but they did'nt so whatever...this will probably be one of those things too. I'll be fine because thats what I believe!!!

One day til Liver Shrink

I can't believe I'm 2 weeks away from the start of a new lifestyle. Spoke to a old friend that had gastric bypass she gave me many encouraging words. Being 3 years out I'm sure she has gotten it by now and she'll be a reliable source.

currently doing the LIVER SHRINK

I'm currently in day 3 of the liver shrink, I think I dreaded this diet more than any of it since going thru the process, but now that I'm here, I'm good,!! not as bad as I thought. I do the 2 protein shakes a day and eat one meal for lunch instead of dinner. Im hyped now and ready. thank everyone for your support, I'm sure I'll be writing more in the weeks to come.

hey guys lets connect on IG too

I'm on IG and would like to invite u to connect with me, My IG name is nikkisnew_ig. I have several people that has had the surgery that I'm following. I think you'll like this site as well.

Day 4 of liver shrink 227.8lbs to 222.8

Update to all, I'm coming along nicely on the 2 week pre op diet. I already feel a difference in losing these few pounds. I can't hardly wait to really feel real weight loss. Keep u updated til the 8th

bored its friday nite im liver shrinking so u kno whst that mean

Sitting at home on a Friday note bored with not being able to go to seafood note or out to eat period is the Pitts. Im struggling finite but its been a good week. Sun I'll be 1 week away from Sleeveday. Whoop whoop!!! Can't wait!! I have a nude I want to post jus to show my fat roll before, then I'll have a after later but haven't found the right thing to cover butt crack so soon as I find that I'll post.

8 days and its off to SURGERY

Well sept 8th is fastly approaching...not really nervous any longer just over this boring diet. I've research so many new receipes for after the surgery I'm ready to cook and try new healthy choices. b4 the liquid diet i was experiementing with cooking some healthy dishes and my family was really loving them....I still cook but havent tried anything lately due to this liquid diet having me in the pitts. but holding on jus ready for the week to be over.

???? from 227.8 to 218.8 currently while shrinking my liver

Well yall exactly 7 days til my big day I'm doing pretty good on my diet, but must confess that I'm having a burger funeral today and a sushi funeral tomorrow. The only 2 times I have or will cheat. But right back on it Thursday with no complaints

Funerals for the burger and sushi today

So o actually did have the funeral for the burger, but I was really feeling weird about eating off the diet so I only ate half, but late last night I said F'it and ate .5 oz of steak with barbq sauce bkd beans I cooked and had a sugar free pudding. Needless to say I'm second guessing the sushi funeral.

So I had the sushi funeral and accidently killed BaskinRobbins!! 2 funerals in one day

I thought I wasnt gonna do the sushi funeral but I did anyways and I must say IM glad I did...only had 4 pieces tho. But when i walked out of PeiWEI the BaskinRobbins ice cream joint was right there and I couldnt stop myself. when i say it was murder inthe first! it was that bad, I had choc fudge slain all across my clothes at the bottom of my pants leg, and my car. It looked like a crime scene!! I felt like I had 8 arms while eating that icecream. My sister saw me and immediaetly knew what happen...when we were in Baltimore one year, I was actually dieting( when are we never dieting tho) and she ordered room service this choc fudge cake and icecream, well I tried to resist then too due to the diet and she went into the restroom to shower and when she came out; my bed, my pj's and everything was smeared with fudge and there was no evidence of what once was... a hot mess!!! FAT GIRL chronicals.

sept 8th is 5 days away

thats all...Bye

Any MEMPHIS, TN sleevers???

Any Memphis, TN sleevers, JUST WANTED TO KNOW.

Surgery day TODAY

Feeling sum type of way...not sure if I'm
Excited or what but I have not slept any for the last 2 days, emotionally I actually thought I was ok but turns out I have a bit more anxiety than I thought. Sitting here in the hospital bed waiting on my's kinda of a weird feeling because I realize in order to do well I have to obey the laws of WLS... Eat right, take supplements and exercise. At first I wasnt held to any laws or rules if I was dieting or whatever, oh but now it's a different story. A melancholy mood I guess. The liver shrink was really harder than I thought it would be...did well for about 10 days, after that not much. I'm a lil down about that because I only loss 6 lbs. after attending all the funerals (food) that's what I ended up with. Oh well I'm here now and it's on like a pot of neckbones.

Post op Day 2

Not fun at all. Pain, hungry feeling and this dang drain got to go. 6 mo days with the drain and I promise I'm over it already. I got a pulling in the left side of my stomach. I hate this sore feeling.

To drain or not to Drain that is the question

Feeing a lot better today. The last few days really really ruff. I still have the drain which is really the issue, it hurts to move on that side, plus my tummy feels like it's flipped or somthing. Weird feeling tho. I wanted to know if anyone got a clear answer on why some people leave with a drain and some don't. The only clear answer I think I got was it was the physicians preference. I wanted to know the medical reason. I have s follow up on Wednesday so I'll certainly ask then but hunni I tell u the healing ain't no joke. I can't tell if I'm having hunger pains or jus pain due to a non healed sleeve. Either way it sucks. Today honestly is the first day I've felt good except for s few pain at the drain site. I was looking really ugly yesterday!!! Hurt wasn't the word overall I felt I might have made a mistake having this surgery. I finally let my FB friends know I did the surgery because at that moment I was proud.


I had my hubby to go to Panera Bread and buy the tomato soup, And broccoli soup, and Rafferrtys for the Potato soup , I poured each into the blinded to liquidity but I'm feeling guilty about eating them, are these ok to use or are they too fattening?

Sleevie Evie

So I finally figure this thing out. My sleeve is my new newborn baby born 9/8/2015, wants to be fed every 2 hours, always needs a pacifier(protein shake/water) wants to be burped(walking to pass gas) and must have a nice bath before bed (relaxing shower) woke me up to feed at 7am or would have cried and squirmed all morning(stomach pain) hush little sleevie, don't say a word, mommie gonna buy u a brand new 2 oz cuppie????

tomato vs clears

I think I'm the one that got that wrong, he sales liquids, I don't know how I ended up with that. But I didn't get sick. Dealing with constipation now!

Tadaa! BM action tmi im sorry

On my freakin goodness I was able to make it happen tonite
I've been trying a few days now but was totally successful and feel like on on cloud 9! Ijs

Today is my 46th birthday

My celebration
The moment u wanna be cute but remember you have a drain, shisssh oh well, still gonna enjoy my day. Heading to Cheesecake Factory get my pedi done and then the movies with my hubby.

Drain is out

I e tried to post this review 3 times. But thanks for all the birthday love. He removed my drain and I feel like a brand new woman. Still have some soreness but overall good. I noticed I'm not hungry like I was day 3-4 but have to remind myself to eat.

Jus a few numbers for u today/YouTube

I'm feeling pretty good, jus got this catch in my right side, I'm thinking its jus gas but otherwise I'm feeling pretty good. I have made two vlogs on YouTube if you're interested in watch... I'm gonna video my journey. It's called Nicole's weight loss journey VSG WLS.., watch and subscribe if u want. It's jus something to do while off.

2 weeks post op

Feeling much better, able to control Evie a lil more now. Still a lil surreal but it's going ok. Scale hadn't really moved much but slot of inches gone. Walking the track daily getting in more miles. Stomach on the right side still pretty sore. Md states it takes a while to heal. Overall enjoying my sleeve.

3 weeks out This is harder than I thought

this is harder than I thought, u can't jus NOT eat, u have to eat or this doesn't work, skipping breakfast and stuff like that is a no no, the weight doesn't jus come off either, u have to eat right and exercise. I did expect the weight to drop faster than it is but I'm ok with the process. protein protein protein = CONSTIPATION!!! THE worst outcome of the surgery. once I get a handle on this I'll be ok. no problems with nausea, gas or pain, i'm good with all that but I the weight loss is slow. I was 221 surgery day, today I'm 211.6, one day I was 210.6. I'm walking on the track 5-6 days a week,hard work like before with dieting. I have some pics to show. let me know if u can tell

Update pics to 3 week review post sleeve

Harder than I thought

Tool Rules 5 weeks post op

Ladies I know you've wondered why I havent been updating...well once u have this surgery u have to focus on the task of following the tool rules!! for me I'm having a problem because I'm not a big eater and one of the tool rules is to eat every 3 hours, then you have to eat the right the first part to this if any of you are interested in having the WLS, please pray and ask God to strenghten u mentally for this because it gets a lil ruff. I've not had any problems with nausea or any difficulty eating, my problems are my stomach make all these weird noises all day long...then I can't get full or at least the feeling of full sastification if that makes any sense...and to top that off, I'm losing really slow:(
Tool rules are to est your protein first, after u eat that u really don't want anything else
u would rather just have a protein shake and let that be that on that, but that bites u in the butt because u still don't have enuff calories on board to lose the weight.
before my surgery if I thought of alot of food I couldnt eat. LEAVING WORK SO i'LL DATE LATER

It's been a while...5'2 HW 229.6 SW 221 CW 206.6

It's been 8 weeks tomorrow since I've been sleeved, feel a lil better about it, the realization has set in that, this is a mental thing rather than a physical thing. I'm starting to enjoy my life jus a lil better than I did a few weeks ago. I enjoy seeing my body change week by week but would gladly share that it still comes with hard work!! If folks think the weight jus falls off after surgery well I'm here to tell u it don't! Prepare mentally if I can tell u anything. I guess my hardest part is being bored with meals...I jus ordered a cook book for WLS and we'll see if it gets better after that. But here are some pics to update u guys. My stats are above

Going hard

U have to really go hard in the gym, plus eating right would be in vain if u don't.

Loving my sleeve! Slow and greatfull weight loss

I'm slowly but surely losing the weight. I'm forever greatfull for my tool. I've gained so much confidence, I'm feeling much better in body and mind. This change that my body is going thru feels absolutely invigorating. I only wished I had done it 15 years ago. But thankful. So for thanksgiving I will make a conscious effort to remain on my Bariatric lifestyle. I feel I might sample but that's it. I will have a few cocktails with the fam jus because, but Skinny Gurl of course. I am so pumped at the weight lost that I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror and taking pics of my changing body. Now time for stats
HW 238(at least 2years ago)
HW 227.8(this year)
CW 200.2(naked)
Total weight loss since surgery 27.6
Overall 37.8
Here's some photos

Do I feel good or What!!! ??? 12 weeks post op

Yes I do!! My husband said "do u feel as fine as u look" hahaha!! I thought that was cute. My answer was ummmm ion kno really, my issue is I have lost weight and my clothes don't fit anymore and I don't have money readily available to shop right now, plus your size changes so frequently u don't need to purchase a lot right now. Otherwise yes I feel wonderful. I have become obsessed with the gym, and its possibilities, I've managed to get my husband there with me on 2 different occasions, mostly I'm there alone and enjoy it very much. My food choices are pretty much the same, I stick yo what's safe. I stay between 750-800 calories a day. I'm having an issue with my water intake and I seem to be stalled right now, it's been about a week now so today I'm focused on water. Otherwise like I said I'm good. I have not experienced any illness at all and thank God for that.

New App, love it... 12 1/2 weeks out

Jus stopped by because of the new app. It's good to see you guys doing wonderfully. Keep up the good work. My body is changing y'all. I'm too excited

OMG!! I have forgotten about you guys and I'm sorry!!

The journey has been great... Can't say a bad thing about it! Oh yes I can the stalls are the devil but I'm good otherwise. Not too much to talk about, loving the new me, feeling so cute nowadays. I want to lose 20 more pounds. Some of my friends say no, but this is for me. The lowest weight is 185...I'm hanging around at 187 today. HW was 238... Sept 8th changed me forever. And I love it!!


Jus a few pics

I missed y'all! Stalling for 2 months

Haven't reach goal but I am surely happy with me at this point. I'm not 200+ pounds but truly thankful .
Memphis Bariatric Surgeon

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