19 Years Old Aqualipo of Stomach and Muffin Top - Memphis, TN

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A little over a week before my procedure I learned...

A little over a week before my procedure I learned really quick that they had lied and bullshitted me into signing thecontract.They make this surgery appear to be a quick, feel better, up n back to the gym in the two weeks kind of procedure. Your awake through the entire thing. They gave me about 7 shots of lidocain around my hips n stomach and then began to lance each area open. They lied from the very beginning about how much pain you're going to b in during and after. I took the 4 Valium, 2 loratab 10s, 2 pheorgen and this horrible tasting liquid medicine they make u take. And then they began before the sedatives and pain meds ever took affect qnd then they litteraly began shoving this thick tube over n over n over again into each incision which hurt like SOB. I cried through most of the procedure even with the nurse letting me squeeze her hands nothing helped. Finally after rolling on each side, on my stomach and in my back (which irritated the holes even worse) it was FINALLY OVER THANK GOD. or so I hoped. Once I got off the table they forced me into this girdle that was WWAAAAYYYY to small and cut into every crease cutting off blood flow in areas. ( I personally yanked that will freeze over before i do it againpiece of shit off wen I got out of there bc I couldn't handle it it hurt so bad) anyways from the beginning they lied and continued to lie up until I called them out after I read other patient reviews. The pain during is horrible and the pain after is unimaginable. I highly doubt I'll ever do this again and NY advise to anyone considering it is u better have a very high pain tolerance and a very low pain pain medicine tolerance.If u can deal with all of this go for it. But I can almost guarantee hell

19 Years Old Married with 1 Child. Procedure Done at Nubody Concepts in Memphis TN

From the beginning, I learned barely a week before my procedure that the nurses had been lying to me the entire time. They bluntly lied by telling me that surgery itself was not painful but I would merely have some minor discomfort during it since I would be awake. They also lied by telling me that it would be a quick go back to work within a couple days procedure. ALL COMPLETE LIES! They sugarcoated everything in my first consultation just to ensure I'd sign the contract since I was paying crash.
I went in on the surgery date and they immediately started prepping me. I took the 3 Valium, 2 loratabs, 2 phenergen, and drink this disgusting medicine they said would calm me(it didn't) They injected me with lidocain (which burned like a SOB) in 7 different areas (3 on my stomach, 1 on each hip and 2 towards the middle of my back) and then lanced each area open. The dr came in with a thick tube and immediately started stabbing it hard into each cut hole over and over again (how hard and fast he did it made it feel like he was sawing me from the inside out and he did all this before any of the meds I'd taken even had time to kick in) I had to roll over several times so he could do the same to every lanced area which only agitated the wounds more. I screamed out and cried nearly the entire time.
Finally after I thought the nightmare was over they forced me into this extremely small to tight girdle that I couldn't breath in (because conveniently they were out of larger sizes which I also heard them laughing about to). I limped out of the office and into the car with my moms help and immediately ripped that girdle off. It squeezed and hurt so bad (and still does 2 days later) I'm still having to take a lot of pain meds to get through the day. I'll get up n try n move around some but I can't tolerate it for long so I have to lay back down.
Right bow my stomach looks all lumpy and kinda flabby but I've been keeping it tightly wrapped in adhesive gauze and wearing one of those tight fitting firmer tops you can buy at Walmart which feels better (and I can actually breath and move in it) then that rough one strap zip up girdle they tried to make me wear.
Bottom line: would I ever do anything like this again? Not a chance unless I'm completely put to sleep. Would I ever have another procedure done at their office? Definitely not. So if you're still considering having this or a similar done, you better hope you have a very high pain tolerance and a very weak medication tolerance otherwise there's no way anyone could or even should have to tolerate it.

Had one week check up.

Went in yesterday afternoon for my anti inflammatory shot. My stomach is hard especially towards the bottom its really tender and bruised/swollen and has been getting worse and is till numb. Went in wearing my own compression garments but brought their girdle with me. Got in and had pics taken and got my shot. I had two different nurses see me (I have to say that it really pisses me off that the PS purposely doesn't seem to care enough to see me himself and sends in his nurses instead. He really didn't seem to wanna talk to me either on my surgery day.) The first nurse seemed more matter of fact lke and at least seemed to attempt to find the answers for my questions. Even after trying to explain that their girdle made me claustrophobic And every tine I tried (but mostly unsuccessful attempts) to squeeze it back on I hyperventilate they still made me sign an agreement stating since I wore my own garment they weren't responsible for my results (so basically if the screwed me up for life there ain't shit I can do about it) or they wouldn't continue caring for me. (It wasn't verbally said but I felt strongly that it was implied). The second nurse came in and honestly I found her a little stick up. When u tried to tell her they put me in a medium she kept denying that and saying they put me in a large (which made me feel like she was trying to make me feel stupid) until I pulled it out and proved it was to a medium. Then she squeezed me back into it (which hurt like a SOB and took a lot longer and was a lot harder then it should've been.) Once on I started having issues breathing again and she decided to call me insomething for my nerves and something else for pain.The whole drive back to Covington was horrible! I could barely sit up my right leg and left arm ached and tingled like circulation was being cut off from them and constantly had to pull out the front because of breathing problems (put all that together in after school Memphis traffic and its a disaster).
I made it back to Covington and had to wait for my prescriptions to be filled. I managed to keep it on from about 1:45 till about 8pm. By that time it was digging into the other folds of my skin so bad and the muscle spasms were so bad u couldn't stand it anymore and put my garments back on for about 2 1/2 more hours until that hurt so bad and the spasms continued to get worse. I will attempt to put the girdle back on in the morning and attempting again to sleep in my own at night.
I also learned from the second nurse that the PS had told her (conveniently not me) that he to agreed that if I ever had anything like that done again I need to be put to sleep. Which I told them from the very freaking beginning but they didn't wanna listen.
Anyway I'm starting my second week and right now I'm not satisfied. Was hoping to be small again by the time my husband got back from deployment at the end of July but so far its not looking like that'll happen. :( I did let them know hell will freeze over before I do anything like that again.
Also one thing I noticed that irritated me, is that out of all the nurses iv only seen one heavier setnurse all the others were like little twigs. I'm not a small girl and haven't been in over 3 years so having these tiny little girls telling me what fits and wat don't fit on me kinda ticked me off. I'd of been a lot happier having a nurse closer to my size and who actually seemed to understand the problems I was having instead of these size zero girls who really don't act or look like they've ever understood what really being bigger felt like
Dr. Conner

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