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Hi everyone, I've been on this site reading others...

Hi everyone, I've been on this site reading others posts and decided to finally join. A little about me: I'm 26 , 5"5 and about 115lbs. The largest size I have ever been is a 36a. After having my daughter, I lost the little perkiness that I did have. I am now down to a 32a. I haveq always wanted to get a BA (especially since i realized they weren't getting any bigger after i was 14). I have decided that this is my year to take the plunge. :-) I started researching the process from the time i was about 19. I have already had one consult with a ps, but didn't really feel satisfied. I have another consult next Mondaywith a ps that was recommended by a coworker. I know that i want high profiles, under the muscle, and at least 350 cc. (I want to be a full c or small d). But i still have not decided on silicone or saline. Any tips out suggestions will be appreciated

I had a second consult with another doctor...

I had a second consult with another doctor yesterday. What a difference from the first one! He was very friendly and understanding. I got to play dress up with the sizers. At the first dr s I had the 3d imaging, which was great for the nurse and doctor to get Ann idea of how I would look, but I couldn't connect the image with my body. The mentor sizers were so much better. I put on the sports bra and placed them inside. It was so much fun! I have confirmed that I definitely want at least 350cc. (I took a pic in them and they looked great.
Although the doctor was very friendly and informative, I am now more sure that I will be choosing Dr. Hedden in Birmingham. I have been emailing him for the past two weeks and he has been very upfront and honest and answered my questions himself. I am also in the process of moving, so after I have moved, I plan on setting my date.

Wish I could upload pics, but it's not letting me...

Wish I could upload pics, but it's not letting me do it thru my smartphone. Oh and I have decided on saline.

So, no big news as of yet. But I do have my...

So, no big news as of yet. But I do have my surgery money on my savings account. I'm now starting to put up for my other money (hotel, post surgery products, travel). I'm not sure if i have someone who will travel with me... Has anyone gone it alone? It's only 3.5 hrs away, but i know i can't drove myself back home being on pain meds.

Yay!!!! My surgery date is scheduled for June 12...

Yay!!!! My surgery date is scheduled for June 12 at 8am. I feel eerily calm right now. Going to get my blood work done next well or the week.after. Finally have pics to show.

Ladies, I need help finding a zip front sports bra...

Ladies, I need help finding a zip front sports bra.I have no clue on where to look or what size to buy. Help please!

Less than a month away and I'm beyond ready....

Less than a month away and I'm beyond ready. Within the past 48 hours there has been.3 men that have asked me if I'm a man or transgendered. That hurts so bad I just want to cry, but I won't allow myself. I wish I could.change.the way I look to look more curvy and less muscular, but i can't. Hopefully dr.Hedden can work.his.magic and make me look more feminine.

To improve my mood, I bought my sports bras. Went...

To improve my mood, I bought my sports bras. Went to Walmart and got a snap close by danskin in 36d, a zip front by danskin in 38c, and afront close by fruit of the loom in 36. I'm really a 34, but they didn't have anything over a b in 34. (hope they fit after I get my girls)

21 days to go

Getting closer and closer....did my blood work today. Anyone have any tips for what to pack pre/post surgery?

2 days away!!! help please

I'm still a little in denial about it but I'm two days away!!! Tomorrow night is my last night of working before boobs. Everyone is super excited about them. I'm a little bummed because I may have to go with a another incision (want belly button, but if the implants are a certain size, I don't think they can go that way). Blood work is done, nurse interview is done. All that is left is my preop Tuesday afternoon. Any tips on things to pack? I know loose fitting clothes and my sports bras, but what else? And does anyone have recommendations for hotels on the Birmingham area?

hours away and big changes

had my pre op today. Paid everything and took my pics. Changing from 450cc. Now I'm going somewhere between 550-650cc saline. I will find out exactly what size after they are done. Surgery is at 8am. Heading out to easy for the last time. See you guys on the other side! And I took some pics of the sizers.


Ok, I'm still loopy, buy i will try to get down when i remember. Got to the center areoind 730. They called me back and did my drawings and strutted my iv. Waiting in the room until about815 when my anesthetic came to get me (super hot, gorgeous eyes. The last thing o remember was him telling me to lay down on the stretcher. Them woke up in recovery. My bp rose a little, but the nurse waited until it went down before taking off my iv.
I'm now in the hotel and to take a valium again. They seem to work better than the lortabs. Posting some more picx of before an after.

more pics...

Ended up going with 460 filled to 600 on both sides. feeling like my daugther is sittinh on my chest. And 6

More pics of the girls

Took these pics Friday

doing better

So today was the first day i woke I w/o morningboob. Yay! Trying to wean myself off the pain pills. Yesterday i only had 3. My only problem has been with eating. I don't have an appetite. The day after surgery, i was 119. Today i got on the scale and was 114. I've been rubbing them with oil to keep the stretch marks away since I went so big.


Oh I forgot to mention that as of now my size is 34d/ 32dd

day 7

Woke up with morning boob, but it's easier and easier by the day. Been eating for the past few days. I've beenhome by myself since day 4 and it's driving me crazy. Lol. (I'm single, so no bf or husband) my sister has my daughter and loneliness sucks.

back to work

I guess there's a lot to update Tonight is my third night back at work. (server and bartender). The only pain meds I took yesterday were 3 Tylenol. Found out my secret weapon is ice. And everyone loves playing the "ice the tits" game at work. I can't massage them yet, but I have been keeping them oiled with Palmers oil. I see a few stretch marks trying to pop up on the bottom. Still sleeping on my back, but I haven't felt morning boob in a few days. Thursday my tummy was very tender, but last night was not as bad. Still been trying to take it easy. Ice cubes, and frozen veggies have been my bff (ice packs suck). Swelling has gone down a bit since last week but lefty is still more sore and swollen than righty. And that's all I can think of for now.

took bandage off

FINALLY got to see my belly button after 2 weeks. It's not pretty, but as far as cuts not too bad. What can i do to make it look better?

recent pics

26 days post op

I love my boobs! Sorry had to get that out of the way. All my swelling has gone down. I have been massaging like crazy and they are starting to soften up. Exciting! Have new pics to share!

so I've finally gotten sized....

My size at first was a 32 or 34 A. I am now a 32 ddd or 34dd. Omg!

Requested pics

Someone asked for some more recent pics, so here they are...

one year later...

I feel like I've always had them. Still in love

Updated pics

My official size is 32G. (Seems huge, but when you see pics you will see that I still look proportionate)
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

I am recommending everyone to Dr Hedden. Everyone in the office is friendly and professional. Worth the trip. If i could do it again, I would again in a heartbeat.

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