Buttocks Fat Transfer - Memphis, TN

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I am 32 and weighing 170 at 5`7. I live in Memphis...

I am 32 and weighing 170 at 5`7. I live in Memphis and after searching locally for a surgeon I finally came across Nubody Concepts the staff was great and they set me up for butt augmentation they said when I came in for surgery my doc would inform me of what he thought I would need done so when I came in I had to take 3 pills which made me very dizzy soon they took me in and started working on me I was awake the whole time and iI felt alot of the pain when needless where inserted, Anyway to make long story short, I asked how many cc`s had they inserted in my buttocks the nurse said 175 on one side and 250 on the other well today I am still swollen but I literally have no butt I am mad because my point was to get butt and it didnt happen..I Do Not Recomnend. dr Emmersons or his Dr`s. It is very un professional not to explain to there patients or care for what there paying for..
Dr. Emmerson

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