28 Years Old 5'2 141 Lbs One Child BL/BA Currently Small B Chose Saline 450 CC. Memphis, TN

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I have a BL/BA scehduled Feb 2rd 2016. I am...

I have a BL/BA scehduled Feb 2rd 2016. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I did NOT want a lift but because my boobs are droopy and my nipples are low, my PS said this would be the only look I would be happy with. I was completely opposed to the scars of a lift but I would hate to have only a BA and have big droopy boobs. During my consultation my PS advised that he would removed about 100 cc from each breast and maybe place about 400cc. I chose Saline more so because my body would obsorb the salt water if I rupture and I would know right away. I did not want to have to have an annual MRI just to feel at ease at such a young age. (Well, I like to think I am young) During my Preop I was expecting to have somewhat of a 3D machine that would show my image or implants to feel or even patients that have a similar body build as me but unfortunately, I was not shown any of those things. My PS had a stocking filled with elements to show me the size of 350-520 CC range. She advised my PS said I should stick in between these numbers but he suggested 450. I could not image the "bean bag" being a breast so I have went with the doctor recommendation. I have read quite a few reviews on here where women wish they would have gone bigger OR wish they would have went with their PS recommendations. I was thinking 350-400 would be great for me as my upper frame is small. I think he recommended 450cc because I have hips and butt and those size boobs would fit my curves I guess. I want my boobs to get attention but not demand it. I want to be big and perky for my man but not a huge show off in public. I have only four days and the procedure has already been paid. Wish me luck during my journey,.Hopefully, my story is helpful :-)


2more days! Bye bye sag!

More Pre photos

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

I am so excited this is my last day being a droopy girl lol! The possibility of being in pain has not hit me. I have read some stories and my heart has dropped with some of the issues some ladies have but I am being very optimistic or living in my little fantasy world I guess. I have literally hours before I go in. I am scheduled to be there at 7am and cannot eat anything after 8pm tonight. I starting cleaning my chest, arm and stomach with Hibiclens per recommendations from my PS last night. I had my first dream of my lovely boobs last night as well. I will update more tomorrow.

big Day

We are on the way to my procedure! I am excited and a bit drowsy… I had to take my first dose of meds last night…. I am so pleased to finally have this opportunity I am still optimistic and excited! I will post another update after surgery…. Wish me the best…. Take care Ladies!

hours PO

Hello ladies, I am on the other side… I am mainly feeling pressure as the pain is manageable… I have been trying to walk around and not be confined to my recliner.. I have been taking half of my pills… I arrived at the Doc office at 7am… and left around 3pm…. It was a long surgery.. I am all taped up and have on my surgical bra….. I will post pics tomorrow…. But I haven't seen them.. I still on on my huge button down.. My back definitely hurts…. But not unbearable…. Best wishes to all.

1 day PO

Hello ladies! My surgery was yesterday and I feel both pressure and pain… the pain is more of a throbbing pain that comes and goes and the pressure is pretty constant.. My breast are swollen and hard but I'm not freaking out as this forum has prepared me for this… I barely got any sleep last nigh… my PS recommended that I use a heating pad no ice which I bought…. I can shower tomorrow which is exciting… I have been sleeping in a recliner…. Probably sleep there again tonight… the weight on my boobs would be unbearable when trying to get up ..during my appt he said he put 460cc in the implants… I'm not exactly sure what size implant he used and overfilled…. My PS assistant did inform me i could go without a bra after a week for a few hours to help with the dropping as they are swollen and high up… but when they settle i would need to wear a bra daily… they also said NO ICE! I will update you more later

3days PO

Hello ladies! I am actually 4days PO but these pics were taken yesterday 3days PO… my bf wanted to watch a movie so didn't have time to update… still lots of pressure and I can reach and do more with my left hand than my right… and I'm a righty! My boobs are still swollen amd morning boob is still no joke! Sometimes I feel I can barely breathe…. I just take lots of short breaths… again, a lot of ladies in this forum has prepared me for this… I took my 2nd shower yesterday and it felt amazing… the pain in my right boob hurts worst than my left…. I also have nipple sensation I'm my left nipple but not in my right… hopefully that comes over time.. I am still sleeping in my recliner full of pillows and my heat pad…. I can't deal with lying flat then trying to get up.. I have been applying my ointment for two days now after the shower…. I go to see my PS on Wed…. Hopefully I am approved to massage and have a list of approved bras to wear… any questions pls ask….

3 day PO pics

For some reason my PO pics didn't post… so here they are again

3days PO

More pics

12 Days PO

I have been wanting to update as soon as I was able to take pictures that look a little differently than my initial PO pictures… I am 12 days PO… I actually just began sleeping in the bed since 2days ago. I have a very comfortable recliner I filled with pillows and my heating pad! My boyfriend said whichever was more comfortable for me! I haven't had much pain… only morning boob which I can tell is starting to decrease… when I lay down I feel. A lot of pressure when get up which is totally manageable therefore bed it is!
I was able to shower day2 PO which is great… I have to use peroxide twice a day and place the ointment around my areolas and on the lollipop scar… if areas that still have tape I was told to place the ointment on top of the tape until it falls off on its on. So far most of it have fallen off…
I bought four bras from Soma. My PS gave me a list of approved bras… two are full coverage enhancing shape bras and two others.. Can't remember the name but they provide really good support so far… i chose those for mostly sleeping. I have measured 35/36 DD or depending if the bra run smalls one I believe is a DDD. I really hope they settle and end at a small D or Full C… I think my pictures look horrible and like others I did not want to post them but that is what helped me PS so I feel I must share! They are itchy… I think my right boob is settling slower than my left… I think my right boob is extremely swollen in comparison to my left… but I don't think about it often nor do I have negative thoughts on the surgery… if this forum has taught me one thing. It would be patience… most ladies freak out in the beginning but as you go do the Timeline they began to love the results! I think I will love my results once everything settles so I am just giving it time.
I forgot my PS recommended fish oils pills to help with the softness of my breast, its also good for hair and nails… I purchased the berry kind..
Germantown Physician

Doctor Laurence made me feel so comfortable from the initial consultation. I was referred to him from one of his previous patients and he was everything she described and more. He did not make me feel rushed and provided the best recommendations for my body type. I knew after my consulation that he would be the one I chose to perform my BA/BL.

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