Glad to be Removing 14 year old Implants No Lift - Memphis, TN

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When I was 30 yrs.old right after the birth of my...

When I was 30 yrs.old right after the birth of my child, I went from a 34A to 34D with 325cc saline implants. other than them becoming bigger and uncomfortable I haven't have any problems. But my back hurts 24/7!! I just know if I could get these heavy bags of water off my chest, I would feel better. I always wanted them and might have been happier with them if I had went smaller buy now, I so over the boob thing. My husband is very supportive of my decision and has been telling me for 2 years now to get them removed. My friends think i am crazy!!I have always been afraid too and didn't really know if I could and still look normal. That is why I am so thankful I found this site. All the ladies are so beautiful and inspiring!!
Ok, I have seen two PS. The first one said that he would take them out but couldn't understand why I didn't like them and suggest a lift that i wasn't going to wake up happy if I didn't.
I might be happier with a lift and even though he was fair in pricing, $7550. I just don't have it right now. The second PS said no problem, he can take them out and even though I will be flat, I'll have normal looking breast. That the skin will retract. And, if I am bothered with sagging breast, I can come back later for a lift. Which sounded great to me!!' Because the price is more my range and I can see how my breast will do in a year or so!!
So, I came home to take some pics and sometimes second guess my decision when i look at myself. I just don't know... I know I will feel a relief . Both doctors has never had a patient to not want implants so its kinda of exciting to know that I am starting something so fabulous!!:)

Surgery is Friday!

I add a few more pics. As you can see the left one is huge. I think it is the one with the bigger implant. My right was always bigger and it was to even them out, now they are off again. From the looks of them I believe there is a lift in my future. I'm excited about Friday! The nurse called today and I have to be there by 9 am. I thought I was doing this with local but she told me not to eat to drink after midnight, so he called it "twilight" anyways, I will be glad to get it over with and hopefully feel better.

Are ya'll ready for this?

I just got home from surgery. It went good. I'm sore but not really hurting. I went in at 9:00. The PS came and asked if i was ready to be flat chested and i said "yes, flat and flabblous! make me saggy and gorgous!!" lol he might think im crazy too. The nurse took me back and got me ready and they put me to sleep and I woke up about 30 mins later.I looked Down and saw a beautiful sight! No implants!!! Just small flat boobs, yay! I'm so happy. Before explant, The PS said they would look like they do now but flatter and more sag, and he was right. something I for sure can live with. Dr. Boyd and he staff were so nice and I will be using them again if i need anything else. They made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I loved the idea that i didnt have to go to the hospital. It would have been more expensive.
I will Definitely be back if i need any more surgeries. Also, Thanks to all the beautiful ladies on the site, I just can't thank you enough! I couldnt have done this without you. Because If I had listen to my friends I would still have these bags in me forever. I asked if I could take them home. I only have one because the other had a leak in it.I dont know if it was leaking inside or he busted it getting it out?? I asked my hubby while he was driving to pick the bag up the implant was in and he said" oh my, is that only one of them?" It was 425cc. I thought they were 325cc. It weights over a pound. What a relief to have them out! On the way home at the red light I was unhooking my bra and show him and saying "look! look! they look just like the did before!! I love them!" and my husband said " well, the truck driver to the right does too!"lol I did my first boob flash today..I feel good! Just my breast are sore. I got home and was pull my recliner up closer to the t.v. And my husband fussed at me. now I think I got one nipple bleeding :( you can see in pic. I am so glad this is over and I can say I had big boobs but I 'm so thankful for my own small flat breast. I sometime look at the breast implant reviews and see the girl before pics and think, what is wrong with small breast? They are just as beautiful as large breast. It sometimes
Anger me how our society tries tell us what is beautiful and sexy and what isn't. How funny that changes from one generation to the next. When I was young big butts meant you were fat and you wanted a small one and eye
Glasses was nerdy and everybody wanted contact. Now, big butt are sexy and glasses are
Chic. I believe we should all learn to LOVE and ACCEPT ourselves just the way we are. Embrace are beauty in our on way. To learn to do this , is way better, long lasting and cheaper than any plastic
Surgery you can do! And when we do get plastic surgery we can appreciate it even more. Because if we are going to have surgery to feel better about ourselves we are really fooling ourselves. I have to feel am already enough before I can think about changing something. I plan on resting today and hope the fluff fairy
Comes In a couple of weeks, But if not, that is ok too. Thank you for all the good wishes! Love ya'll

Ok, don't laugh

I got this idea from another member. This is to prevent nipple cave in. Lol my hubby thinks its hilarious! I think it's working. I feel good today not as sore. Still taking it easy. I can't begin to tell you how happy I explanted!

5 days post op

It been 5 days now, I'm back at work. Feel good! The pain in between my shoulder blades has disappeared yay! Which was the main reason I explanted besides the fact that my breast was getting larger but I had no idea that my natural breat would be a size larger than before BA. I bought a 34 C push up sport bra. I don't know if its swelling or what? But I'm amazed at how good my breast look. I look just like I did before but bigger. They do look bigger in the pics than they really do too. I love being smaller breasted. I was tipping a 34DD before explant.

1 month later post op

Can't believe it has been almost one month since my explant. No regrets!! I am so happy. My boobs look much bigger in the pics. I am so glad I didn't get the lift. Don't let fear hold you back from explant. I feel so much better and everyone says they think I look better. I wore a bathing suit for the first time yesterday and felt so much more free and light. Thanks for all the support and I will kept you updated.
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