*325 overfilled to 350cc Smooth Round, Saline, Mod+ profile, Unders, Crease incision! 5'4" 130lbs, med frame, 34A to Full C!

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I had a good consult with Dr. Quigley last week &...

I had a good consult with Dr. Quigley last week & know a couple of people who have used her that Love their results! I looked at another PS profile online & liked what I saw so I scheduled another consult with Dr. Goshorn (same group). I just wanted to get a well rounded opinion from 2 PS to be more confident in who I choose (Both have great reputations & feed back from pt's)! So far Dr. Quigley said that she'd like to place a 350cc filled to 375cc to achieve a full C. Because she said my chest cavity was wide enough to do so and gain a lil extra cleavage. However, I'm 5'4" 132lbs & when she gave me a sports bra & the 350cc sizers I felt like I looked top heavy & she wants to add 25cc's more to those! Of course my husband thought that sounded great! LOL So I don't know if it's just because I am going from nothing (34A to a C ) that it looks to odd or too obvious to me or what!? Did any of you feel like that? I just want to look natural, but want to be big enough that it will be worth the pain/money just not too big & obvious! LOL

**Date is set & I am SOOO Excited to finally have boobies!**

Last week Dr. Quigley was very professional and kind (per my previous review). I just felt a little overwhelmed although I have done plenty of research for yrs I felt sooo uncertain & sorta questioned the choice to do this... if that makes sense! She was Great, I just didn't feel comfortable like maybe it just went too quick for me to think of questions or let the gravity of it all soak in etc. idk! Then, I had my 2nd consult with Dr. Goshorn this week and was Blown away by him & his staff! He really took his time with us and literally drew my husband & I a picture and explained every possible aspect of the procedure! They also welcomed my hubby in right off the bat & engaged him as well as myself which I greatly appreciated, after all this is Our decision and I needed his opinion/support with my choice of PS! Dr.Goshorn & his staff were so personable and the consult was sooo comforting & thorough to the point he said "I know you've probably heard all of this a hundred times, but I will feel better knowing I personally went over it with you!" He went the extra mile and made us both feel extremely confident in choosing him as my PS (my husband even said so immediately after)! He seemed to be SPOT ON with the vision I have for myself. I had my wish pics in tow & they even asked me to bring them with me to surgery for him to see again just before my BA! He also wants to go under the muscle, inframammary incision, using Saline 325-350 overfilled to 350-375cc's ,however he will play with the size during my surgery & after setting me up he will pick the size that looks the most natural on me that leaves enough space (1-2 fingers he said) so I have softer boobies! =) He also wants me to have a mammogram prior to surgery which I have set for tomorrow morning (having a digital mammo)! Also I must say that the Gummy Bear implants felt AWESOME & were really tempting, but I am concerned to use silicone even though it's cohesive etc... I just felt that saline was a safer route, just my opinion and have read that once implants are placed under the muscle there is only a slight difference if any in the softness, which I asked and he confirmed so SALINE it is!!! He did say that softness depends mostly on how much breast tissue you have & the size of the implant you choose combined with maintaining the post op massaging exercises... That's what makes all the difference with the softness. Anyways, I have my Awesome PS picked, surgery scheduled for next week and a few post op items such as picking up my Rx the day prior to surgery so it's on hand, Chocolate Ex-Lax, front zip compression bra, Mederma Advanced for scars, Bio Oil for stretch marks/scars. cocoa butter lotion for dryness etc. & my Wonderful Hubby took off work to take care of me & the "New Girls" next week! ;) Just wish I had longer than 5 days before I have to return to work! :/ I know I'll have to be SUPER careful... Wish me luck Ladies! Here's to wishing you gals the Best during you'r journey as well! =)

** Had a Digital Mammogram Done today!**

I'm 34 and this was my first mammogram because my PS was adamant that I have one due to my age/family history and Wheeew let me tell ya they get every lil inch of your breast squished it there! Ouch... Lol just when I thought I could tolerate the pain the tech walked around the machine and turned the knob 2 more times! Ahhhhhh lol There were 2angles shot of ea breast that took a painful 30seconds ea! Lol I acted Cool with my poker face on (no being a wuss for this cause I know there's a lot worse coming next week)!!! lol She was nice though and explained to me how the process will go after my implants are placed! Drilled me about not being chicken to have more mammos in the future for fear of rupturing the implant cause it will be a lot less pressure with implants and explained how they work around the implant! So No worries!!! :) After my mammo I ran to Walmart for a few more items to prep for post op. I got a pretty long (3M type) of cold/ice pack in the cheaper "equate" brand (so no wet frozen veggie bags), Extra Strength Tylenol (missing my advil and aleeve), a bedrest back support pillow, palmers cocoa butter lotion for dryness from stretching etc, & found a 2pk of fairly cute front snap "fruit of the loom" sports bras for post op!!! I'll post pre op pics of me wearing them to compare to me in them post op! :)

..."Fruit of the loom" front snap sports bra (2nd of 2pk) Pre op 34a

** Sore left boobie from yesterday's mammo!!! :/ **

Okay just a quick update! I'm sorta freaking out a little that my having a Mammo the week prior to surgery will be problematic for me! My left boob is soooo sore today & feels almost like a warm burning sensation inside it & on both sides I even have very tiny little busted veins in a line where the machine went down my chest before commencing to SQUISH the life out of me (they aren't extremely noticeable like varicose veins just maybe 4-5 tiny little ones on ea side)! :'( I know tenderness & soreness are common after a mammo, but it's probably uncommon to have it done 7 days pre BA... I didn't even ask my PS if it was okay to do He just said he wanted it done pre-op, but that was before I made my appointment with his Surgery Coordinator & I figured I could just slide one in before surgery... Which Obviously I did!!! At this point my mind is literally running wild with bad thoughts of it causing me complications before/during/after surgery! Ughhhh I am trying to not think like that, but it's hard to avoid something when it's constantly hurting! Trying to Channel Happy Thoughts.... =)

** Update to my Mammogram fears I posted eariler ** =)

Well, this helps to ease my mind! =) Another reason why I Love this site!!!! Thanks http://www.realself.com/question/memphis-tn-digital-mammogram-week-prior-breast-augmentation Is it okay to have a Digital Mammogram 1 week prior to Breast Augmentation?

MissDelta Memphis, TN 2 days ago
Is it okay to have a digital mammogram one week prior to Breast Augmentation? I'm just concerned it will cause any problems like swelling/pain etc prior to my surgery? Since digital mammogram results can be interpreted 1-2 business days, I should have my results back prior to my big day! =)
swelling complication mammogram
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Digital Mammogram Before Breast Augmenation
March 13th, 2014
Yes! Your surgeon has probably requested a mammogram prior to your elective breast surgery. It is wise to get a baseline mammogram before changing the breast architecture.
Emily J. Kirby, MD
Emily J. Kirby, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 1 review

** My PS Neumon Gosorn, M.D. will be Happy to hear that my Mammo came back Normal, YAY!!!**

I spoke to my OBGYN's office yesterday & got the Great News about my mammogram results being Perfectly fine! I would have gotten them by mail in 7 days, but I knew they would get a faxed copy within 2 days! I'm so glad that's behind me (for now) & that I will have a baseline for future reference! The pain/swelling/burning sensations the mammogram gave me have gone away finally! Today I am sooo restless & have literally been doing SPRING CLEANING all day... my surgery is on the 1st day of Spring Thursday March 20th!!! =) So happy my house is spotless & I have all of my post-op supplies ready & waiting! Now I will just have to keep it clean over the next four days! LOL It's a never ending job picking up behind My Sweet, Sexy Husband & our 2 Crazy Boxer's! We Love our Furbabies!

***Neumon Goshorn, M.D. ***

*Neumon Goshorn, M.D.

Had fun playing around with a instant bOOb visualizer! =)

It was fun to play with see how my results may look.******
Only 2 1/2 more days! I'M SOOOO EXCITED!!! I just can't wait to be on the other side of this convo & be able to tell my post-op experience & FINALLY have boobies and Bra/bikini shop without having to worry about padding! =) I have my days where I feel like it's not really hitting me yet that I'm actually going to do this... I'm just soooo impatient and ready to have it done!!! =) *posting my funny instant bOOb before/after pics for y'all...

Online bra size calculator

Saw this link here on realself to an online bra size calculator http://www.85b.org/bra_calc.php I can't wait to heal & know what my new stats are! ;) LOL

My 3 favorite Natural Looking front/side views from My Wish List!

A few of My favorite more natural looking wish list pics Dr. Goshorn wants me to bring to surgery so he can lay fresh eyes on! Getting down to the wire ladies & I can NOT sleep from excitement! I just have to make it through all day tomorrow then Thursday is My BIG day!!! I do however have to muddle through an entire work day NPO before my surgery at 1p though! :/ Wishing all of you the Best with you'r journey! XOXOX ;D

One more set of Wish Boobs... (before/after)

Picked up my Rx for after my Surgery tomorrow...

... so I will have it already instead of waiting on it to get filled afterwards! =) I'm sooo excited, but nervous at the same time! =) I will get there at 1p for my pre-op blood work and urinalysis then will be in Surgery by 2p! The nurse said I should expect to be there for a total of 4-5hrs cause although the surgery is only an hour they will keep me in recovery for a couple hours! I will post an update as soon as I feel well enough to! This site has been such an amazing tool to help me with my journey, but I didn't dream I would find such AMAZING support from so many other women! =) Thanks to all of you Ladies for the sweet comments & words of encouragement! I'll be like a new woman next time y'all hear from me! Say a lil prayer for me! ;) XOXOXOXOX

** 350cc!!! Post-Op days 1 & 2... Okay, so I finally have the Courage to let my bare Before/After pics be seen...**

... This is sooo out of my comfort Zone just so y'all know! ;) I just know how much it helped me to see all of you other Brave women on here let it ALL hang out, Especially for those of you like myself who have been extremely self conscious about you'r breast you'r entire life!!! I can't tell you how long it has taken me to finally decide to do this out of fear and the unknown, but then I realized that I have been living that way since puberty. Because all of my friends developed breasts, but I never did and hid under thick padded bras and bikini's that had the stuff able pockets in the tops. So let me tell you about the last few days. On Surgery day My Darling Husband dropped me off at work & then picked me up around noon so we arrived at the Surgery center early did my urine/blood test in pre-op! By this time I was Starved, but mostly thirsty Severe case of cotton mouth! My sister met us up there as well because she wanted to be there for support! She is the Best Big Sister ever, LOVE HER!!! I was suprisingly cool as a cucumber, but I can't say the same for my sister! ;D Once I changed into my surgery gown I was covered up on a hospital bed under a heated blanket and then leg circulation massagers were put on & my IV was started! My Awesome PS Dr. Goshorn came in to cover all of the details of what he was going to do one last time (looked at my boob wish list again) & to answer any questions or concerns I may have. He is truly an Amazing down to earth surgeon who makes you feel so at ease & just oozes confidence which in turn rubs off on his patients. I couldn't say enough good things about him, his work & his staff... Simply Excellent!!!! Well, when I was wheeled into the OR he said that he would try to place between 350cc-375cc in both breasts and he said he would use which ever gave me the most natural full C to small D (


350cc Post op pics

Idk what happened, but half of my last Update didn't post Ugggh Total bummer! :( May try to retype it All again later! So annoyed over that though... :/

.... update Continued! Take 2!

... that's the last thing I remember then I woke up in recovery to my Sweet Husband & sister standing over me smiling & I looked down & saw BOOBS!!! Dr. Goshorn ended up trying the 375cc, but thought they made me look a lil too top heavy, therefore went with 350cc in both breasts. I Honestly only felt tightness in my chest & I felt sore like from an extensive workout etc. Nothing hurt unless I tried to lift my arms too much or sit/stand/readjust myself! I had a sprite during recovery & changed into my comfy clothes then headed to chick-fil-a for a yummy chicken noodle soup since I was Warned not to have anything Dairy. I got a lil woozy in the car, but Thankfully didn't get sick at all. My PS office called the next morning to check up on me & my only concern was that although I knew it was normal... my Type A personality kicked in over the "Ugly Duckling stage" if you will. During the initial period where they sit high on your chest, are swollen & possibly will heal/drop at different rates was predestined to Freak me out! LOL The nurse reassured me unless there was a drastic difference in size or swelling/color that all is fine & they should settle into their perfect resting spots in good time. My incisions look a little gory, but I have sutures & then they are glued shut vs. the tape I have seen on other womens post-op scars! Then once they drop they will smooth out & heal into a nice faint white line over time. I slept sitting up the past two nights on a back support pillow with a smaller pillow behind my head (I'm gonna miss my sleeping on my tummy) and have stayed on top of my pain/nausea/antibiotics so I have been surprisingly pain free for the Most part! Just soreness & feels tight etc unless I raise my arm too high etc. So at this point I am hoping to feel pretty good returning to work on tuesday just have to take it easy cause I want to be very careful that I make it through any of the possible complications that can happen. Then I will see Dr. Goshorn at my 5 day Post-op appointment wednesday. Other than that I have been taking chocolate ex-lax that finally worked this morning ;) and putting only cocoa butter on my boobs avoiding the incisions. Today I think I feel well enough to take a shower too YAY No more sponge bathing! LOL Now I can't wait to fully heal & shop for bras & bikinis THAT are NOT Padded! So Excited to see what my size will be. I did try on my 36C UA front zip sports bra and it fit great, but that was day one with me very swollen! I only wore it for a little while because my PS doesn't want me in a bra being pushed in or up for awhile (may be just in my case idk ). Well, I hope I covered everything since this was my second time typing it all up! ;D Well, Happy Healing to all of you Wonderful Ladies especially all of my Boobie pals who embarked on their journey along side me! Thank you all so very much for the support! I will continue to follow y'all as well as update my results as I go. =)

***3 days Post-op! 4-Words... Morning Boob-No Bueno! :/

My new assets have been dropping rather quickly IMO however they are still swollen and the R is a lil behind the L in the healing process! I have still only had tightness and soreness with little to no pain and stopped my severe pain meds yesterday. I have been taking mild pain meds however and my antibiotic 2x's a day. I will say that morning boob Sucks to put it mildly! ;D I am taking Ex-lax however am still very bloated and not very regular yet. I also have been ecperiencing a tingling sensation at the base of my boob and at first thought it was my implant sliding down, but now I think it may be nerves trying to regenerate around my incisions. Which apparently is a good thing. Other than that My nipples are still numb which I hope isnt permanent! Yesterday my gorgeous mom brought me lunch & also later a sweet friend of mine came by and they both Loved the new me! ;D Before they arrived I washed my post-op comfy clothes cause I wanted to put them back on... they are just sooo soft to nap/sleep in and while they were drying I finally had a shower Thanks to my sweet husband for helping me & washing my hair (since I can't raise my arms). Although his ponytail abilities need a lot of improvement! Lol ;D Then My Best friend came by today and brought me a gift (some new cute sports bras) she is so sweet and thoughtful, Just Love her!!! She wanted to get me in a bikini top STAT to see how great my new boobies are gonna look as they should be fully healed/dropped before their Big Debut this summer! :) Well, Tomorrow is my Last day off before I return to work and I just hope to have a little more mobility as far as reaching up goes by then. Haven't attempted to since my PS was adament that I refrain from doing so ... I'm Scared that I will hurt myself if I do! So far that's all there is to update on & keep the updates coming girls cause I really enjoy all of y'alls updates too! ;D Happy Healing

bOObies 3 days post-op!

bOObies 3 days post-op! Dropping rather quickley especially my Left breast, cause my Right is just a tad behind my L in it's healing progress! Totally normal just Gotta keep drilling that in my Type-A brain! Lol They seriously are looking better by the day! YAY!!!

Last day off work...

Tomorrow will be 5 days since my BA so I'm praying for an uneventful day! ;) Today I was able to shower and wash my hair without any help from my hubby! I'm still very tight and numb in my breast especially my nipples. I hope the feeling returns soon cause it's very annoying to say the least! Lol I have has a tingling sensation occasionally which is a good sign that my nerves are regenerating ...so fingers crossed! I go to my post op visit wed and hope that everything is going great. Just a tad concerned since my left seems to be dropping/healing slightly faster than my right. I know it's normal, but I am a worrier by nature! Lol Other than that I'm ready for my boobs to settle and be perfectly symmetrical so I can rest easy! Ahhhh ;D

Finally fell like my body is proportional! ;D

...Now I just need to heal drop Nicely, start using Mederma Advanced on my scars and lose these 10 Vanity lbs and shape up to put me at my ideal 120lbs (minus my new assets) before Summer! ;D

4 days Post-op

***34A, Pre-op Pics***

I just found the pre-op pics that I took, so I'm gonna delete the ones I scanned that my PS mailed me cause you could see where they were folded in the envelope! ;D *Sorry this will place them out of order in my photos. Ahhhwell :/

Before/After comparison

4 Days

Saw Dr. Goshorn today for my 6 day Post-Op Appointment!!!

My bobbies are still high too mainly my Right dominant side. My PS told me today during my 6 day Post-op that is the reason why because that muscle is soo much stronger & refusung to relax as much as my left, However, I'll have to help it catch up with my Left with my bOObiecises! ;D Boy I'll tell ya I had to take a pain pill after today's appointment cause I have been sooo careful not to lift my arms too high or reach for things etc that I had my muscles sooo tight especially on my right side. Sooo My appointment went great & I "Passed with an A+ & they are/will be Perfect once they fully drop & settle!" Which is great cause I was sorta worried one would stay looking a tad different from the other since they are healing at different rates. They measured & like I thought my left has dropped a little more than my right however the implant on the right it still sitting higher up than my left & will drop to meet up with it's neighbor! LOL Also the measurement in-between area (cleavage) of my breast & I was better than avg there so no need to sleep in a bra at night to keep them from sliding away from each other during the night (thus stretching my muscles on ea side causing a larger space between them etc), but will measure all of that again at my next appointment in 3wks to see my progress. The PS & his nurse showed me how to push my implants & hold for 5 seconds in each direction boob exercises to keep the space around my implants that he created & the scar tissue soft around the implant thus a more natural bouncy & softer/less firm boob! The numbness that I feel literally all over should subside especially since I have been feeling itchy & tingling sensations cause that's the nerves repairing themselves. I asked about how raised my incisions are was assured that he does that intentionally so that when the incisions heal they will heal flat vs. them being flat now then healing into a indention type of scar so YAY!!! My PS said I needed to be careful not to end up with "frozen shoulder" and told me to take a Hot shower (allowing the water to hit my arm/shoulder) & place one arm at a time on in front of me on the shower wall then little by little move my arm up the wall until I have it totally extended above my head or flat against the wall! He said that will help to stretch/relax those muscles cause mine are sooo tight/tense right now! Btw those boob exercise on my Right Boobie was No Bueno! I ended up taking a pain pill after that which the nurse said is typical after the 1st post-op appointment!!! LOL My PS & his nurse/staff are sooo Wonderful & went on about how wonderful I was doing/healing. Dr. Goshorn said he really "enjoys my up beat, positive attitude & my cheerful personality!" LOL they are so sweet! ;D Well, wishing all of you lovely ladies Great Results & Happy Healing.

Day 6

Well, Hello Nipple...!

Quick update, So today is 1wk post-op and the past week I started little by little getting tingling sensations etc even itchy. I was told that sharp shocking pains would also occur, but Ahhhh wasn't expecting it as I was about to fall asleep! Lol Sudden serioisly sharo pain directly in my Left nipple and boy I'll tell ya I'm awake now! Lol ;) Hey, bright side is that at least I finally felt something in that area for the first time in a week! ;D Night Gals

Did a little shopping today...

Today is 1wk&1day post op and I'm still swollen and all so only shopped for comfy s/m/l bras and bikinis (so still don't know my actual bra size yet)! :)

10 days post-op...

Progress report pics ;D

Exercising/Massaging like it's Cool...

So it's been 10 days since I quit the "itty bitty titty committiee" & actually received my Mentor "bOObie membership" card, YAY!!! I must say that my Left Breast is waaay ahead of the game, but my Right (dominant side) just isn't progressing as fast, however that is apparently very common. I just would rather they both be slow or both be fast so that they are on the same page! My Type A personality & OCD is just not wanting to hear it &is taking this all pretty hard. I have been doing my bOObercises like a Boss & am Sooo ready for them to settle perfectly so I have symmetrical & natural looking breasts like these... ;D Prayer Warriors Please!!! XOXOXOX Happy Healing Ladies!

Another before/after collage pic

Not taken today,but just a More rescent pic to show my progress...



Bikini Tops

I made a couple changes to the Bikini tops I bought and posted the other day. ;)

Yikes!!! Breast Hypersensitivity...

I had my surgery 2wks ago & the last couple days Holy Cow my Entire BOOB is sooo sensative! Not just my nipples either... my shirts, bras, showering & my seat belt touching my skin is like AHHHH! Apparently it is very common & can be treated by taking Advil or a similar anti inflammatory drug & desensitization the skin through massaging/touching etc. I just started taking advil today so wish me Luck ;) *I'd describe it sorta like a "sooo good it hurts" type of feeling & the closest thing to compare it to would be how sensative it is to touch (the spot) Right after climaxing! Except over a lot larger area obviously! So weird, but it's Exactly how it feels to me! :/ Just Want it to STOP already... LOL

Swelling is going down...

Swelling has gone down Drastically after I started taking Advil yesterday to help with desensitization (for all over hypersensitivity) and it has only helped very lil with that if at all so far. I have been massaging/exercising them both a lot and finally finished my Keflex (antibiotic) yesterday so finally done with all if my Rx meds, Yay!!! I actually have made a few attempts to sleep on my side, but always get worried its too soon so I lay on my back again.. I miss sleeping on my side , but miss sleeping on My Tummy the MOST! :( My boobs are getting softer from the exercises and are even starting to jiggle... LOL so silly that it excites me! ;D Okay since the swelling has gone down I miss my bigger boobies now... Crazy I know, but it's like someone giving you a sundae with whipped cream and topped with a cherry and although you didn't ask for the topping it looked great and just when you'r about to walk away they take it back and give you the sundae you actually ordered with no whipped cream or cherry! :/ lol Don't get me wrong I Love how natural they are which is why I told my PS to make certain of cause I was scared 375cc would make me too top heavy, but I think I coulda gotten used to that plumper look I was rocking! Lol Now I know that that tiny extra 25cc's wouldn't have made too noticeable of a difference on me and I liked it... Ahhhwell! :/ The purple surgical glue on my crease incisions is coming off a little and although I want it off I don't wanna pick at it... so it comes of in due time. My scar underneath is looking great though and looks like it will be a perfect thin white flat line. :) Well, guess thats all for now. I'll be Checking in on all of my surgery date sisters and also my new friends who are just starting on their journeys! XOXOX ;D

I was reading Q&A for the Hypersensitivity I have & this PS answer made me giggle... ;D

"Extremely Sore/sensative Skin on Both Breasts Following Breast Aug"

Jordan21 Newport Beach, CA 2 years ago
"I am 2 weeks post op for a breast aug. I went with 275cc round silicone gel w dual plane. The skin on my breasts is so sore it feels like its been burned. Bras, clothing, seat belt strap, my hair touching it is extremely painful. What is going on and when will this go away? Anything I can do to relieve the pain? Advil, Darvocet, ice, nothing works. Please Help!"
skin 2 weeks post-op sore
Doctor Answers (6)
Pain after breast augmentation
July 9th, 2011

"The treatment for hypersensitivity (which is quite common) is "systematic desensitization:" you have to re-train the nerves that normal touch is not bad or dangerous. The quickest way to do this is to use a vibrator because nerves respond quickest to vibration stress. Take the vibrator and place it on the chest far away from where you are the most sensitive. Move the tip toward the sensitive area and then come off your skin before the sensation becomes too unpleasant. Repeat this several times in a row a few times a day and the hypersensitivity will disappear within 7-10 days (or sooner)."
Daniel Greenwald, MD
Daniel Greenwald, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 11 reviews

3wks+ post-op and counting...

So I had my 2nd post-op exam last wed and my PS said I look Great & gave me an A+! My measurments are 1cm lower on my left breast though cause my right (dominant) side is dropping slower! My left is perfectly centered on 9 and was told to only massage it in and up...no more pushing down for it! However to continue doing all esoecially down massage for my righty. Also laying on my back my inbetween measurment slightly increased from 3 1/2 to 4, probably from massaging out towards my armpit & apparently wasn't supposed to. PS said sleeping at night/gravity will do that for me, however they like you to stay between 4-6 so he said "I'm still at the Top of my Class"! ;D My glue finally came off the night prior and had a tad left on the end ...which I pulled (BAD idea)!!! It opened up a tiny section on the end of the left incision, but was only superficial still Sucks!!! I applied Neosporin and a round bandaide to it for a few days and was told it was fine to go ahead and use scar gel (I got Mederma Advanced) which I started today! I'm just hoping that won't hinder my scars healing appearance by opening up when I pulled the glue. :/ Aside from that I Totally have Serious "Boob Greed" these days! I wish they would've stayed a tad bigger like they were at my 2week mark (see 15days post-op pics)! My husband thinks they are the same size, but I can tell a slight size decrease since then from last bit of swelling going down. :'( If only I had 375cc... may have done the trick! Lol I Totally trust my PS though and he said 350cc was a much better/more natural fit for me (he tried both in during my surgery). Hypersensitivity is still present, but a lot better than it was. I'm still numb underneath both boobs and the feeling in my left nipple is a tiny bit better, but not nearly as much as my right nipple. I'm sleeping on my back still with an occassional twist/half side type position which I alternate from left to right through out the night! I miss sleeping on my tummy, but Cuddling with my Sweetheart before falling asleep is what I MISS MOST! I'll get there though. ;) Well, I guess that's all the updates for me. Hope all of you Ladies are Healing Beautifully! XOXOX

1month Post-op Update & pics

Okay so my hypersensitivity finally went away (on it's on) lol & my left nipple still doesn't feel like my right it's sorta numb as well as the bottom of both boobs. My incisions are still healing and itching like CrAzY I might add! I have been applying Mederma Advanced on them in the a.m. And Putting Neosporin on them at night (cause why not right!) I totally still have bOOb Greed and can't wait for them to "fluff" out! Lol I no longer get morning boob however wearing sports bras all day make them sooo sore and I can't wait to peel out of them as soon as I get home from work. Lol I'm still doing my massages a few times a day trying to get them as soft as possible and my left to drop 1cm more. ;) Last but not least I still haven't went bra size shopping to see what bra size I am... Crazy I know, but I wanted to let them finish doing their thing before I buy bras! I'm getting pretty impatient though and may break soon! Lol Well, I Hope all of you gals are healing Beautifully and I enjoy keeping up with y'alls progress! XOXOX ;D

New pics ;D

Hey Ladies just a quick update to share pics I took this morning. I took new incision pics that were requested as well. I wonder if Mederma Advanced is making the scar darker? Per my question I asked the all PS here on realself some had bad things to say about it sooo idk... :/ I wonder if it's too late to try kelo-cote scar gel? They looked lighter pink in the last scar pics... Granted I cant seem to get good lighting due to the boob shadow and low lighting I had in the room. :/ Well, I hope everyone else is healing beautifully! XOXOX *Still haven't went bra size shopping... The sports bras are all I've been wearing! I'm such a slacker! Lol

Saw Dr.Goshorn & bought new bras!

So had my 3rd postop appointment today and my boob exercises have paid off! My right boob Finally caught up with my left, Yay!!! Both are at 9mm from the crease to my nipple (centered) now and was told to buy underwire bras to support them! I've been lazy and have only worn sports bras! So I bought a few 36C underwire bras at TJMaxx earlier. ;D Also still measured 4" between my boobs when laying on my back (ideal distance is between 4"-6")! I asked about sleeping & was told how ever I'm comfy is fine! However, I should wear a sports bra if I wanna keep my muscles from stretching & ending up with boobs on my sides when laying down! LOL Also was given the green light to start exercising so Watch out Y'all! All I've been doing since my BA are squats... Need to run and work on these abs! :) I may gain a beach body by summer after all! Well, hope you ladies are doing great! XOXOX

... The rest of my bra pics

... Somehow my last post didnt upload all of the pics I selected! :/

**CORRECTION** ideal distance between Breasts is 4-6cm...

... On my last Update I meant to say that laying on you'r back your boobs should be between 4-6cm! I swear I'm losing my mind! LOL So didn't mean to say 4-6 inches! LOL Geez wouldn't that be awful!!!

Bought a few more bras...

... bought a few more since I had none that fit. ;)

Dr. Goshorn & staff are simply AMAZING!!! A few progress pics...;D

I'm so Completely Happy with my results! I feel like a real woman now! Which is something I've Always felt... incomplete! They look natural and not too obvious at all! I wanted to be a C cup but not top heavy since I'm short, 5'4"! I can tell that people notice my figure a little more, but I have lost 25lbs as well and I think that helps with that! Lol I still have 5lbs left and plenty of toning up left to go, but it's a work in progress! I'm still numb underneath and my left nipple doesn't have as much feeling as my right, but My PS said usually it will return. So if Its still numb by month 3 my hopes will fade! Lol I'm still doing my exercises, but am laying off on pushing down since gravity will do that! Also I dont push them away from ea other since I've been side sleeping it does that for me then too (with and without sports bra)! Well, I Love this site and the support from all of you beautiful ladies! Thank y'all so much

Photo update

Side by side before and 2mos+ post op

Late posting these pics...

These were from May 24th and today is June 17th...been nearly a month ago. I will probably take more recent pics to post on here in the next few days as they've fluffed more since these were taken! Sorry been sooo busy! :) XOXOX



3mos Updated Pics

Okay Ladies the girls have Dropped & Fluffed Substantially so I took a few quick snap shots for y'all! All is going Great & I LOVE the New & Improved ME!!! Thank you all for being so supportive throughout my journey! You gals Rock!!! Y'all keep in touch & I'll stop by to check in on my Boobie Friends I've made on here! XOXOX ;D

Before & After

Before & After Pics

Evolution of Boobies

It's crazy how different they look as they "drop & fluff" of course I was a bit "nippy" in some pics and not in others which looks different too. ;D


Him & his Amazing staff have relocated and joined up with Eden Spa. :)
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

I made a couple of consults with different Surgeons. I had my consult with Dr. Goshorn and was Blown away by him & his staff! He really took his time with us and literally drew my husband & I a picture and explained every possible aspect of the procedure! They also welcomed my hubby in right off the bat & engaged him as well as myself which I greatly appreciated, after all this is Our decision and I needed his opinion/support with my choice of PS! Dr.Goshorn & his staff were so personable and the consult was sooo comforting & thorough to the point he said "I know you've probably heard all of this a hundred times, but I will feel better knowing I personally went over it with you!" He went the extra mile and made us both feel extremely confident in choosing him as my PS (my husband even said so immediately after)! He seemed to be SPOT ON with the vision I have for myself. I had my wish pics in tow & they even asked me to bring them with me to surgery for him to see again just before my BA! I am so excited to see my post-op results because I'm confident that I will be referring him to anyone that want's this procedure!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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